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Thursday, August 30th, 2012

i'm not that familiar with wordpress blogs, but after following an incoming link from wordpress, i landed on this blog called "kuwait blogs suck" who made a tribute to our blog! so here's the link and enjoy the hilarious hypothetical conversation with 965malls.

Meeting our No 1 fan!

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

we’re not known to be very sociable, but this time we decided to meet our number one fan, TKG - actually, if it wasn’t for the summer friends post, we probably wouldn’t have been encouraged to meet.

anyways, we finally met at nestle marina mall for coffee, and our no 1 fan and commenter turned out to be a sweet heart - i was really impressed by his personality, his values and views on life - i was so relieved to see that not all young people are shallow, some of them have a great perspective on life and want to make a positive change - what is interesting, is that everything we talked about was reflected one way or the other in that beautiful wall next to us, every word was the topic of a conversation.. amazing!

TKG is also a blogger, a creative cook, a young guy with a dynamic mind, but if i allow myself to give him an advice it would be to enjoy his youth and leave the big, stressful issues till the coming years..

may be we should make this a trend, meeting regularly with our fans, it is very interesting to put a face to a name and get to know the people who comment on your blog - anyone interested?

great meeting you TKG, all the best in your job hunt!

Whose decision is it?

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

of all the rape stories, this one is the worst!! we already wrote about the rapist who assaulted 30 boys in jleeb al shyoukh and farwaniya, the rapist who blamed it on black magic and the mother who raped her daughter for sex education - there was also the rape cabbie, and that wicked law in germany about an optional castration for sex criminals.

however, nothing looks as sad as this story i read a couple of days ago on arabtimes, where 2 boys raped an arab girl with this strange "source" saying that one of the rapists will be compelled to marry the victim based on the outcome of forensics or else they serve seven years in prison!!

how can a girl marry the guy who raped her??? this is beyond any logic, and against human right! then i didn't get the part that says "he will be compelled to marry her or go to jail", is it a decision that he, and he only, has to take or is this according to some kind of a law? doesn't the victim have a say in this? it is really appalling!! any lawyer with an answer?

Look, i tried to keep quiet…

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

believe me i tried to keep quiet... for a while, but this is so funny - i came across this video that best describes samsung's reaction as it was ordered to pay apple $1.5 billion after a jury rules in favor of apple in its huge smartphone patent infringement case.

to all samsung fans and frankom, this is also dedicated to you!

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A rare exception…

Monday, August 27th, 2012

we often receive emails asking us to post news on a new blog, a new venture or some other weird stuff and we usually either ignore, reply negatively or write a post if the news is unique - this time there was no news, but quite a unique request from a guy called omar, who is basically looking for a good driver to race with him as a team, on a 24 hour kart race! i found the request so strange and unique i decided to make an exception and help him out, so here's his email:

"Hello my name is Omar, and I need some drivers to participate with me in a 24 hr kart race. I am taking this race seriously so there are some important things that I want from the driver:

  1. has experience in motor racing (important)
  2. someone fit
  3. over 18

If you see  these necessities in you, and would like to join, email me: Send me an email talking about your talent and any achievements that you have accomplished. Also, if you know anyone interested please tell them about this. 

Thank you for your time.

KD 6.5 for this??!!

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

i was at salhia complex last thursday so i decided to stop by cafe royal for breafkast, though i had decided long time ago to boycott that place because of bad service - nevertheless, i wanted to check if things have improved, so i ordered the american breakfast without bacon - i was so shocked by the size of that portion, it felt as if i was having a kid's meal! i dropped the orange juice on my pants, so i basically had half the glass, but of course no one rushed to help me clean up, the waiters where simply watching!!

the worst thing was the price, kd 6.5 for this breakfast!! i swear mcdonald's breakfast is like 10 times better and may be 6 times less the price!!

anyways, i can confirm that the service is still as bad as it were a few months back and certainly not worth the bill!


Saturday, August 25th, 2012

i was at the sheraton roundabout a couple of days ago so i took the road towards the church to see if the constructions were over - excuse the pun, but hallelujah!!! it's been probably 5 years now that this road was closed, i can't tell you the traffic it created especially on fridays as the christian community in kuwait assembles in that area for prayers & community functions.

personally, i'm ecstatic, i hated that traffic every friday!

When theft is left unpunished…

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

i read this article on arabtimes about a 13-year-old boy who managed to break into 17 cars during ramadan - the story could have been labeled as juvenile crimes news, but something was seriously wrong with that story as i read through it - can you imagine that this boy was sent away from iran by his father, to live with his mother in kuwait after many people started accusing him of theft!!

i can't believe this! so instead of straightening the boy, dad decides to export the problem to kuwait?? how irresponsible is that??

Mo’men now open in Salmiya

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

back in a april, we wrote about mo'men replacing health stop soon, it seems that the egyptian fast food chain actually opened over eid - mo'men is quick service sandwich restaurant that opened in egypt back 1998 and grew to become a franchise with restaurants in bahrain, uae, sudan, malaysia, lybia and now kuwait.

i stopped by yesterday to try a few sandwiches, i ordered the filly cheese steak and a mix seafood sandwich - they were both very good, the bun is soft and the medium size is quite filling - i was a bit annoyed by the smell of the place, something was burning and it was suffocating! however the price does not suffocate at all, a medium combo meal + sandwich for kd 2.4!!

i will sure try other sandwiches at mo'men, if you happen to pass by salem almubarak street, the restaurant is located right after missoni hotel - hot number 1827700.

Awesome posters at Crepaway!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

we were at crepaway broumana yesterday where we spotted these awesome advertisements - the first one above was in the washroom, and it basically says "for your ads in our toilets, wash your hands then contact us on - i think this is quite funny!

on one of the restaurants walls, this hilarious banner says "we thought long and hard about what to write here" - love it!!

as for this banner on the exit door, it simply says "crazy world out there" - couldn't agree more!! brilliant copy, way to go crepaway!

A day on the beach

Monday, August 20th, 2012

we took the kids to the beach the other day, a resort called "manar" in jounieh - the place is small, cute and neat, but mostly populated by elderly people and their grandchildren - for me, beach means the sea, sandy or rocky, preferably rocky - so the view above represents going to the beach and i love it.

as for the kids, going to the beach is a totally different experience, they prefer the pool and the springboard - for them the sea is scary and they prefer to stay away from its sands and rocks - not sure how to make them change their minds, this is a bit frustrating for me, they should develop a preference to the natural sandy beaches over the above fake environment.

the best view remains the mountains - quite a strategic spot from where we were sitting, from one side the beach, the other the mountains and the pools - i'll choose the mountains over the beach any day of the year!

Meet Shawarma Joseph

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

there's this great shawarma place in beirut sin el-fil area, called joseph - joseph is a restaurant offering all kinds of sandwiches but the shawarma is simply exquisite! the chicken spit is so huge, i've never seen anything like it before - it's like 70 or 80 cm wide! as for the taste, it is awesome, one of the best in beirut - if you happen to pass by sin el-fil, do stop by joseph and try the shawarma.

by the way, I forgot to mention the "meghle", it's this yummy lebanese sweets usually made when a child is born, you can also find it at joseph's and it is absolutely awesome.

for the best shawarma experience, read our top 10 best practices here.

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