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Vans now open

Friday, April 29th, 2011

vans has finally opened at the 360 mall - i was passing by yesterday and took a few shots, very nice shoes, t-shirts, accessories and interior design - my only comment: i wish the store was bigger so it can offer a wider range - may be next store?

Playstation hacked, beware your credit cards!

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

parents, teenagers beware! playstation has been hacked - sony has discovered that between april 17 and april 19, 2011, certain playstation network and qriocity service user account information was compromised in connection with an illegal and unauthorized intrusion into their network - all personal data including credit card information may have been obtained.

read more on playstation's blog:

Way to go Danderma! Can we clone you?

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

exciting news from danderma! she's just finished compiling her dathra chronicles into a book that you can buy online here - an e-version is also coming out soon but it is currently under review by amazon as well as apple store.

i always get excited when i hear that someone is publishing a book as our region is not quite famous for that! did you know that the united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) monitors both the number and type of books published per country per year as an important index of standard of living and education, and of a country's self-awareness?

see the list of countries below taken from wikipedia as they rank in terms of publishing books, it may not be the updated one, but i doubt anything has changed since - unfortunately, kuwait is number 81 on that lit and it makes me sad because i know how much potential this country has - if kuwait wants to advance on that list, then we definitely need more dandermas!

congratulations on your book and best of luck from 965malls.

4 girls beat, stab and burn their female classmate

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

in our region women are sometimes called “the soft gender”, but it seems that in violence people forget who they are!

a couple of days ago, and according to alqabas arabic daily, a girl fell victim to 4 savage girls who brutally stabbed her with pens at the institute of commercial studies, hawalli - the undomesticated girls also beat their prey and sprayed her with hot liquid - the helpless girl was admitted to almubarak alkabir hospital for treatment as she suffered from severe bruises and skin burns.

i am sure the poor girl's wounds will one day heal, but what about her emotional trauma? will she ever get over this ordeal or will she turn into a female criminal herself? well for now, i am not gonna step anywhere near that institute!

Vans opens tomorrow at 360 mall with 10% off!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

back in december, we posted news on vans opening at the 360 - today we can finally announce that the store will open this thursday april 28th, with a special 10% discount on any item in the store during that day!

in 1966, the van doren rubber company opened up for business in california - within a few years, the whole skate culture adopted vans shoe as their favorite brand and today vans still represents a look that epitomizes the southern california lifestyle.

with more than 40 years of history – and now offering a complete range of footwear, apparel, accessories, snowboard boots & outerwear and pro-tec protective equipment – vans has risen to become a worldwide dominant force in the action sports industry and the genuine brand of choice for the contemporary lifestyle consumer.

since 1966, vans has released a series of compilations CDs showcasing various artists and genres of music called "off the wall", check them out!

Explorer’s Base at Mishref fair ground. Time to explore the great outdoors!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

it’s the most beautiful time of the year in kuwait, so if you love outdoor activities don’t miss-out on the international hunting & shooting exhibition at mishref fair ground where explorer’s base is having a booth in hall number “6” - the exhibition will take place from april 27th till april 30th so if you’re looking for camping, marine or traveling gear, explorer’s base should be your 1st destination.

i personally love explorer’s base as they have great international brands like coleman, the north face, accurate reels, bushnell, eastpack, jansport, odyssey marine batteries & many more - should I be in town, i’ll visit the booth and take a few shots - enjoy the great outdoors!


Enjoy warm winter at crispy cream!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

michael sent me this picture yesterday and i think it deserves a post on our blog - the banner at crispy cream says "enjoy warm winter for 1 kd".

well, may be someone should tell the guys at crispy cream that winter is over and that people are actually going to the beach... it's freaking hot under the sun and the temperature is hitting 35!! my guess the employees are just too lazy to remove that banner or they may have lost focus, after a sunstroke?

thanks to michael for sharing this picture.

iPhone 4 white? like for dishwashing?

Monday, April 25th, 2011


great news! if you've been waiting for the white iphone 4 to be released, your wait just got longer - the reuters news agency has confirmed with apple that the white iphone has been delayed again, this time to a somewhat vague release date of spring of 2011.

what's all this fuss about anyways? so now apple has nothing more to offer expect color variations? so what's next, pink? color variation is the best thing apple can do to dilute iphone's brand equity - moreover, how would the white handle black scratches?? and with the various color cases, how would the iphone white look like? welcome to united colors of benetton!

i don't know about you, but i already hate it.. it looks more like a washing machine to me!

Unattended kid sleeping in a supermarket

Monday, April 25th, 2011

while shopping for easter eggs yesterday, i bumped into this unattended sleeping kid by one of the isles - i was so upset by this scene i stood by the cart as a guard for at least 90 seconds until his dad showed up - i am not sure for how long this kid was left alone sleeping in the cart, but what drove me really mad is seeing his mum joining her husband at the cashier! i felt so sorry for that kid for having such irresponsible parents!

have these people heard of the salmiya monster who was wandering around the streets last year kidnapping and raping kids? i wouldn't leave my kids unattended for a second in public places, especially at this young age - wake up parents!

Easter Egg hunt at Sultan Center?

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

when i was a kid, i used to anxiously anticipate the long-awaited easter egg hunt - with baskets in hand, every kid was ready to hit the ground running.

back then everything was simple and the choices were limited - when buying chocolate eggs, you could choose between a red, yellow, blue or green easter egg - product development was very basic and choosing the size of the egg was "the" big thrill! i remember those giant chocolate eggs that we bought occasionally, they used to make our day..

so much has changed... i went to sultan center yesterday to pick-up some chocolate eggs and i was shocked by the variety and the range available in a 4 X 4 square meter corner - i was so lost i didn't know what to pick: hershey's, milka, kit kat, m&m, cadbury, smarties, bueno, mars, lindt and many many more brands had a dedicated range of products especially made for easter! this year's choice was overwhelming and they all looked great - with a basket in hand and blinded by the multitude of choice, i felt as if i was in an easter egg hunt at sultan center..

finally, and after spending like half an hour at that corner, i decided to buy one of each and headed home, a bit nostalgic for the good old days when i only had to make a choice between a red, blue, yellow or green easter egg.

happy easter everybunny :)

Those cheeky airport porters!

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

my in-laws came over for a short visit so we went to the airport to pick them up - the airport parking was jammed so i had to park right at the end of the lane - as we walked down the parking lane pushing 2 trolleys, i heard one of the porters following us, dragging his feet (picture 1) and of course not offering any help - he just followed till the end of the lane and as we reached the car he stood there waiting for us to open the trunk (picture 2) - after opening the trunk, he decided to step-in for help and started loading the suitcases (picture 3).

this behavior is becoming such a bad habit with these lazy porters i had to give this guy a piece of my mind - i simply told him that if he wants to be paid he has to do some serious work, he cannot watch us push the trolleys all this distance and do nothing about it! these guys are becoming so lazy, cheeky and selective in their service someone has to teach them good behavior!

though i felt really bad for sending him away, i hope this porter has learned a lesson today.

Colorful Easter at 360 mall

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

pastel colors, ribbons, eggs and baskets make easter a time to celebrate new beginnings - you can get easter treats this season from godiva and le notre - with Godiva’s beautiful easter baskets, you are most certainly going to capture the spirit of the season by creating your own "eggsperience" - several packaging options are available according to your taste.

at le notre, a uniquely designed easter cake is available for ordering - to order you can call 180 50 50.

happy easter to all.

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