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McDonald’s Arabia revamps Website & launches Facebook page

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

mcdonald’s arabia have revamped their website and launched a cool facebook page - in addition to the facebook wall where you can learn about the latest mcdonald’s news, there are special sections that are quite interesting.

the latest promotions section has a scroll down bar that allows you to choose the country you live in, or visit, so you can be updated about the running promos.

the games section is fun, it has 3 games - i tried the soccer challenge this morning but failed to score more than 54 points! i guess i was still asleep :)

there’s also a menu page where you can check the menus per country, a happy meal page where you can discover the latest toys, in addition to a careers page in case you want to join the fastfood giant - photos & videos are also available.

awesome news for mcdonald’s fans, i have liked the page already, what are you waiting for?

Meet Abracadabra show by EventMania

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

we were invited by eventmania to the abracadabra show yesterday, so i took my kid and headed to the ice skating rink for the 4:30 pm show - though i am not a big fan of magic shows, i was curious to see what this one is all about - the event basically gathered a team of 5 illusionists, performing a variety of tricks - the performers were:

  • michael grasso the gentleman: he was really awesome! check his performance on america's got talent here, this guy is incredible!
  • sylvester the jester: he is a real life cartoon and the kids loved him, i guess he was there mainly for them, but his performance didn't mean much to me
  • jc sum & magic babe ning the illusionists: they were ok, though they are singapore's best celebrity magicians
  • rafael the trickster: the guy is funny, i liked him - his doves act was amazing, he produces his doves out from the weirdest places
  • keelan & charlotte the quick change artists: they were awesome! may be you've seen them on britain's got talent

finally, i am starting to change my mind vis-à-vis magic shows, some of them can be very interesting - so if you have kids do take them to abracadabra, you will enjoy it too.

thanks to EventMania for the invitations and remember, there are 4 more shows as per the below schedule so hurry and book your tickets before it's too late:

tuesday, january 31st, 2012: 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm
wednesday, february 1st, 2012: 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm

Is this a joke?

Monday, January 30th, 2012

i received this weird story and thought it was a joke, so i googled it and discovered a number of links about the same, all dating back to 2009, but i still can't find a credible source, but the story is so funny it is worth sharing regardless...

in stuttgart, germany, a guy called soupolos paid maus $2,500 for a special job, impregnating his wife! the details of the job are as follows: three evenings a week for the next six months! maus tried desperately, a total of 72 different times, but failed to impregnate traute.

it will be redundant to write the rest of the story, but you really should read it all! a word of advice to soupolos, if he exists, next time try the sperm bank, it's more honorable!

Danderma graduated from Gloria Jean’s with distinction!

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

we were invited by danderma to attend her graduation in coffee-making at gloria jean's salmiya, facing géant - we arrived around 2 pm and found danderma behind the counter preparing coffee, so no it was not a practical joke! a charming lady greeted us, who turned out to be the pr & marketing manager at gloria jean's, khouloud abdulsattar.

a few minutes later, our order was ready with a nice surprise, our blog's name was sprinkled on the lattée!! thank god our blog's name is short, imagine what kind of mess ladieswhodolunchinkuwait could have done to their lattée!! by the way, the coffee was amazing, way to go danderma!

around 2:30, the winner of danderma's quiz was announced, hafsa won a nice pack of gloria jean's coffee cups - gloria jean's employees were given certificates of appreciation.

as for danderma who made a new year resolution to learn coffee, i guess she can now tick it off with a big smile on her face - according to gloria jean's staff, danderma turned out to be a fast learner as the knowledge she gained in one week, takes other trainees a month to learn - danderma also learned how to calibrate an espresso machine on her third cup, when the average trainee gets it at 15!! bravo danderma!

gloria jean's did not make us leave empty-handed, they gave us a beautiful bag loaded with roasted arabica coffee that smells the fresh aroma of delicious coffee beans!

thank you danderma for the invite, and thanks to khouloud for the coffee - great initiative!

Close-up on Kuwait Bike Show 2012

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

i passed by the marina crescent yesterday where kuwait bike show event was taking place - the event saw a big number of participants, some came from lebanon, others from saudi arabia, quite an impressive show-up! that was probably the biggest harley davidson gathering i've ever seen!

hence, the challenge in writing this post :) the number of bikes was colossal and showing every machine is impossible, so i decided to pick three awesome bikes and dwell on the details for a change.

i dubbed the first bike (above) "pistols", the owner is simply crazy - beside having his portrait emerging from the tank, he basically changed the pedals into pistols and mounted a double-barrel shotgun by the rear wheel! dude, are you going for war!

i gave the second bike the nickname "absolut" as the maker mounted an absolut vodka bottle on the tank! that might look a bit weird, but the real surprise is that the absolut bike comes from saudi arabia!! we've deleted the details on the number plate, just in case, but dude you've got balls!!!

this bike can drive to a speed of 180 km/h according to the owner's friend, i was curious though how can one tell as the machine is not fitted with a speedometer, well it seems that they bench-marked against a speeding car, smart! the bike looks low and almost touches the ground, never-mind, it has a hydraulic system that lifts it 5 inches high!

well, we kept the best for last, we called this awesome bike "skeleton" - the machine is a tale from the crypt and the owner has worked on it for a full year! the outcome is undeniably a work of art! look at the details of this bike, it is unbelievable! the tank's ribs are surreal, the end-bars are mounted with skeleton hands, skulls are painted on the body - the tail is simply frightening, the eyes are lit when the rider hits the brakes! as for the helmet, it is beautifully done as spiky skull! you sure don't want to mess with this rider!

great job marina mall and thanks to adel bou chebel for the tour despite your busy schedule, you really made my day!

Kuwait elections campaigns’ observations

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

i'm not into politics, but i've been screening the elections' press campaigns lately and i can't seem to make sense of anything - i am well aware that these ads are not targeting me, but as an observer, the campaigns look very messy and with no clear message, so here are some of my findings:

  • most of the campaigns are about invitation to attend conventions, and many are targeting women
  • a number of candidates have twitter and facebook accounts which are mentioned in the ads
  • most messages figure in a single executions, no effort is made behind making big campaigns with different messages
  • most messages are open-end phrases which leaves a lot to the imagination
  • some candidates are using photos with aggressive body language, like pointing fingers or engaging in arguments, while others are simply smiling or standing still
  • kuwait towers are used extensively in the ads along with the national flag
  • really bad design

my understanding is that the cabinet has been sacked because of corruption, strange enough, rare are the candidates who have mentioned corruption in their campaigns, at least in press - though one candidate stood out and had mentioned his campaign's objectives including fighting corruption, his name is mubarak heif alhajraf, it's that green ad in the center of the above collage - but again, he listed all his objectives a single ad ad which by the way looks better than all the rest.

a fundamental understanding of communication has always been at the center of a politician's arsenal - for franklin d. roosevelt, it was radio, for john f. kennedy, it was television and for barack obama, it was social media - are today's candidates following the steps of obama, hence the poor press campaigns?

one thing is sure, the candidates didn't learn from obama's strong and single-minded campaign which focused on one single word "change" - the single-minded word that will move kuwait is "corruption", and no one seem to be focusing on it, at least from what i see in press.

this is my quick observations, if you have other views please do share them with us.

iPhone gloves, perfect for this weather!

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

this week was so cold i had to put on my gloves, especially in the morning - but gloves and iphone do not make a good match as you can't use your phone unless you remove your gloves! so i did some online research and found these awesome itap gloves, so good they are all sold out!

i also found a wide range of iphone gloves on amazon and  they are very affordable.

Jazeera Airways VS Emirates Airlines

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

i received this story from one of our readers who was going to dubai this weekend and i'd like to give it a shout out:

"i was pricing a trip to dubai this weekend and found a huge difference in pricing when exploring my options - firstly, i priced jazeera airways because it is a discount carrier and for a departure kwt-dxb on the 25th of january with a return flight on the 27th of january and the total price will be 142.570 kd economy.

i then proceeded to price emirates airlines round trip, which is not a discount carrier, and the price for round trip, same route, same time duration, economy is 88.550 kd - jazeera airways economy has no channels in the seats, single aisle plane, they give you a sandwich and flies into t1 (which i don't mind) - emirates airlines economy has 500 channels in the seats, a warm meal, large airbus planes and flies into t3 – flydubai’s website was down, so i couldn't price this carrier this morning and they should be in this comparison.

what is going on with jazeera airways? are they schizophrenic?  how can you market yourself as a discount carrier and charge double the price of a major airline like emirates airlines?  they are a chihuahua in a market full of labrador retriever's and should understand their place in a highly competitive market - it is pure and simple, once again, bad management decisions in kuwait - are they no longer a discount carrier? what is their management thinking with these types of prices? i suggest if they want to double the prices compared to emirates airlines, then they need to upgrade their airline because they are technically no longer a discount carrier and that involves purchasing new planes and major changes to their service level like televisions in the seats etc.

jazeera airways is going down the tubes with the rest of the kuwait carriers, COME BACK WATANIYA AIRWAYS!"

thank you fred jones.

HORECA 2012: well, if you really have nothing else to do!

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

i visited horeca's exhibition (hotels, restaurants, cafés) yesterday and what a disappointment! to start with, you can't simply walk in, you are stopped cold at the entrance and redirected to a side table where you're asked to give a business card and wait for a few minutes for data entry - then your personalized entry card is printed, which by the way, i had to assemble myself and attach to the lanyard - once this is done, you are welcomed in and given a bag full of brochures, which feels light for the first 3 minutes, but soon becomes a real burden!

as for the participants, i wasn't impressed at all, there was nothing new, same old food products left right and center - perhaps starfruit had some cool vegetables and fruits, like these new colorful baby potatoes and the wide choice of fresh mushrooms, swiss, french, white, black.. you name it.

the fruit carving competition drew some crowd, and four films (printing press) stand was the most outstanding.

my understanding is that such events are the cradle for the latest inventions, cutting-edge technology and newest products, but what i saw was a far cry - so if you really, really, really, really bored, do visit the exhibition today, but i recommend you watch a movie instead or even take a long nap, it will do you some good!

Mother rapes daughter for ‘sex education’

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

i read about this scandal in australia where a mother of four raped her 11-year-old daughter and filmed it with her mobile phone, as a form of "sex education" - the abusive woman was obviously obsessed with sex and would allow her daughter to view sexual videos the two sent to each other!!

what is also bizarre is that the woman has been sentenced to jail for four years only! i believe this is a very light sentence for such a horrible crime - the woman obviously did much more than raping her own daughter, she also deprived her of the right to "a wholesome and loving relationship with her mother", as the judge rightfully said.

i hope she gets raped over and over again behind the aussie bars, as a form of “sex education”...

you can read the full story here.

Adding page number theme on 965malls

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

we've made a small change on our blog, adding the page number theme at the bottom of the page - we had 2 cute "previous" and "next" arrows before, but we've received some complaints as people got lost as they went back and forth a few pages and couldn't find their way back - now i guess the problem is solved, though i still prefer the cute little arrows.

No, this is not ice-cream!

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

i spotted these wonderful body lotion creams at marina mall, right under the tunnel that takes you to the crescent - for a moment i thought they were some kind of sweets or ice-cream, but they were nothing but awesome creams - the flavors are as follows:

  • toot berry (red)
  • ward (pink)
  • coudn't get the name right for green
  • jori (yellow)
  • france (blue)
  • musk (beige)
  • oud bukhoor (violet)

the creams are made in dubai and sold as follows: one jar for kd 7 and 2 for 10 - i bought the musk and france, they are amazing!

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