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How to dispose of cooking oil?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

we seldom throw used cooking oil in the sink or toilet however this seems to be an environmental disaster as 1 liter of used oil contaminates 1 million liter of clean water or what is equivalent to a single person's water supply for 14 years!! so here's a simple solution to keep our water clean:

1- wait until the oil has completely cooled

2- pour the oil in a plastic bottle (used water or soda bottle)

3- close the bottle and put it in the trash bin

yep, it's as simple as that - starting today i'm following this simple procedure, will you join me in keeping our water clean?

Meet Ayyame’s succulent new menu!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

ayyame marina crescent, is a local concept restaurant that offers cuisines from the middle east, the gulf and north africa - it basically serves small bites and dips allowing its guests to taste and explore the menu - to be honest, today was my first visit to the restaurant so i am not sure how was the old menu like, but you guys should try the delicious new menu, it is simply awesome!

the journey started with halloumi sticks and though i am not a big fan of halloumi, these were exceptional! crispy and juicy.. the crispy pickles (breaded pickles served with a side of beetroot garlic sauce), crispy potatoes and spinach hommous were succulent, rich in flavors and very well presented with delightful dips.

moving to the main courses, the persian kebab was delicious and the rice rich with exotic spices - the smoked tabliya was out of this world! a combo of smoked turkey slices, squeezed between beef ham shreds and smoked pastrami cuts, all laying on the a bed of some kind of a heavenly sauce marrying the trio together - a feast to the eyes, though the attraction surely does not come from their appearance only!

as for the desert, the maltouta (i guess dipped in arabic) was simply divine! these are dates rolled in rahash and pistachio served with hot coffee and cinnamon dip.. yummmm

today's lunch was perfect in terms of taste, flavors and presentation - i am so looking forward for this weekend as i'm taking the family for breakfast, the pictures in the menu were mouth-watering!

you must be waiting for the bad review as we're very blunt in that department, so here it comes :) well i guess there's nothing to say when it comes to the food but i had some comments regarding the staff - they almost misspelled or misnamed most of the items they served - the crispy pickles were introduced as crispy beans, the halloumi sticks as cheese sticks (close but not the same), and smoked tabliya as meat tabliya (cold cuts are different from meat) - but i guess that's alright and can easily be addressed.

finally, we strongly recommend you try ayyame's new menu - well done guys, and thanks to bibi al-qatami & zeinab al-najjar for the invite.

you can check ayyame's facebook page here.

No Tobacco Day. What’s Kuwait up to?

Monday, May 30th, 2011

the world health assembly created world no tobacco day in 1987 to draw global attention to the tobacco epidemic and its lethal effects - the date, 31st may of each year.

in dubai, more than 200 retail outlets will stop selling cigarettes for 24 hours as part of no tobacco day, dubai municipality has announced - municipality officials have urged all traders to stop selling cigarettes as part of its activities to combat smoking, it said in a statement.

a total of 63 shops, hypermarkets and supermarkets, and 138 petrol stations will participate in the voluntary campaign in cooperation with the municipality, it added - all restaurants and cafés are also requested to cooperate with the civic body by stopping the sale of shisha for a period of 12 hours.

so what's kuwait up to? anyone?

thanks for the tip mary.

Paul & Shark opens at Arraya

Monday, May 30th, 2011

back in february we made a post announcing the opening of paul & shark at arraya which you can read here - today we spotted the shop open for business so we walked in and checked the stuff out - first of all the official opening will be on june 5th and the shop is on a soft launch mode currently - as for the clothes they are really cool, but mostly targeting male, the female section is infinitesimal!

i think you'll love paul & shark - i for instance fell in love with this leather helmet... it is simply stunning! but more stunning were the prices, i spotted a couple of shirts ranging from 60 to 85 KD! that's damn expensive! well for me at least...



Monday, May 30th, 2011

i stumbled upon this interesting comparative between ikea & apple - both companies have been a leader in their industry when it comes to innovation - they have been able to change how people purchase their products and how they are used in our everyday lives - which one is king?

Sanitary door openers. Great for malls’ toilets

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

i bumped into this sanitary door opener image and thought how great it would be if the malls can install these in their toilets - unfortunately a lot of people leave the toilets without washing their hands - every time i go out of a mall's toilet i use a tissue to avoid direct contact with the door handle - this simple tool is really fantastic and helps people like me avoid direct contact with a potentially filthy door knob.

Seems Polaroid is not completely dead!

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

some of you might still remember polaroid, the camera that used to produce instant pictures - it's pretty much gone since digital cameras took over and went the way of the dinosaur - but now the brand is back with a new and exciting product, the instant mobile printer.

with the polaroid gl10 users can instantly print (in under 45 seconds) high quality 3″x4″ photos wirelessly from digital cameras and smartphones using bluetooth - it can also connect to a pc or mac via usb cable or bluetooth to print from a computer - it is compact and runs from a rechargeable lithium ion battery, so it is very portable - it can easily be taken with on outings and adventures for instant pictures on the go.

since the printer uses special zink zero ink thermal technology, there are no ink cartridges or toner to worry about. This paper provides tear-proof, smudge proof, and water-resistant prints, with extremely vivid, lab-quality colors - these great 3″x4″ prints can be done with no borders for a clean professional look, or with old-fashioned polaroid style borders for a retro style - custom borders can even be added for creative effects.

Polaroid GL10 Photo Printer Features:

  • Polaroid GL10, is part of the Grey Label range of products co-designed with Lady Gaga
  • High quality 3″ x 4″ full color pictures printed in about 45 seconds
  • Prints without ink using 2nd generation ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging. Inkless printing embeds color into the paper – no ink cartridges or ribbons needed
  • Print wirelessly from a wide range of smart phones including Blackberry, Android and Windows compatible phones via Polaroid apps
  • A wide range of custom designed borders with the Android App allows printing with the Classic Polaroid Border logo, or the ability to add your own customized border, or print borderless (full-bleed)
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery fully-charged can produce 35 prints
  • Connect and print from your PC or MAC using the Polaroid USB application or Bluetooth
  • Simply connect and print from most PictBridge-enabled digital cameras using USB
  • Next generation Polaroid instant experience designed in conjunction with Haus of Gaga

Box Contents:

  • Polaroid GL10 Instant Mobile Printer
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Pack of Zink sheets (10 Sheets)
  • AC Adapter
  • Instructions

you can pre-order the polaroid gl10 instant mobile printer for $169.99 from

Tree of Life wins Palme d’Or at Cannes

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

if it wasn’t for twitter, i’d be hanging myself now upside down from the 9th floor for not having a single minute to follow it closely on tv.. yeah that much!

it’s been a few days since the announcement of the winners and i’m sure many of you got the results already - 8 months ago, it took me a trailer’s time (1m 15s exactly) to predict that "the tree of life" will sweep it - and another trailer’s time (1min 59s) to predict that kirsten dunst might get the best actress award and re-launch her career - last but not least, one amazing shot in "once upon a time in anatolia" and a press kit article to know it’s a winner!

well i’ve always believed i’m a prophet of some kind :-) but anyway... this cannes was considered the best of the past 25 years, indeed it was...

from my side i was extremely happy that my turkish favorite director nuri-bilge ceylan did it again and won the grand prix - making the audience sit in 1h30min out of 2h 40mins with a dark night scene and a search of a dead corpse buried somewhere in the vast land, proved once again his super power directing skills, photography, scriptwriting, and so on...

though i haven’t seen any of these movies yet, but for me the winners were already 3: "le havre" (aki kaurismaki), "this must be the place" (paolo sorrentino), and "once upon a time in anatolia" (nuri bilge ceylan).

and as I said before, it won’t be long for "the artist" and "the tree of life" to sweep the rest of the world’s awards - forget about the rest... they’re so auteurish for the american taste.

below are the results and one of my favorite articles and critics:

Palme d'Or

THE TREE OF LIFE directed by Terrence MALICK

Grand Prix Ex-aequo


LE GAMIN AU VÉLO (THE KID WITH A BIKE) directed by Jean-Pierre et Luc DARDENNE

Award for Best Director


Award for Best Screenplay

Joseph CEDAR for HEARAT SHULAYIM (Footnote)

Award for Best Actress

Kirsten DUNST in MELANCHOLIA directed by Lars VON TRIER

Award for Best Actor


Jury Prize


Harrys of London at the 360

Friday, May 27th, 2011

harrys has finally opened at the 360 mall - the brand was founded with a vision of combining traditional cobbling techniques and the latest footwear technology - the goal is always to create stylish, modern shoes defined by exceptional quality and timeless design.

the kuwait store is based on a library concept with a typical sliding ladder used to reach the shoes stored on high shelves exactly like books.

i think the store is absolutely amazing... you can read more on sultana blog here or join harrys' kuwait facebook page here.

Hotel Monroe, never again!

Friday, May 27th, 2011

i don't know how we ended up booking in that hotel downtown beirut opposite phoenicia, but i can assure you this is the last time i stay at there - we reached the hotel after midnight, checked in, went to our rooms to relax and obviously we needed to drink water - so we tried getting some from the mini bar but it was locked with no keys around - we called reception for help after which they promised to send someone to open that mini bar - we waited for half an hour but no one showed up, so we decided to crash on the bed and simply forget about water - a friend wanted internet access, so they brought him a 4 meter wire as the hotel doesn't offer wifi!

the next morning we went to the conference room and there was this projector hanging down from the ceiling with weird clips - we wanted internet so the guy offered us 3 packages: half an hour for 4$, 1 hour for 6$ or 24 hours for 44$!!! that was hilarious, who pays for internet nowadays? the best part was the power cut in the middle of the presentation - but hey, nothing is impossible in lebanon, everything switches over to the power generator and life goes on! typically lebanon!

oh and about that morning sea view? absolutely gorgeous!


Back to Kuwait. Sorry Moe…

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

we're finally back and there's no place like home! for some reason we thought that take off is at 8 p.m. but then realized that it is rather at 18:00 so we almost missed our flight!! we rushed to the airport like crazy and didn't have the time to bring moe his medicine.. apologies to moe.

What’s new at the Airport Mall

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

the food court at the airport mall has partially opened including cinamonster, chilis too, carino's and the coffee bean factory - frankly, i didn't like it much as it is too cold and lacks soul - may be it's too soon to judge, but disappointing for the moment - and mcdonald's is also opening soon at the parking lot, but this you might already know.

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