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Beautiful idea from Hessa Almaian

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

i was at arraya center yesterday and spotted a photo exhibition by hessa almaian - i loved this picture which basically represents hessa's wishes that she hanged on a wire inside her room - i think this is a beautiful idea, not only it is a reminder of what we wish for, but also how often we make wishes - it reminds me of the japanese festival "tanabata", but on a more personal level.

hessa's exhibition ends thursday, so i wish her all the best!

Chay Shop to open soon at Arraya

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

chay shop is an online teacup shop that offers beautiful design cups & accessories, from trendy to traditional - chay shop is opening soon at arraya, mezzanine 2 - i personally loved the traditional teacups above - all the best!

Join FB page “Pure Nostalgia (Assaleh ERA)”

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

pure nostalgia (assaleh era) is a fantastic facebook page dedicated to old stuff, you can find old pictures, videos, posters, games.. you name it - the page is open for all to participate, i just shared my galaxy invaders post there - i also found these awesome 1974 authentic vintage made in usa aviator ray-ban shades with flexible cable temples, the 80's zoom game and remi bandale's song "3touna altoufouli".

the fb page has mostly old lebanese stuff, but if you like oldies this shouldn't really matter - who's gonna start pure nostalgia kuwait? anyone?

Awesome GamarJobat at The Avenues

Monday, November 28th, 2011

on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of kuwaiti-japanese diplomatic relations, gamarjobat performed a silent comedy show at the avenues on saturday & sunday - the japanese ambassador in kuwait inaugurated the show and delivered a speech in arabic! how awesome is that!

the show was fantastic, we were looking forward to seeing gamarjobat, the kids too - unfortunately, i am not able to upload the videos due to internet connection persistent problems, so here are some pictures.

the show was extremely engaging, the duo won the audience's hearts right from the start, without saying a single word - gamarjobat are simply amazing and we were so lucky to have met them!

below gamarjobat's commitments:

  1. not a single word spoken
  2. only two performers (ketch & hiro-pon)
  3. guaranteed to appeal to people of all ages and genders
  4. guaranteed to transcend all cultural and language barriers and make people laugh in any country
  5. the world-leaders of silent comedy will make the art of mime more popular

Pakistani horror movie!

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

i am sure you've read about the pakistani woman who killed, chopped then cooked her husband - i was wondering what drove her to do such a horrible thing, i mean the cutting & cooking - well it looks like so she could dispose of the body without being caught...

apparently, she drugged him first, hanged him, then cut him into 51 pieces with the help of her nephew - the reason behind this crime was obviously another women, her 17 year-old daughter from a previous marriage whom the husband was planning to marry.

the poor guy didn't have the time to put the pieces of his marriage back together, nor cut a sharp deal - instead he found himself in two cooking pots with only minced dreams!

Awesome Kubrick website!

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

for kubrick's lovers, a website dedicated to every single eyelash of his life - have a look at the conceptual boards he used to create before shooting, above represents "the shining" - meticulously anal about every word, light, camera movement, lens... hated by every actor then worshiped - enjoy!

update: website address:

The greatest lesson kids can learn

Friday, November 25th, 2011

yesterday, the environment club at the french school (lfk) organized a beach clean-up day near the marina mall - kids from different classes gathered early morning, equipped with bags, gloves and rakes to help clean up the beach - the kids worked very hard from 9 am till 1 pm - what was shocking is the kind of litter they found... lots of boxer shorts, rugs, dead birds, shoes, slippers and... mattresses!

the event was very well-organized by the club, the french ambassador attended the event, the school owner fahed al khaled & the management in addition to press and tv representatives to cover the event.

i believe this is a wonderful initiative by the french school that teaches the kids to be responsible towards the environment - it also teaches them that team effort can make a difference.

thanks to houriya hammoudi & nadine aouad for organizing this event and for the mothers who volunteered to supervise the kids at work - also special thanks to casper & gambini's who took care of the catering, offering these wonderful food bags.

Thanksgiving at Applebees

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

it seems turkeys are out of stock in kuwait - a lot of people were looking around and basically all major supermarkets and coops don't have any turkeys in their stores - a friend of mine investigated and found out that they were banned for non-compliance with halal slaughtering.

so here's a practical solution - applebees is running a special promotion today to celebrate thanksgiving - the promotions will either be a meal in the restaurant or a catering order of turkey with yummy side dishes.

to pre-order a turkey from applebees you can call 18 444 66 - for reservations at the restaurant, you can call bneid al gar: 22407536, mishref: 25381481, fintas: 23714559 - you can also follow applebee’s kuwait on facebook here.

Mirror Mirror: The battle over Snow White

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

the battle is on between universal pictures, who moved up the launch of snow white from december 2012 to june 2012, and relativity media who also changed the release date of mirror mirror to march 2012, winning the battle of the launch, at least for now - keep mind that nether movies have started filming.

it's charlize theron against julia roberts for the evil queen, rupert sanders against tarsem singh as film directors, universal pictures against relativity media...

what these movies should do is avoid cannibalization, 2 snow white movies in one season is just too much!

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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

a colleague of mine sent me this infamous gust ad - how can a university accept to run such an ad with so many mistakes and who approved it? collage? seriously??!! how about the countless editing mistakes, the double spaces and the lack of space between words? my last question is, why is the word faculty in bold and not candidate? unless they're hiring a part-time faculty...

this is shameful, really shameful...

thanks john for the ad

What next for Saudi women? Special concentration camps?

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

i so resent what women are going through in the name of religion, especially in saudi arabia - the latest wonders of "the commission for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice" (the kingdom’s most feared religious law-enforcement group) is now forcing women to fully cover-up their faces if their eyes are found to be seditious.

who decides if women's eyes are seditious or not? sedition is in the sick minds of those who look at women with lust in their eyes - isn't it enough women in saudi arabia must veil their faces in public? isn't it enough they're forbidden from their basic human rights like voting or even driving?

i have a wonderful idea for "the commission for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice" - how about taking all saudi women to special concentration camps? i am sure you will be doing them a favor and you will all live in peace and harmony forever and ever not feeding your eyes with the mere sight of flesh, the almighty forbidden fruit!

Quite a unique sign!

Monday, November 21st, 2011

i was at souk al mubarakiya a couple of days ago and spotted this sign - it is the first sign i see in kuwait forbidding spitting, strange spot? too many spitters in that area? whatever the case, that's quite a unique sign in 3 languages...

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