1st aircraft branding goes to VIVA

in a bold branding move, viva telecom decided to be the first company to brand jazeera airways' aircraft - looks pretty nice, i like it a lot! sources say the printing of the stickers has been done in turkey and the installation in jordan where maintenance work usually happens - i also heard that it costs close to 1 million dollar a year to brand an aircraft... i bet the financial guys at jazeera are smiling as this will have profound repercussions on their balance sheets!!

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    1. Pat says:

      Beautiful!! Well done!

    2. MM99 says:

      Realistically, the only choice would have been Kuwait Airways or Jazeera, so Jazeera was the best of the two. Maybe with this money they can afford to purchase more planes. With the purchase of new planes, they can upgrade certain routes, increase new routes and increase flights to popular routes such as Dubai. I understand that they will increase the Dubai route to 5 times per day next month, that should be the norm from Wednesday – Saturday for this route. Warning – the airport will go into summer travel mode in a few weeks and it will be a mad house. The Parliament shot down the airport expansion project the other day and with the need to immediately upgrade the infrastructure of this airport terminal and the need to immediately start construction on the new terminal, this is a nightmare for this country. Good job guys!

    3. Pinkish says:

      I think if they brand Kuwait airways it will fall off the sky!!! Please don’t…. We don’t need more drama!!

    4. TKG says:

      They can't brand Kuwait Airways, it will cost too much and take to long :p

    5. TKG says:

      I think Jazeera Airways looks sexy with VIVA stickered on the side. And the good thing is that both companies benefit in the long-run ;)

      I wish the country was more like this!!

    6. Fkwt&Rm says:

      Nice… with da VIVA sticker on Jazeera planes, when the radar system acts funny.. people at da airport will at-least be able to spot it in da sky :P… Not funny Is da radar system fixed yet ??

    7. 965malls says:

      Well technically, the 4 days are over… No news though

    8. Abdul says:

      Do you know what the rules are for their new loyalty program? When you get 10 used boarding cards you get a one way seat minus the taxes (with Jazeera the taxes sometimes are higher than the fare) Then you have to go to the airport desk (now no parking) from Sat – Thursday 9 – 5 pm only and you deal with the manager there and give her your cards, but wait, then you have to wait 72 hours for another manager outside the airport to approve the transaction, then you have to go back to his airport (no parking) to book you flight if there is availability Really? I asked them why don't you just have a loyalty card like every other airline, this is a long process that inconveniences the customer. I reminded them that no airline in the world would do this procedure like this – Only in Kuwait!!!!!

    9. Christine says:

      Honestly, i dont like the idea. Why spend that much to brand a budget airlines, and associate your brand with it? There are too many other ways for exposure, specially that there aren't any promotions or inflight roaming service on that plane.
      I dont know if this was done by other airlines before. I think this exposure doesn't serve its purpose.

    10. 965malls says:

      It’s the first time an airline does it in the region, that’s why it makes a difference and it is a worth it – why budget airline? Not sure jazaeera is a budget airline anymore :) and there’s no alternative now…

    11. Juan says:

      It came from International agency in Kuwait… & done by Manny A.

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