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Why is Burberry giving me the finger?

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

i am not a burberry client as i cannot afford it, but i was at marina mall with a couple of friends and we decided to walk in and check their collection - one of the interesting items was a scarf, wrapped around the middle finger of a hand mannequin - i was intrigued, so i asked the salesman about this weird display and he kind of laughed - then i asked him about the price and he said 180 kd! i didn't believe him at first, so i checked the price with my own eyes and it actually read 180 kd!

suddenly it all made sense... i turned to the salesman and told him: now i realize why the hand is giving me the finger!

Standarrhea at Marina Mall…

Monday, August 29th, 2011

remember our salearrhea post back in jan? well this one is pretty close, but it's more about the annoying number of stands currently erected at the marina mall - i’ve done my count a couple of days ago and the number of stands was 31 - this includes an unknown white stand next to excite which will open up soon.

the stands vary in size and offerings, but the center area is the most congested now, with over ten stands, in addition to that ugly cube in the center - when are they gonna dismantle that monstrous and hideous cube? can’t wait… really...

one thing is sure, marina mall is quickly turning into a popular souk with these promotional stands, people are finding it harder to wander around with the same ease it once was… and frankly that side of the mall is starting to irritate me...

Kababji introduces Dewaniya offers

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

i've always been a big fan of kababji, though the quality deteriorated a few months ago i believe it has improved a lot lately - i was at their marina mall kiosk yesterday and spotted this poster promoting their latest offers: the dewaniya sandwich meal for 10 and the dewaniya mix meal for 10.

the dewaniya sandwich meal includes 20 kafta sandwiches or 20 shish tawook sanwiches +10 taboule + 10 french fries + 2l pepsi for 22.950

as for the dewaniya mix meal it includes 2 skewers of kabab frangali + 2 skewers of kabab eggplant + 4 skewers of shish kabab + 8 skewers of kafta + 8 skewers of shish tawook + 4 skewers of chicken kabab + 16 pieces of arayes + 3 french fries + 3 yellow rice + 3 dakous sauce + 3 hommos + 3 taboula + 2 vegetable plates + 2l pepsi for kd 24.950.

enjoy it!

Starbucks introduces coffee & nuts

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

i was at starbucks the other day and spotted a small castania nuts stand by the cashier - i believe this is a smart move by starbucks, to introduce local products local (from the region) to their menus - the castania pack is sold at 0.5 kd and contains 50 grams of mixed nuts, and guess what, these are premium big size nuts, unbroken and fresh.

what’s next, darabeel? why not, they’re good with latté..

Lucky number 13!

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

for those who still believe in unlucky 13, here's a story that will change their minds - it seems that a guy shot 13 bullets at his younger brother and missed! yes he missed and police are looking for the unidentified youth - the incident happened in a suburb of ali al-salem, reports al-rai daily.

the weapon is now in police custody who is looking for the motive of the crime.

i don't think anyone can get luckier than this, so no more superstition with the number 13, actually, i'm starting to like it...


Will Apple fall behind?

Friday, August 26th, 2011

i am sure you've read a lot about this subject, but here's something interesting - i found steve job & tim cook's career path snapshots and while putting them together, i couldn't but notice that while one's achievements is all about creativity, the other one's achievements is all about profit!

will apple start to fall behind with a ceo who is more focused on operational profits than a creative product? i guess time will tell.

Burberry Body fragrance launched with Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Friday, August 26th, 2011

burberry launched “body”, a feminine and sensual fragrance that captures the iconic spirit of the brand, with a special combination of ingredients like, green absinthe, freesia, and illuminating peach, natural rose, iris, and sandalwood, woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, sensual amber, and musk.

designed by chief creative officer christopher bailey, the bottle itself is a multi-faceted, iconic glass bottle with rose gold engraved check and made with the same craft, intensity and modernity of the classic trench coat.

rosie huntington-whiteley was chosen to represent the brand, her effortless style and her staggering beauty made her the natural choice as the first burberry body.

this is the behind the scenes tvc, though i’m not a big fan of rosie.

Does Cafématik hold a grudge against the quarter kd bill?

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

i was heading back to kuwait last night and stopped by cafématik to grab a bite (yes, i still hate airplane food) - cafématik is the very last restaurant before the gates at beirut airport - so i picked a few things and reached the cashier who billed me 29,000 lebanese pounds.

i looked into my wallet realized that i had big bills, in addition to some change, to be exact: 11,000 lb, 3 kd and 3 quarter kd bills – i asked the cahier if he accepts my combo change so he agrees and bills me 11,000 lb + 3 kd and a quarter – happy to get rid of my change, i gave him the combo but to my surprise, he refuses to take the quarter kd bills and says that the only paper bills he accepts are half kd and above.

i didn't get the logic so i asked him about the reason why, but he didn’t have an answer, he simply said that they don’t accept quarter kd bills! so i tried to reason with him saying that i am not giving you coins here, you are rather deliberately rejecting a specific and harmless paper bill without any rationale, why the quarter kd bill and not the half? they are both paper bills, like brothers and sisters, you know, so why the discrimination? the guy wouldn’t budge and he finally blamed it on the bank who wouldn’t take his quarter kd bills.

finally, i gave him my credit card, not convinced with that bank story - i strongly believe that the cashier was recently dumped by a quarter kd bill and that he since buries a deep grudge against it.. that’s the only explanation that makes sense, really..

anyways, i talked to my quarter kd bills and they’re over it, they just don’t wanna go to beirut anymore.

14 fashion brands may be harming your fertility

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

it's sad how nothing can be trusted anymore, not even a pair of jeans or an underwear - according to greenpeace, traces of toxic chemicals that may harm your reproductive organs were detected in products of fourteen major garment manufacturers - among the brands in question: adidas, calvin klein, h & m, abercrombie & fitch, lacoste, converse, and ralph lauren.

following this publication, brands puma and nike have agreed to eliminate their entire manufacturing process toxic chemical by 2020, but what to do until then? more on this here.

Meet the only “quick hot meal” at the Airport Mall

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

i had to make a quick trip to beirut a couple of days ago so i reached the airport a bit late, all sweat and panting - basically i had around 10 minutes for lunch as i totally hate airplane food, so i decided to grab a quick hot meal - my first destination was chili's so i asked the waiter for the "quickest hot meal" they have on the menu and the answer was 12 to 15 minutes - it was a "no go" so i apologized and tried carino's but i heard the same answer there, apparently 10 minutes are not enough to prepare hot pasta.

i didn't want to settle for a turkey & cheese sandwich, so i tried coffee bean & tea leaf and to my surprise they had scrambled eggs with sausages - though that's in their breakfast menu, the guys were kind enough to serve the meal for lunch - i finished in exactly 10 minutes and sprinted to the gate.

bottom line, i miss mcdonald's!

Stay away from my personal space!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

i once had to let go of a friendship because the guy was persistent in invading my personal space - however this post is not about me, it's about a friend who got caught in a heated argument with a man who invaded her personal space not realizing he's being offensive - though i strongly subscribe to her point of view, i don't fully agree that invading one's personal space is part of a kuwaiti culture - nevertheless here's her story, i will not reveal her name unless she wants to... in this case she can comment on her own story.

The reason why I am telling you this story is to bring up the subject of “Personal Space”.  This is one of my primary battles in Kuwait, we call it ‘Up in ya face’ and when someone is ‘up in ya face’ it means that you want to fight in my culture. I deem there should be an international law specifying that there is a square radius around every individual on earth that in that space in time you own it and no one should bridge that space out of politeness and respect to human dignity.  

I remember walking in the Ginza District in Tokyo with my children, which is probably one of the busiest streets in the world, and stopping abruptly where I turned to my children and stated, “Wow, no one is bumping in to me”.  I love Japan! The Japanese people have a revered respect for personal space and even when you are at a sporting event, and you are holding an umbrella, your umbrella must never touch the other person’s umbrella next to you. That is deemed insulting. I constantly have people in Kuwait bump in to me, why, the aisles in Avenues aren’t big enough? I have gotten in many fights with women who stand behind me in a queue at the store breathing down my neck, hey, you want to get married? They are in my personal space and this is offensive to me. I really don’t have this issue in Dubai, so I really do think that it is a Kuwait issue. I have asked countless women in this country to move away from me and then they think this is an outrageous insulting request. No it is not!

Now getting back to my story… the reason why I am telling you this long drawn out story, is that this Kuwaiti man did not realize that he was ‘up in my face’ when he ‘accosted’ me at the buffet. He does not think he is accosting me, but he is in my mind. He was so close to my face that I could have leaned forward and kissed him and he seemed to not understand why I told him that he was being hostile to me.

When you enter someone’s personal space, you are being hostile to that person, you are waging war against them, you have entered my ‘DMZ’. He did not have to get that close to me, and in the Middle East, isn’t that offensive to get that close to a woman especially in front of her husband?  No coitus is going to happen any time soon, buddy! I will continue to command my ground, I will demand from this society one square radius surrounding me at all times and if you decide to enter my personal space, you better be prepared to fight because after last night I am going to war! The world has become a crowded space, but I believe there is still room for everyone to own some personal space at a given time on earth where you can be respected in your own zone.

We all have a comfort zone, an invisible zone of psychological comfort that we carry with us. It’s the region surrounding each person, or that area which a person considers their domain or territory. It’s the bubble of space that you keep between you and the person standing in front of you. We call it our personal space. How much personal space one needs varies depending on who we are talking to and the situation we are in.

so, what do you think guys?

965malls welcomes its first sponsor: VIVA

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

we would like to welcome our first sponsor VIVA - as you have noticed, viva has been very active online, building relationships with the bloggers, tweeting heavily and launching exciting online promotions like

please join us in welcoming viva to our blog.

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