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Friday, November 30th, 2012

kim kardashian in kuwait via bananaq8 - nice post it says it all.. no further comments!

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Hate double standards!

I'll think about it if she pays me KD 350!

UPDATE: see latest video below:

Finally! UN calls for ban on female circumcision

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

when we were in egypt back in 2003, some friends told me that they were working with the UN on a project to stop FGC/M (female genital mutilation, circumcision) - i was shocked to hear them saying that the numbers are frightening, like 97% of egyptian women suffered from fgc according to UN reports!

all these years and the situation remains the same... it breaks my heart to see these high numbers in africa, where this horrible, brutal and inhuman practice is still considered as part of tradition..

for those who have no idea what FGM means, you can read here.

as for the FGM consequences, the removal of, or damage to, healthy, normal genital tissue interferes with the natural functioning of the body and causes several immediate and long-term health effects - for example, babies born to women who have undergone female genital mutilation suffer a higher rate of neonatal death; end in stillbirth or spontaneous abortion; and in a further 25%, the newborn has a low birth weight or serious infection, both of which are associated with an increased risk of perinatal death.

i wonder what took the united nations so long to call for this ban! for more on this you can read here.

Cute collectibles at Home Selection

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

i was at arraya the other day and spotted these cute collectibles at home selection - right at the entrance, you can find two collections, the coots collection (senior men) and the biddys (senior women).

some of the figurines are really funny, like this senior punk saying "aging ain't for sissies", he looks hilarious! the below figurine is also quite cute and funny, it says "a bit older but still a heart-breaker".

these figurines are sold at 10.5 kd, though i found the same on the net for as little as $17 - you can check prices for coots here and biddys here.

Awesome T-shirts!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

i found these awesome t-shirts on sultana blog, basically they represent a man's mustache - what's interesting about this design is that the drawing is composed by the arabic calligraphy of the word mustache, "shanab".

i love arabic calligraphy, especially when it is modern & smart - the artist who created these t-shirts is called jassim alnasrallah and his collection is available for both men & women - for orders you can email

Is Avenues Phase 3 claustrophobic, or is it just me?

Monday, November 26th, 2012

the first time i visited phase 3 i loved it, but i had this feeling of claustrophobia and thought the place was too dim - i went a second time and the feeling was the same, however i came to realize that both my visits were made at night - so i decided to make a third visit, this time by day to make a final judgment.

to that end, i took pictures of phase 2 and phase 3's ceilings in order to compare - but the minute i walked into phase 3 by day i came to realize that my feelings were spot on! look at this! see the difference in lighting? phase 2 is all bright, lit and yellowish whereas phase 3 is gray, grim and dark - not sure what they've done to the ceilings, but phase 2 is so much better, the various layers are much more interesting and make the depth of the ceiling much more inviting.

don't know what can be done, but i'm sticking to phase 2 which also feel much bigger and wider - the palm trees are beautiful but they're also making phase 3 narrower, you can't walk in there without bumping your shoulders into somebody.

i vote for phase 2.

More irresponsible parents…

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

we were at ikea over the weekend and as my husband went to order food, this 2 year old girl comes my way mumbling mama - the girl was obviously lost, so i tried to understand what her mom's name was, but the only word she could speak was mama! then a kuwaiti woman comes for help and tries to understand her mom's name, but in vain..

we called security and a few minutes later her mom was found.. she was ordering food!!! how could she leave her girl behind?! she just assumed that if she leaves her kid in that small playground, she would be safe!! kids walk around and go places, they are not static objects like chairs.. you can't leave them somewhere and expect to find them where you left them!

according to the security guy this is like routine work now! it seems that many mothers leave their kids unattended at the restaurant while they're busy ordering food!

the good thing is ikea's security cameras are planted almost at every corner of the store, so you can tell where your kids are and they can be spotted in case they are lost - but why go through this ordeal and let your kids experience this trauma? there's nothing worse for a child then to be lost!

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Pizza Romana: Love their pizza, hate their ad!

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

it's no secret we love pizza romana, their pizza is probably one of the best in town, if not, the best authentic italian pizza in kuwait - but what they have done with their ad is so horrible!

i don't know if you've been there before, but the place is a tiny beautiful, and very italian restaurant with traditional italian interior design and the people we've seen so far are either italian families, kuwaiti families, or adults, but not those chaps in the ad!!!

as for the idea, you'd imagine anything as a tv commercial for this kind of restaurants but this cliché used and abused slice of life idea, that suddenly ends with a musical! wth? this ad looks like a half-peperoni-half-margarita pizza, only in advertising things don't really work that way!

post via bananaq8

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Kuwait d’Azur!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

for those who believe these pictures were taken somewhere in europe, say the côte d'azur, then they're dead wrong! this is old salmiya's souk, where the typical low-cost popular lingerie shops are accessible to every passing woman - i've been there before with a friend, but never thought of posting as i never had the guts, so here i am sharing these interesting stuff you find in the most unexpected places - i'll start with the simple things, above are 2 role-play costumes, a "hero girl" that comes with a red cape, and a "cow girl" costume with a cropped tie top & bola tie..

then there was this funny "mary lost her sheep" costume with a bonnet, an under-wired bra top with puffed sleeves and a staff!

for those who are seeking a zest of excitement, there's this "officer frisk me" costume that comes with a zipper front shirt, belt, baton and handcuffs! kinky!!

are you in a secret love affair? not to worry, there's this perfect FBI costume just for you!! it comes with an embroidered FBI cap, a zipper front romper and a belt.

i was wondering why this bee costume is taking center stage, but then it struck me! care for some sweet honey?

at the other corner stood that wild black horse! forgive me, but looking at the straps i could only think of wild horses!

then there was this apron.. coffee, tea, or me? seriously??? in kuwait? well, i love this but how can this be sold in kuwait, it beats me..

if you think this is over think again, because i kept the best for last! this one up there says: "my precious love (on the bra), every part of me misses you (on the skirt).. WTH???

as for the cream on top, it was that remote-controlled red underwear! to the best of my knowledge, sex gadgets are forbidden in kuwait, if someone is caught at the airport with a vibrator or a dildo, he faces colossal troubles - so how can these be sold in a store at the heart of salmiya's old souk and in broad day light?

some things are simply beyond me.. seriously, how can a bunch of cds and videos be banned from virgin megastores when all this is still happening just a few blocks away?

i miss virgin, but it seems kuwait d'azur doesn't!

Carino’s, still good despite…

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

it's been a few months since we've had lunch at johnny carino's, so we decided to visit last weekend - what we used to love at this restaurant is the bread with the olive oil and dried garlic dip, it is still as good as day one, only half the portion - i remember when carino's opened its doors a few years back, the bread portion was like double what it is today..

my favorite dish is chicken & steak skilletini, a sizzling skillet with marinated onions and bell peppers with spaghetti pasta in spicy marinara sauce - i ordered it as usual and was happy to discover that it is still as delicious, only the portion has shrunk a bit too - i still remember the days when this dish was around 4.5 kds, today it is a whopping 6.3 kd!

still love carino's, i think it is one of the best italian restaurants in town, only italian has become a luxury around here..

Illustrated History of Kuwait

Monday, November 19th, 2012

i came across this fantastic book about the history of kuwait - at first sight, i thought it was tintin, it looked so good on my colleague's table i couldn't tell it's actually about kuwait.

the book is prepared by khaled abdullah al massad and illustrated by ali jelveh - it starts with a quick historical background on the region with some nice illustrations on failakh island and the greek era, then it touches base on the pre and post islamic era and the various battles between the tribes - what was also interesting is the story of the 3 branches of the "weal" tribe, al khalifah, al jalahmah and al subah who moved from al najad to the shores of the gulf, settling first in qatar then, kuwait.

the book is very interesting and the illustrations makes it fun to read - you can also bump into president bush who liberated kuwait after the invasion..

the book is sold at 6.5 kd, not sure though you can find it in all bookstores - for more information you can email

thanks to manal for sharing the book.

Hepatitis A outbreak, true or false?

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

there has been strong rumors of a hepatitis A outbreak in kuwait, but the conflicting reports are making things even worse.

we first read about it 2 to 3 weeks ago, but then everybody told us these are rumors, it's all good - then we read in alqabas a few days ago that the rumors are rather true and that the ministry of health is being very discrete to avoid panic.

yesterday, we spotted 2 conflicting reports on arabtimes, one that says that the minister of health refutes rumors of an outbreak, "arguing that there is no reason for the public to panic because the statistical data on hepatitis A cases over the last few years show kuwait is not facing an epidemic - he pointed out the cases reported during those years fall within the average range".

the second report says that 30 hepatitis A cases were reported to the infectious diseases hospital and that "the preventive medicine department has been trying to find reasons behind the spread of the disease for three weeks but until now no result has been announced."

not sure whom to believe! in any case, if you suddenly feel cold, then witness a sudden rise in temperature and liver enzyme levels, in addition to yellowish eyes, you better go see a doctor, that would definitely be hepatitis A.

Meet Campo Marzio Design

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

we were invited to get a sneak peek at campo marzio design at the avenues phase 3, first floor above cheesecake factory - campo marzio was established in rome back in 1933 and specialized in unique and uncommon pens, it has one of the best items in its collection of vintage pens, built in murano glass.

the brand is rapidly expanding around the world, and will open in the next few days at the avenues - besides pens, the store has a beautiful collection of leather items, such as bags, wallets and office accessories, all in shiny vibrant colors.

prices are very affordable, pens start from kd 9 to kd 30 something and the most expensive item is a black suitcase sold for kd 135 - so great quality at affordable prices, combined with nice design, i guess this is the perfect recipe for success.

we wish campo marzio design every success.

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