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Boggi opens at Marina Mall

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

boggi, the italian classic & casual fashion brand for men has finally opened at the marina mall - boggi is brought to you by the azadea group which represents fashion brands like zara, mango, massimo dutti, pull & bear, marina rinaldi, pimkie, promod, oysho and many more.

Burger Boutique to close down for renovation

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

i was having lunch yesterday at burger boutique arraya mall and learned from the waiter that the restaurant will close down the 1st week of july for renovation and resume operation after ramadan - is that why they were out of hot dogs and wet napkins?

Saudi women arrested for defying driving ban

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

five women were arrested in saudi arabia because they dared to defy the driving ban set by the muttawas - to gain their release, the women, along with their legal male guardians, had to sign a pledge declaring they would not drive again.

dozens of women across the country hit the streets, some documenting their audacious act and posting their videos on youtube, eman al nafjan, a saudi women's rights blogger and college teacher is one of them - she spoke of her frustration, telling abc news, "do you know how difficult it is for me? i am 32 years old, a mother of three, teaching college students, and i am trusted to teach but not trusted behind the wheel just because i don't have the right genitals?''

al nafjan is working on getting the voices of other women heard and finding a platform for their organization ( - i tried to access the website but i think it was hacked.

will these recent arrests deter women from driving and force them to drop their quest? on the contrary, these arrests will encourage more women to get behind the wheel in direct defiance of this ridiculous abuse of our most basic human rights - this has already become the largest women's rights movement in saudi history and i don't think it will stop - i hope not!

£2million ‘spending money’? seriously?

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

armed robbers held up an arab diplomat outside a british bank after he withdrew £2million ‘spending money’ for his wealthy royal boss, who is believed to work for a member of dubai’s royal al maktoum family - apparently when the royal family is in town it is protocol to get the cash.

one of the gang put a gun to the man's head and yelled: ‘give me the money or i’ll blow your brains out’ - the trio then escaped in a vauxhall insignia, but 20 minutes later a car was stopped less than half a mile away in kensington by armed officers in a diplomatic protection squad vehicle.

£2million ‘spending money’? what would you spend it on for god's sake, fish & chips?

Leading by example

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

an unidentified member of parliament reportedly behaved very rudely and verbally abused the reception employees at the farwaniya hospital just because they reminded him that it was ‘prohibited’ to smoke inside the hospital premises, in compliance with a ministerial decision, reports al-shahed daily.

this happened when the MP was visiting his sick son - the MP was politely asked to put off his cigarette when some patients complained about smoke - the MP allegedly took it as an insult, he then allegedly threatened to grill the health minister - but he later obliged and went outside the hospital to complete his smoking.

if MP's don't follow the law, then why should the people?

posted by mary

Epileptic drivers off the road!

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

i was heading to the avenues through the 1st ring road yesterday around 1:00 pm and as i reached the intersection with highway 50, i got stuck in a huge traffic jam.

suddenly and in the middle of this traffic i spot a black suv right on my left bumping into this white car (above picture under the arrow) - i checked the cars out and there was no damage - but then the black suv bumps the white car a second time, then a third time, but the last hit was so hard it totally crashed the white car's bumper - that was not the end of it, the suv kept on hitting the white car spitefully so i decided to step in and put an end to that crazy driver's behavior.

what i saw was one of the most shocking scenes i've seen in years! the black suv driver was leaning on his side practically unconscious, his body going through violent convulsions - he was having some kind of seizure, but i was not sure whether that was a stroke, a heart attack or an epileptic seizure - i knocked on the window and tried to open the door but it was locked, so i ran around the car and opened the driver's door, grabbed the guy by the arm and shook him up, but he didn't respond - i asked him what's wrong but he was unable to speak - though his eyes were wide open he was in some kind of trans.

i grabbed the gear shift and switched it to parking mode in order to stop the suv from further damaging the car in front, at this moment the lady comes out of the car all pumped up ready to fight, but then when she realized what was happening she switched to panic mode in a matter of seconds, grabbed a bottle of water and sprayed the guy's face - i think that was one of the most amazing human moments i've ever witnessed, an angry victim instantly switching to a helping human being!

meanwhile i was trying to call the police and brief them on the situation, however the guy suddenly wakes up, his seizure was finally over - strange enough, the first thing he requested was not to report the accident to the police and not to call the paramedics.

after making sure the guy was ok, i left this tragic scene wondering what the hell just happened but a few minutes later i understood... the guy was having an epileptic seizure and since he was driving illegally he didn't want the police to be involved.

i guess this irresponsible epileptic stranger was extremely lucky today - imagine him having this seizure 10 minutes later while cruising on highway 50! he could have died or even killed someone... he could have killed me!

Travel season hick-ups are here

Monday, June 27th, 2011

jazeera airways' passengers on flight j9185 from dubai to kuwait on friday june 24th were furious when their flight was abruptly cancelled due to mechanical problems - passengers were told to wait at the gate for five hours whilst the airline scrambled to find the correct parts to fix the plane.

apparently the airline is forced to utilize kuwait airways mechanics to repair their planes at dubai airport - some of the disturbed passengers were demanding hotel accommodations in dubai airport to rest during the late night wait for a flight that was scheduled to depart dubai at 09:50 pm.

passengers were provided no complimentary beverages or food during the waiting period, but their anger levels boiled when dealing with the dnata airport authorities who provided little information on the flight status.

the flight finally took off to kuwait at 03:00 am, with some passengers distraught from the ordeal and had to be moved to business class - the plane ultimately touched ground in kuwait shortly after 04:00 am - i doubt any of those passengers will fly jazeera airways again.

thanks for the info mary

Wataniya Airways, come back!!!!!!

Monday, June 27th, 2011

a friend of mine traveled this week-end and took a picture of the airport - there was so much traffic the queue to the check-in desk went all the way to debenhams! in this area all the passengers for jazeera airways, flydubai, srilankan airways and nasair were stuck like sheep in a truck.

the first picture was taken around 5:00pm on wednesday and it took people about an hour just to reach the x-ray machine - the second picture shows the luggage piled up behind the check-in desk - the luggage belts did not work and they kept stopping and starting and when they finally ran, they were as fast as a turtle in a race - the lady behind the check-in counter told me that it is like this every night and there is never any new construction to improve the situation - horrendous! so if you’re traveling for the summer you better get there early folks!

thank you mary for the post.

It’s official. She’s NUTS!

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

how to solve the problem of spinsters in kuwait and would help face the phenomenon of increasing divorce rates in the country? easy, just consult salwa al-mutairi..

according to arab times, salwa al-mutairi has again called for issuing another insane law that would allow kuwaiti women to buy good looking men from muslim countries or ready to embrace islam - the men, however, should have ‘slave qualities’ and should be ready for marriage – he should obey the orders of his wife and treat her well, so that she spends her life with him in a beautiful way, away from clashes, fights and disputes.”

as for he mechanics, a kuwaiti woman can select her husband by looking at the photos of the applicants, she said, adding the proposal will also help eugenics in kuwait - al-mutairi said she would do the job if she was given legal authorization and would visit european and asian countries which have large muslim populations and hire men who have the qualities needed to satisfy kuwaiti women.

thanks for the tip mary - related posts:

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Office depot opens in Shuwaikh

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

i was invited to the opening of office depot yesterday so i went late afternoon to check it out - though i am not a huge fan of office stationary and equipment, i was pleasantly surprised by the place - first of all the shop has a prime location in shuwaikh, right behind the mercedes dealer's showroom, but if you know alshaia's headquarters, then it's easier to tell you that it is right there - office depot's backdoor actually leads you straight to alshaia's offices.

from the inside, the place is well organized and all signs are visible well placed so you know your way around and find exactly what you need without necessarily asking for help - nevertheless, the friendly staff is always at your service should you need guidance to find a specific product.

i liked the various tips around the store that basically help you choose the right printer for instance, or use a certain product like this above video that teaches you how to use this keyboard cleaner.

but what i really loved is their green & recycled products, like the green paper above - the price difference is only 300 fils between the green and regular paper - not that expensive if you don't consume in bulk - the "foray" recycled mechanical pencils are exclusively sold at office depot, they are beautifuly designed, perform well and with style.

the big surprise were the exclusive offers for he months of june/july - check out this fabulous offer on iphone 4 16GB for only kd 168! amazing isn't it? there's also a 25% discount on office supplies and furniture - so if you need office equipment or university stationary check office depot shuwaikh today.

finally i'd like to thank david delange for the invitation and the goody bag.

Rice The Avenues: Sorry for neglecting you for so long!

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

i have no clue why i've been neglecting this fabulous restaurant at the avenues - i guess you know all about it since it's been there for 2 years, but all i can tell you is never to follow your hunch when it comes to restaurants - i've passed by rice i don't know how many times but for some reason i've never had positive vibes and always ended by avoiding it, until a friend of mine invited me there and what a pleasant surprise! if you like "filling" lebanese food, rice is the place - try it out you won't regret it!

2011 Golden Murex crowns Nabil Shuail “Arab Artist of the Year”

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

the golden murex awards is one of the most important award ceremonies which takes place in lebanon each year and honors arab, regional & international personalities who play a significant role in the art field.

this year brings fantastic new to kuwait as the winner of the arab male artist of the year was our beloved nabil shuail who dedicated the trophy to his son abdulwahab, his home country kuwait and the gulf region in general - as for the female arab artist of the year it went to sherine abdulwahab from egypt who dedicated her trophy to the egyptian revolution.

congratulations to nabil shuail and to kuwait for this great achievement - below are the 2011 golden murex results:

Best Arabic Song

Haifa Wehbe for “Yama Layaly”

Best Female Arab Singer

Egyptian Sherine Abdul Wahhaab

Best Male Arab Singer

Kuwaiti Nabil Shuail

Best Lebanese Song

Wael Kfoury for “Visit to Melody”

Best Female Lebanese Singer

Nancy Ajram

Best Male Lebanese Singer

Ragheb Alami

Best Music Video

Nancy Ajram for “Shiekh al-Shabab” & Carole Semaha for “Khalik Behalik”

Best Opera Singer in the Middle East

Elia Francis

Best Female Arab Actor

Sulafa Meamar

Best Male Arab Actor

Qusai Alkhawli

Best Lebanese Actress

Cyrine Abdel Nour

Best Lebanese Actors

Youssef Haddad & George Khabbaz

Best Lebanese Movie

Shatti Ya Deni

on a final note, yeyhe saade, the music video director who passed away last december, was also honored - saade, who was 35 at the time at his death, had worked several times with fellow murex d’or winner haifa wehbe.

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