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Crazy ATM machine at Sultan Center left unattended

Monday, April 30th, 2012

yesterday, i passed by sultan center around 5 pm and stopped by the atm machine to withdraw some cash - i put my card in and before i even got the chance to punch my password, a european guy jumps in screaming "stop... stop... it will steal your money"!

i canceled the operation and retrieved my card immediately - apparently, the european guy before me withdrew some money, and on his way home he gets an sms from the bank informing him of a further kd 500 withdrawal - he obviously panics, drives back to sultan center where he was informed that this mad machine snitched another victim earlier in the day.

if this was the case, why did sultan center leave the atm machine unattended? had the guy not warned me, i would have ended up being the 3rd victim of that lunatic machine!!

finally, sultan center ordered a security man to stand by the machine and guard it - but they only took action after repeated plead by the victim...

Health Stop out. Mo’men in.

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

i was shocked to see health stop shutting down in our neighborhood, now that salem almubarak bit in ras salmiya is buzzing with people! health stop was one of the first restaurants to open in that street, i think they were anticipating a big crowd which took a while to build & develop.

too bad for heath stop, meanwhile mo'men is replacing it - mo'men is an egyptian quick service sandwich restaurant that started back in 1988, it has grown and franchised the brand to cover bahrain, uae, sudan, malaysia, lybia and now kuwait.

Jazeera Airways launches iPhone App

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

jazeera airways has finally launched its mobile app - though it has been long anticipated, it is finally there with fantastic results - you can select the destination, even your seat and pay online using your credit card, no k-net yet - i loved the app, looking forward to experience mobile check-in which is coming soon.

you can download the app from the apple store here.

Thank you Truthful, it’s off!

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

We have deleted our post for today, not because it could be a rumor or not, but because someone got hurt and thought it should be removed - we had no intention in hurting anybody's feelings, it was against the writer at the ahram daily.

nevertheless, it is off - thanks for your feedback truthful

Top 50 blogs in Kuwait segmented by language – April 2012

Friday, April 27th, 2012
1 Q8ping 1 Q8ping 1 248 AM 1 Meenakon
2 Aboflan 2 Aboflan 2 Danderma 2 Banana Q8
3 248 AM 3 Hornett 3 965 Malls 3 Frankom
4 Meenakon 4 Al Jalawi 4 Kuwaitiful 4 ilsul6ana
5 Hornett 5 Cake o Bake 5 His & Hers 5 7aji Dude
6 Banana Q8 6 Hi Kuwait 6 Kuwait Music 6 Pink Girl
7 Frankom 7 Omarker 7 Fro Yo Nation 7 Q8 Blend
8 ilsul6ana 8 Precaliga 8 Couch Avenue 8 13 Cups
9 Danderma 9 Kumail Plus 9 Q8 Path 9 Q8 All in One
10 7aji Dude 10 Kuw Go 10 Blogger Mathai 10 p0ach
11 Al Jalawi 11 Il Shayeb 11 LWDLIK 11 Ansam 518
12 965 Malls 12 Made in Q8 12 360 Dewan
13 Kuwaitiful 13 Kaifan 5 13 Chapter Q8
14 Cake o Bake 14 Rashedd 14 Grapevine Kuwait
15 Pink Girl 15 Grgasha 15 Q8 Rain
16 His & Hers 16 Im Geek 16 Me Blogging
17 Kuwait Music 17 Q8 OK 17 Buzfairy
18 Hi Kuwait 18 Fou6an
19 Omarker 19 Enzozid
20 Precaliga 20 Abdulla Q8
21 Kumail Plus 21 Blog Laish
22 Kuw Go 22 Fe9l
23 Q8 Blend
24 Il Shayeb
25 Made in Q8
26 Fro Yo Nation
27 Couch Avenue
28 13 Cups
29 Kaifan 5
30 Rashedd
31 Grgasha
32 Q8 All in One
33 Im Geek
34 p0ach
35 Ansam 518
36 Q8 Path
37 360 Dewan
38 Q8 OK
39 Fou6an
40 Blogger Mathai
41 Chapter Q8
42 Grapevine Kuwait
43 Enzozid
44 Q8 Rain
45 Abdulla Q8
46 Blog Laish
47 Fe9l
48 Me Blogging
50 Buzfairy

danderma has published her top 100 blogs for the month of april according to - so here's our top 50 blogs segmented by language for the month of april - thanks again danderma and keep on the good work.

Popcornopolis at Marina Mall

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

popcornopolis, the gourmet flavored popcorn cones has opened at marina mall, in the parking entrance under the crescent bridge - popcornopolis is an amazing concept, i love the branding and my favorite flavors are caramel corn and cinnamon toast.

good move, though the location is not that great.. but according to marina mall that's the only available place at the moment.

Al Manchar Mall to be demolished?!

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

i learned from desert girl blog that almanshar mall will be soon demolished - the 4 year old mall which hosts old souvenir shops will simply disappear and another mall will rise at the same place.

a friend told me that there's more to the story than what meets the eye - as you may know these souvenir shops were there before the mall and there was some kind of a deal when almanshar was erected and their rents did not change much - may be the only way to raise rents is by getting rid of these shops through a demolition project.

but i'm not buying this story, it is quite expensive to demolish a mall and erect another, is the exercise worth the return on investment?

photo courtesy of desert girl.

Hitchcock-Hopkins: striking resemblance!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

you must know by now that hitchcock is my favorite movie director of all time! so i am delighted and looking forward to watch the upcoming movie "hitchcock" with one of my favorite actors and oscar winners, anthony hopkins, playing the role of the legendary director.

joining hopkins are scarlett johansson as psycho star janet leigh, james d’arcy as anthony perkins and jessica biel as vera miles - nice line-up!

you can read more about the story here.

Casper still playing Al Fanar piano

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

it's been more than a year that this piano has been playing in al fanar mall and it seems that casper the ghost is not planning to take a break - not that i'm complaining, every time i pass by the piano it kind of intrigues me - interesting mechanics..

Ancient creature found at Subiyya Beach!

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

according to alwatan daily, people in subiyya chalets were frightened by an ancient creature with long hair emerging naked from the water, dancing and singing in a strange language! they immediately called the police while others took pictures of the scoop.

upon police arrival, the ancient creature was arrested and the investigation revealed that it was only a naked asian man with long hair coming out of the sea!

this is absolutely hilarious! the story cracked me up!

Funny Toilet Sign!

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

a friend sent me this funny toilet sign he spotted in the us - i find it hilarious!

Be a man for God’s sake!

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

i read this sad news in alqabas yesterday about a strange case and a first in kuwait - it seems that a man sued his wife for beating him since they married five years ago!! yes, 5 years of continuous beating!! the wife came to the court with her father who stood by the door awaiting for the husband to show up, but he was too afraid to come even close to the court house!

the poor guy has been complaining to his friends for quite some time as his children grew up watching him getting beaten by their mom - discouraged by a previous complaint at the police station that ended in reconciliation, his friends suggested he recorded the beating, so he installed a camera and went to the court with hard evidence.

at the court, the wife was asked whether the beating was true, but she preferred to wait for the husband and hear his "false claims" - she said that she has no clue why her husband is making such claims, she can't even find him at the court!

stand-up for your right man! if your wife doesn't treat you as you deserve, DO NOT be thankful!!

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