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Meet Harley-Davidson’s ‘Art of Custom’ design competition

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

harley-davidson has launched the ‘art of custom’ fuel tank design competition in collaboration with some of the best artists across the globe - the campaign was launched in miami's wynwood art district and a number of renowned artists like lebo and terry bradely created a selection of tank designs that you can see in the following website

the tank wall website will also showcase some of the most iconic designs from the past century including the classic 1971 willie g. davidson designed ‘fx super glide’ and the 2008 ‘cross bones’ which formed the basis for the motorcycle ridden by captain america in the 2011 hollywood film.

participants from the middle east and north africa will participate in a regional draw to win a credit value of $5000, $2000 or $500 to spend at a local harley-davidson dealership in addition to a painted fuel tank as souvenir for the first and second winners.

but that's not all for the mena region participants - if entries receive enough online votes to make it to the top 50 designs, they will go to a panel of judges, including lebo and terry bradley who will cut the down the entries to the final 10 - the public can then vote to select the winner who will get the chance to visit the home of harley-davidson in milwaukee and see his bespoke design re-created on his very own mechanical masterpiece; the harley-davidson sportster - two runner-ups will have tanks customized with their design and displayed at the famous harley-davidson museum.

i think this is an awesome opportunity for all hogs and creative people to get artistic and show their talent whilst getting inspired by this fantastic brand - closing date for entries is monday april 30th 2012.

Robin Hood begins!

Friday, March 30th, 2012

i read in arab times about this kuwaiti crook who calls himself robin hood - the guy cheated mainly wealthy people by convincing them to invest in international stock markets, promising quick returns - he also made sure none of his victims are poor people, he is even said to have returned money he had stolen from a widow.

wait a minute!! am i dreaming or what? this guy got it all wrong! robin hood is known for robbing from the rich and giving to the poor - robbing the rich and exempting the poor is a totally different story, shall we call it begins?

Gas stations key-rings criminal promoters just an email hoax!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

after receiving a number of emails from friends and families in beirut alerting me about this syndicate of criminals presenting themselves as sales promoters at gas stations, giving you key rings with tracking device chips allowing them to follow you, i received yesterday more of the same on whatsapp from a friend here in kuwait.

while investigating the story on the net, i found out that this is an email hoax sent across the globe - this baseless rumor grew out of a 2008 promotional campaign in which caltex south africa, gave out solar-powered flashing key fobs to advertise its diesel fuel - each fob contained an led, a battery, and a computer chip - apparently someone dismantled one of the devices, found the chip inside, and jumped to conclusion that it was some sort of rfid transmitter - the rumor that it was a "tracking device" used by criminals was promulgated on a radio talk show and quickly found its way onto the internet - full story here.

then i read on another blog called serentipity a post entitled "tips for identifying an email hoax", in which the same email is mentioned as an example - i found the tips interesting and i recommend you read the post.

to our friends & families in lebanon, i invite them to relax & chill, all this is pure nonsense! and if this email finds its way to kuwait, and it will, you know now what to do with it..

The cherry on top!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

alqabas reported yesterday that a group of air controllers at kuwait international airport are planning to raise a complaint to the head of civil aviation against air control management - the cause? pure neglect, which is jeopardizing the lives of every passenger in kuwait regardless of the airline.

it seems that 2 airplanes can collide anytime at kuwait airport as the flying distance between the planes have been reduced from 80 miles to 40 miles without having a back-up radar, which is against international laws & regulations set by the international civil aviation organization (icao).

what makes things even worse, is the air traffic management at the civil aviation who actually brought a back-up radar that is not compliant with international rules & regulations and which has been rejected back in the 90s as it proved completely unreliable - the radar suddenly shows virtual objects that don’t exist in real life or makes real life objects disappear from the screen!! go figure what the hell is happening in the skies!!

it seems that walking into a disaster is now only a question of time at an airport that already hosts a rusty national airline, suffers from mismanagement, and now lacks proper safety procedures as the cherry on top!

Modern-day slavery!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

i read this horrible story about this siri lankan maid who has been locked up by her saudi sponsor for 17 years without a pay!

nandina, 57 years old, arrived in ksa in 1994 but soon after she was denied any wages or communication with her family by her employer - her daughter basically tracked her down and after repeated visits to the sponsor who kept denying her existence, nandina was freed and compensated with 19,000 us$.

but this is not what bothered me most about the story - what is shameful is the kingdom's reaction these real life tragedies! it seems that ksa has stopped issuing work visas to helpers arriving from indonesia and the philippines, after authorities in those countries demanded increased pay and better working conditions for their citizens - in response, saudi officials have said they are seeking to recruit more domestic workers from ethiopia.

this is really appalling, instead of fighting modern-day slavery the authorities are turning their backs to these severe social issues and encouraging their citizens to keep on behaving as slave masters!

you can read the full article here and thank you mary for the story.

Top 50 blogs in Kuwait segmented by language – March 2012

Monday, March 26th, 2012
1 Q8ping 1 Q8ping 1 248 AM 1 Banana Q8
2 Aboflan 2 Aboflan 2 Danderma 2 Meenakon
3 248 AM 3 Hornett 3 His & Hers 3 Frankom
4 Hornett 4 Al Jalawi 4 965 Malls 4 ilsul6ana
5 Banana Q8 5 Cake o Bake 5 Kuwaitiful 5 7aji Dude
6 Meenakon 6 Hi Kuwait 6 Kuwait Music 6 Pink Girl
7 Frankom 7 Omarker 7 Couch Avenue 7 Chapter Q8
8 ilsul6ana 8 Made in Q8 8 Q8 Path 8 Me Blogging
9 Danderma 9 Q8 OK 9 Z District 9 13 Cups
10 Al Jalawi 10 Kumail Plus 10 Confashions 10 360 Dewan
11 Cake o Bake 11 Kaifan 5 11 248 PM 11 Buzfairy
12 7aji Dude 12 Rashedd 12 Blogger Mathai 12 Q8 Rain
13 His & Hers 13 Abdulla Q8 13 Ansam 518
14 Hi Kuwait 14 Cup of Blogging 14 Ent Ya
15 965 Malls 15 Blog Laish 15 Dusty Roses
16 Omarker 16 Kuw Go 16 Q8 Blend
17 Kuwaitiful 17 Im Geek 17 Q8 All in One
18 Pink Girl 18 Anas 84 18 Habbat Q8ya
19 Made in Q8 19 Trendy Girl
20 Kuwait Music 20 Precaliga
21 Chapter Q8
22 Q8 OK
23 Me Blogging
24 Kumail Plus
25 Kaifan 5
26 13 Cups
27 Rashedd
28 360 Dewan
29 Buzfairy
30 Q8 Rain
31 Ansam 518
32 Ent Ya
33 Couch Avenue
34 Dusty Roses
35 Abdulla Q8
36 Q8 Path
37 Cup of Blogging
38 Blog Laish
39 Q8 Blend
40 Kuw Go
41 Z District
42 Confashions
43 Q8 All in One
44 Im Geek
45 Anas 84
46 248 PM
47 Habbat Q8ya
48 Blogger Mathai
49 Trendy Girl
50 Precaliga

danderma came up with this great initiative, ranking the top 100 blogs in kuwait almost on a monthly basis, following alexa ranking - while reading her march results, we wondered how the list would look like if it were segmented by language - we basically built on danderma's list and the findings were quite interesting.

  1. 20 of the top 50 blogs are purely in arabic
  2. 12 blogs are purely in english
  3. 18 blogs use both languages, depending on the post

this of course changes the rankings drastically - it places 248am as the most popular english blog in kuwait followed by danderma and bananaq8 becomes the most popular blog in the combo category followed by meenakon - q8ping remains number 1 in both arabic & all blogs categories followed by aboflan.

we believe ranking blogs should be segmented, just like it is done in other media channels, like newspapers - it gives a more comprehensive picture of the blogging universe.

Fulla & Bakugan noodles at Sultan Center

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

i am not sure if these are old or new, but it's the first time i spot fulla & bakugan noodles at sultan center - fulla is the middle eastern version of barbie and bakugan are small spheres that pop open into powerful monsters - i loved the packaging, as for the kids they loved everything about them, packaging and taste - i tried bakugan and they're as good as any other noodle available in the market, however some of the cups are a bit difficult to open - not to worry, there's a small gift inside the cups to make it up for you :)

you can find the above under the escalator close to the coffee aisle and they are selling at 250 fils each, great for he kids!

Awesome Saj wraps at Arz Lubnan

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

if you love saj wraps, you must try arz lubnan - on the menu all kinds of cheese wraps, kashkaval, chtaura, kraft, aakawi, halloumi, mozarella etc... also a choice of labneh, goat, chtaura and green thyme - the awesome zaatar wraps come in different flavors, with or without sesame, lebanese, syrian or palestinian.

arz lubnan also serves meat and chicken wraps in addition to grills - we tried the wraps and we strongly recommend them, they're fresh and taste great, the dough is also crisp and delicious!

arz lubnan is located in alia center, salmiya, salem almubarak streeet, shortly after the auk - though delivery service is still not available, you can call 25711909 and pick up the order yourself. launched yesterday

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

almost 5 months ago, we posted about yabeelamotor, a car service business initiative that basically takes care of car maintenance, car service, wash, repair, polish or paint on your behalf - they had launched the service through a facebook page but today they have expanded their services to cover used car sale through a new website,

in addition to buying and selling used cars, the website has directories for all the car dealerships, showrooms, spare parts and service, it also displays all automotive promotions - good luck michel, 965malls wishes you the best.

Terrible accident on Gulf Road’s slowest bit!

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

around 2 pm, we were driving out of marina mall's parking, right across qatar street where we spotted this terrible car accident which involved another car, also badly damaged - this trail blazer crashed into the road light knocking it off, the driver was laying on the street as you can see in the above picture - lots of ambulances were around so we assume a lot of people were injured - a car caught fire but firetrucks arrived quickly for that matter - a horrible scene on probably the slowest bit of gulf road! how could have this happened?

our prayers to the injured and hope there are no serious casualties..

Breakfast now at Beit 7

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

beit 7, the historical kuwaiti house that has been renovated and transformed into a vibrant modern restaurant is now offering breakfast - on the menu lebanese breakfast including labneh, eggs, beans, cheese etc...

the weather is lovely nowadays and the newly renovated outside seating area is perfect for breakfast - one thing is still missing, more umbrellas for those who like to stay in the shade..

Journey of Hope event at Marina Crescent

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

a friend sent me this picture as a teaser, but he didn't take long to reveal what it is all about! this is basically the structure of the stage where the journey of hope event will be held today.

journey of hope is an expedition that encourages parents to integrate their disabled children into the mainstream - the journey will embark on its mission from kuwait on december 12, 2012 through the atlantic to washington dc - it will take the team three months to reach their destination and will be accompanied by coast guards from different countries - us satellites will monitor the ship's journey and intervene in case of any emergency - al-arabiya satellite channel will cover the event and a documentary film is made for the occasion by director waleed al-awadhi.

under construction, the ship will be ready in a few months - tomorrow's event will mark the official launch of the project with almost a thousand kids and their families present to celebrate - a drawing exhibition by the disabled kids will also be held at marina crescent, it will be interesting to discover some hidden talents.

i invite you to attend the event and give these kids all the support they need - amazing initiative!

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