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Ted Baker’s convoluted window display!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

i was at 360 mall over eid and as i passed by ted baker i spotted this weird display - the main male mannequin had an arrow piercing through his chest! i didn't understand why, neither my husband..

on the other side of the window display i found another piece of the puzzle, the female mannequin had a bow wrapped around her shoulders with a bunch of arrows - so i gathered she must have been the culprit, but the question remains, why?

i kept looking for answer, only for the sake of curiosity - i'm not sure walking-by customer would even try to understand all this complication - in the middle of the display stood a sign that said "aw 12 - survival of the fittest" with yet another arrow stuck at the edge of the sign - i was close to getting some kind of an answer, but the picture was still far from being complete.

i took a few steps back and discovered the main message of this display, it said "warning: fashion on this stylish may cause fatal attraction"

now that the picture is complete, what the hell does this mean? seriously, can someone explain? if i wear ted's fashion will i be hit by an arrow from females wearing the same brand? i don't get it.. what does fatal attraction have to do with survival of the fittest? i'm totally and utterly lost!

A small favor from Starbucks

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

i was at starbucks behind the sheraton a few days ago and as i walked in, i saw some friends gathering around the center - the place was packed, so i decided to join them by sitting on this side platform - however, because i was coming from outside, my vision was still accustomed to extreme light so i mistook that black ditch as a black tiled line and stepped right into it - i tumbled and fell off that ramp and ended up with some bruises.

i know this is not starbucks' fault as they have placed safety ramps all around the center platform to warn people, but still i managed to fall into the pit, and according to my friends i am not the first victim - it seems that a woman also fell into that ditch a few weeks ago.

please do us a favor starbucks, can you fill up that pit with something? even if there is the slightest chance for someone to get hurt by this awkward design, better have someone change it - it makes no sense to have this pit all around the center area, it doesn't even have water!

much appreciated.

The 2nd English blog in Kuwait!

Sunday, October 28th, 2012
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eliasoz commented on an old post called "top 50 blogs segmented by language", which made us realize how long it has been since we've updated that list - i guess the main reason is that blogslounge has solved this with their interesting website, but what we've been doing is the segmentation the list by language, so here's the latest one as of today.

a lot of blogs are out of the top 50 list and so many new ones are in - for some reason blogs lounge is not listing 248am, danderma, kuwait blogs suck and kuwait music, so we added those to the list.

the great news is that we are now the second english blog in town and i hope we stay there, we've been up and down that list for so long but we've always been in the top 20 general ranking and always in the top 5 english blogs.

a great place to be, now our job is even more difficult as we need to maintain our current position for some time - thanks for our fantastic readers who have put us in such a nice place.

Eid Mubarak

Friday, October 26th, 2012

eid mubarak to all our friends and readers, god bless you and your families - if you want to send some e-cards, we found this interesting website called, it has some greeting cards for the occasion - it's a great idea, but i think it lacks the range and variety.

enjoy the long break.

Landed, landed not..

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

a friend sent me this picture with a question: do you see anything wrong? my first reaction seeing this on my iphone was: there's no one at starbucks? then he pointed out the problem.

how can this be? the same flight lands in english at a certain time, but then in arabic it lands at a different time! ok, it's only a matter of a few minutes, but still.. this is so hilarious... unless this is what the pilot gets, then we have a serious problem!

thank you adel for the picture.

Why do i hate changing bulbs..

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

back in 2000, we were living in a furnished apartment behind al fanar mall in salmiya - one day the bulb in the bathroom exploded and i had to replace it - i removed the glass cover and found a white wire hanging from the ceiling, right next to the bulb socket - the wire looked at me in a suspicious way so i took a step back and turned the light switch off, just in case.

i started working on that busted bulb but my worry was still there, that wire was looking weirder and weirder so i stopped my work and went to the living room to turn the bathroom switch off at the main power board - somehow, i felt more comfortable working on that bulb with the switch off, but as i walked in the bathroom, that nasty looking wire looked at me with disdain! so i to be absolutely sure things are safe, i headed back to the living room and turned the main switch off! basically the whole flat was out of power, in the middle of the summer.

i stepped in the bathroom looking at that wire with defiance, and started my work, suddenly something grabs my hand and throws me on the floor! i was laying on my back, bouncing like a fish out of water, seeing stars moons and galaxies! that freakin wire had stricken!

this is how my famous line "why the rush" was born, it was born and yes it is a nightmare - bad news for indu.. but i'm not touching any bulbs as long as the buildings in kuwait come with such power cabling specs!

Indu will be ecstatic!

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

well, if you don’t know my husband, then you know nothing about men! though he is adorable, when it comes to fixing stuff at home he can be the worst man in the world.. take for example changing bulbs, he never bothers to change them at all, this is like his worst nightmare! if a bulb is busted, he either leaves it till my dad comes to visit (he does that twice a year), or he leaves it for indu, the cleaning lady, to change it for him!

one of his most famous lines sounds like: why the rush? your dad will be here in a couple of months! this is not a joke, this is my husband’s attitude towards changing bulbs.

imagine that during the summer indu complained about him, saying that he spent the entire summer almost in the dark, leaving all the busted bulbs for her to change, and when she ignored them, he didn’t change them or even mind the darkness!

now here’s some awesome news, i think all this is about to change - i found this amazing light bulb tool at sultan center that basically helps people like my husband, deal with their issues - imagine that you can now safely and easily change any kind of bulb, simply by using an 11 feet telescoping pole to give you an extended reach! isn’t this awesome? price? 7.5 kd only!

thank you sultan center for changing my miserable experience with light bulbs, i owe you one.

Cheap sex!

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

every time i read arabtimes i wonder why most stories revolve around sex - like yesterday's stories for instance were about a live sex show, chastity lost in a relationship, bangladeshi pimp abducts women for prostitution and girl kidnapped, raped by boyfriend!

however, another story was eye-popping, about women charging kd 5 in return for sex! i couldn't believe how cheap that price is, are they like on sale? or is the prostitution market suffering from higher supply than demand, like the drugs industry?

Al Forno’s dish of choice

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

have you ever tried this awesome dish at al forno called stinco di agnello brasato or braised lamb shank? if not then you should - every time we eat at al forno i go for something light, but this time, i went for the kill and it was worth it! the dish is unbelievably good, a tender meat with an awesome sauce.

i made some research on the shanks and what i found was quite interesting - shanks are the lower part of the leg and the most used muscle on the animal which makes them the toughest - they are not a good candidate for grilling or sauteing, but perfect for the slow-cooking involved in braising - the tough connective tissue dissolves slowly, mixes with the braising liquids and creates a wonderful, luxurious sauce with no effort on the part of the cook.

so what made this dish so delicious is basically the slow cooking, not sure what was the substitute of wine in this, but it tasted like heaven and i'm making this my dish of choice at al forno.

We don’t talk politics, but..

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

usually we don't talk about politics, nor religion, however the situation in the country is boiling and for the first time we hear voices directly attacking hh the emir, with big words & threats...

some friends have told us that the situation is very serious and that it resembles a bit the days before the iraqi invasion, anything can happen in the next few days - i've been also told to think of a plan b!

not sure if this is that serious, what i know is that we've never heard such public speeches in kuwait before and this is raising a lot of concerns - i guess expats in kuwait should at least think of a possible b plan, however we are still optimistic, we don't think the situation will get out of control, hopefully..

Is The Avenues rebranding?

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

a friend told me that the avenues will be changing their logo soon, not sure when and to what - he thinks it is going to be the grand avenues, but that is not confirmed yet - marina mall were supposed to be changing their logo too, but i guess that was put on hold - the best logo remains 360 mall, and by far..

meanwhile, i read on 248am that sheikh mohammed bin rashid almaktoum was at the avenues, he had lunch at dean & deluca - i wonder if he had to queue as nowadays this comes as standard..

Meet Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

most of you must have already heard about dar alathar alislamiyyah, but for those who haven't, here's a quick preview.

dai is a cultural organization based on a kuwaiti private art collection owned by sheikh nasser sabah al-shmed al-sabah, founder of the al-abah collection and his wife, dai director general and co-founder sheikha hussah sabah al-salem al-sabah.

established in 1983, dai was created to manage the al-sabah collection, an esteemed collection of islamic art on permanent loan to the state of kuwait under the auspices of the national council for culture, arts and letters - the collection preserves and presents all aspects of islamic art and includes more than 20,000 pieces extending from spain to china, from the 1st – 13th centuries ah/7th – 19th centuries ad.

the cultural season at dai is an integral part of the organization’s contribution to the enrichment of the local community - from the very beginning dai was involved within the community in promoting dialogue by hosting cultural and scholarly events - the annual cultural season typically begins end of september and ends in may of every year.

with nearly two decades of cultural activities, the annual cultural season has grown into a comprehensive hub for scholars and enthusiasts alike in many different fields.

the cultural season is comprised of several activities:

• forums
• lectures
• concerts
• theatre
• educational Programs
• international Trips
• exhibitions
• and much more…

you can download the brochure for the 18th cultural season that will highlight all the activities, events, lectures, theatre, workshops, educational programs, and discussion forums that we will organize throughout the cultural season from the following page.

as for the most recent event, it is set for today - dai will host a workshop with the al-sabah collection’s senior conservator sophie budden, who will teach you how to take care for your jewelry and other metal objects, starting from 7pm at the amricani cultural centre - those interested in the workshop should sign-up by emailing and should also bring their own object to be discussed during the workshop.

i'm so looking forward to visit one of dai's events, i love islamic art and would love to participate - i guess the next one is on november 5th, held by dr. venetia porter - will do my utmost to attend.

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