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Meet Delicious Pizzeria Romana

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

there's this new pizza place next to our house which we've planned to visit for a while, it is called pizzeria romana - you can find it in salem almubarak street, after the auk, close to the olympia mall.

i was supposed to take the family there first, but here i am again cheating on them... but this time my cheating is legitimate as i am constantly starving and couldn't resist the temptation - the place is really cute and the decoration nice, they got pictures of sophia loren, rocky in addition to italian landmarks, but i didn't get the plazma screens, they are really out-of-place.

as for the food, it was fantastic, the pizza is amazing with thin dough and crusty sides - the sauce is delicious and the size... omgII i couldn't finish my pizza!

there was a group of italians on the opposite table, and they kept praising the food - personally i loved this restaurant and will sure come back for more, especially that i got to practice what's left of my italian with that italian waitress... (wife will sure have some comments here...)

i'm sure you're wondering about the price, well it is ok, a standard size huge pizza that is good for two, one coke and a bowl of fries for kd 8 - i guess it is worth the try.

Chilled Kuwait Airways news!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

whilst the airline is a wreck, the airplanes are on the brink of extinction and the government has no clue what to do with its national carrier, only kuwait airways’ cabin crew seem to know how to enjoy life to the max! how? by partying with men in maseelah, getting drunk and arrested on the way back!

man those ladies have balls!! working for the airline they must be fully aware that alcohol is strictly prohibited in kuwait, but they partied in spite! i don't know what happened to them, but if they ever get deported they'll be traveling as passengers for a change!

you can read the story on arabtimes here.

A question for bloggers

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

every day my wife and i face the same dilemma, it's 9 or 10 pm and we still have no post for the next day - we've always wondered why don't we schedule a few stories in advance? it will take us more time to finish a bunch of stories in one go, but at least we'll get the chance to relax a night or two - but then again, why do we have to schedule a post if we can simply write in the moment and post the story in the morning? a lot of times the topics change, some news become obsolete or new ones simply pop up..

so far, like tonight, we keep our options open, like so open we have no clue what to do, but somehow right before we go to bed, we always manage to lay down the egg..

how about you? what's your strategy and what do you think works best for the blog?

Fresh mango flavor from Rice Pudding

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

here's some fresh news, away from airports and roaches - rice pudding have released their new fresh mango rice pudding flavor with buttery pound cake, fresh mango and honey - from the way it looks, it should taste great!! not sure why i have this urge to try it, may be because i am starving to the point i can eat those cute little roaches down my wife's post!!

rice pudding are also launching an innovative catering light tray which you can get with every order of 50 pieces and above.

wonder how much time it will take me to finish that tray.. nam nam.. i'm hungry..

Nokia 6310 alive and kicking, not exploding!

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

i was at my son's graduation the other day where i spotted this nokia 6310 with the cameraman - not only the phone is still working, but the guy has it wrapped in a cover too!! i mean is he worried it will get a scratch or something??!!

the 6310 had its hay days, and if i'm not mistaken it was discontinued like 7 or 8 years back! but truth be told it was a great phone, much better than the exploding s3, this goes without saying!

S3, what a lovely time-bomb!

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

last month we posted an article entitled call me snob, but what's the s3 hype all about? - we had many comments from the s3 fans supporting samsung for no apparent reason :) today i'm posting this news especially for them, just to let them know that their s3 is nothing but a time-bomb awaiting to explode in their pockets! i think that phone cannot handle the pressure, it is loaded with pure powder.

you can read about the s3 exploding in cars here - enjoy it guys and long live the iphone!

Abraham Lincoln & Smoking Kid

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

i was at the avenues yesterday watching abraham lincoln vampire hunter, which by the way is not bad at all - if you're a fan of vampire movies like me, then i recommend you watch this one - so on my way out, i passed by the washroom where i spotted this 11 or 12 year-old kid smoking frantically, my guess his parents were outside and he was in a hurry so he was sucking on that cigarette like there's no tomorrow!!

what's with that generation!! he's not even in his teens and he's already smoking! it's unbelievable how kids behave nowadays, you can't really stop them from doing what they want, they'll grab the first opportunity to behave badly behind your back..

well, this kid spoiled my movie.. i was quite happy with lincoln, especially the special effects.. seeing such a young lad smoking secretly was quite a turn off! i thought of my own kids and i wouldn't want them to behave as such, i would be very disappointed.

Water rises to new records at Marina Crescent

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

whether it is global warming or unusual high tide, the result is the same, new records for marina crescent water levels - though this picture was taken after the water had dropped around 15 cm, the levels are at their highest according to marina mall's officials.

not sure they are much worried though, should the water rise even further and reache ground levels, they will certainly rent floating kiosks out to potential customers :)

adel must be cracking-up right now, but i am sure that deep inside he is already crunching the numbers!!

Awesome Pavilion exhibition at Arraya

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

i was at arraya a couple of days ago where i came across this awesome pvilion exhibition by kuwait university's college of architecture.

there were 2 wooden structures, one inspired by sea urchins and the other y a slinky -the sea urchin is a modular structure consisting of a group of units with different sizes, giving a naturalistic inconsistency orienting themselves into a dome - as for the slinky, it is inspired by the inability of a snail to hear, reacting to the vibration of sounds on her outer shell - similarly, this wooden structure is an interpretation of the sight of sound.

if you happen to be in the vicinity of arraya, do visit the ground level where both structures are exhibited - they are amazing and you have to check them out, they're like a fresh breeze of creativity!

Chinese inspiration and its side effects

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

i read a bunch of funny car sex stories in arabtimes - there's this couple who met in a mall then agreed to a car sex date, when they got caught, the girl said the guy promised her marriage, whilst he said he gave her kd 30 for her fees - in a different story, another couple were arrested in a jeep near a commercial complex where they were caught via a cctv camera.

this reminded me of this funny story from china, where a car dealer created this "hot" guide explaining how you should make love in various cars displayed in his showroom, all this to sell more cars...

though extremely popular, car sex in kuwait is strictly forbidden and we strongly recommend you don't engage in it, however if this brochure inspires you, make sure the vehicle is not chinese otherwise it will break over your heads and suffer from severe side effects...

so much for happy endings :)

Do you believe in UFOs?

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

i was always intrigued in ufos and aliens not sure why - the universe is so vast it is highly possible there is another life somewhere out there... i came across this interesting article on an alien ship discovery at the bottom of the baltic sea, if you haven't read it, check it out here, pretty interesting.. the sonar picture of the above unidentified object resembles the famed star wars ship the millennium falcon!

so what's your take on this? do you believe in ufos?

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