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Thursday, January 31st, 2013


i read this hilarious story on arabtimes online about this couple who stole gold rings from a jewelery shop by simply eating the rings as the salesman looked away!

however, the salesman was no fool so he calls the cops who basically caught the couple and took them to hospital for x-ray - the rings were identified and the couple were given laxatives to help them exit the rings!

i wonder what happened to the rings after that.. i mean someone at the hospital must have cleaned them up, but then what? did the salesman put them back for sale? well a good salesman would.. "listen lady, i know my shit, trust me this is pure solid gold".

The evolution of cheating…

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


when i was in school, i used to be very honest in tests and exams, i would give a white paper and accept its consequences rather than cheating - however, i was tested by the devil once and i decided to cheat, so i cut this thin and long paper, folded it in an accordion shape, and then filled it with geography data - during the exam, i was so nervous i dropped it on the floor, twice, got caught and kicked out of class - that was it for me, i learned my lesson well and never cheated again...

according to kuwaitiful blog, today's cheating has evolved nowadays along with the evolution of technology - it seems that in one of the exams, a girl was hiding her mobile phone under her veil, getting fed the information through a friend!!

it seems that kuwait is set to combat cheating by banning mobile phones in exam halls, but will they be able to enforce it?

Of the good ones..

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013



we've always struggled finding a good manakish bakery, though there are many around the neighborhood, few are worth trying - one of the good one, beside zahrit dimashk in restaurants street salmiya, is this one just around the corner, in the vicinity of olympia mall, called arzit lebnan, or lebanese cedar.

we've tried it a few times and it has been consistently good, however when the manakish get cold, they turn dry & crusty.. i am not sure why all the manakish in kuwait don't live in the cold for more than a few minutes, it's like a national issue!

zahrit dimashk is better from that angle, though his manakish are a bit oily - which manakish bakery would you recommend?

Interesting insights

Monday, January 28th, 2013


i read this interesting report in alqabas yesterday on page 6, it talks about the dangers of going to a mall nowadays especially in the presence of the irresponsible & violent youth - some interesting insights:

  • families are reluctant to visit the malls especially over the weekends, they prefer to stay home or go to the chalet
  • most of the altercations are caused by a female, it's either someone making a pass at somebody's sister or simply gazing at her
  • some fights happen as 2 old rivals meet again, maybe they had fought a year ago but they bump into each other again with different balance of power - if last year's loser has a bigger gang this time around, it is automatic revenge!
  • ashtrays are the preferred weapons, they pick them up off a table and plant them on the enemy's head
  • some gangs lose their way out and instead of taking an exit door they get into a shop and completely destroy it out of panic

i found these insights quite interesting, as far as we're concerned we prefer smaller malls nowadays to bigger ones, at least they don't have uncontrolled traffic.

They wouldn’t be the same without!

Sunday, January 27th, 2013


sometimes i go pay a visit to some business partners in kuwait city and i park at aldawliya complex - i just love to take a walk in this old mall as it keeps me in touch with reality - the feel is nothing like a walk in the avenues or 360 where everything is so posh, on the contrary, here everything is down to earth and sometimes a bit funny, like this poster above.

i guess the beauty of these old malls lies in their imperfections and they wouldn't be the same without their old signs, their typical cafés, their friendly atmosphere where shop managers have become old time buddies - here, all the international brands step down from their pedestals and meet behind the window display and sometimes they even share the same price, a down to earth one too.

Ministry shuts down New York Fries

Saturday, January 26th, 2013



we were at marina mall yesterday and spotted those ministry flyers stuck on new york fries' roll-up door - not sure what the reason is, but the flyer says that the ministry of trade & industry has shut down the restaurant for violation of the law number 62/2007 "suppression of commercial fraud" - i don't know what the hell that means, but i'd appreciate if someone can explain.

anyways, the flyer leaves the period of closure vacant, so it will take some time before the restaurant rolls-up that door again.

More on The Avenues’ Murder

Friday, January 25th, 2013


there was an update on the avenues' murder on arabtimes online, it seems that the culprit was only defending "his honor" as the doctor had insulted him in the parking lot - the killer bought that knife for revenge and meant not to kill him, he only knew the doctor was dead an hour after he had reached home.

honor... such an elusive, destructive and subjective sentiment! where is honor in killing?

anyways, the hearing is set for january 30th where the culprit will appear before the court, not sure how defending honor will help them in this horrible murder case.

Adding insult to injury!

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013


i read yet another sad story on arabtimes online and this time it's about this poor woman who came back home with her kids to find her husband in her bed, but with another woman - when she complained, she was beaten by the stud, and to add insult to injury, she left the house accompanied by the "woman in bed"..

how insulting is that, leaving your own house accompanied by the woman who was sharing your husband on your own bed? to start with, how did this idiot bring a woman home when his wife and kids are expected to be in? what an animal..

to end this story on a positive note, i found this hilarious billboard on the net, enjoy...

Not an overrated call..

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013


we got a call yesterday from alshaya regarding our previous post, and what was surprising is the way they handled our story, professionally and constructively.

first we got an email from a person called irem, in group customer care requesting our contacts so she can personally discuss the matter, then she called in the afternoon and apologized for what happened - surprisingly, irem thanked us for our sincere opinion and for stating what went wrong, she also appreciated reading our readers' comments, good and bad - she considers these comments as consumer insights and a learning to improve, and will escalate our complaint to higher management.

here we had to explain that this was not a complaint, it was simply our experience at the restaurant and that we did not write this post to nag, our objective was to bring a different opinion around the cheesecake factory hype as we saw it and experienced it.

anyways, to cut a long story short, this is the first time we get a thank you call for a bad review and we would like to encourage other clients to behave the same in such circumstances.

thank you irem for your call we really appreciate your concern.

Overrated Cheesecake Factory..

Monday, January 21st, 2013


finally, the crazy queues at cheesecake factory came to an end, or we thought so - we arrived around 3 pm and there was only a couple of people in front of us, however when we booked our table we were asked to wait for an hour! so we waited, only out of curiosity, i mean if all of kuwait waited in line for weeks to get in, then this restaurant must be something out of the ordinary..

after an hour, our buzzer started screaming, so we rushed in and sat on our long-awaited table, we ordered starters and main course - we waited, and waited, and waited... we finished the appetizers, then waited even more until we lost our appetite... after almost an hour, the food was served, and when we asked about the delay we were told that my son's hamburger took a little over 45 minutes to cook! consequently, our food came cold and crusty...

since we had lost appetite, we couldn't finish our plates, and frankly, i was not at all impressed with my cold bow-tie pasta and chicken.. to top it all, there was this bug crossing our table, i don't know what kind, it wasn't a roach, nor a worm, it was close to a slug with a tail, transparent and moved quickly over the table (my husband took that picture above).

we informed the waiter about that bug, but he showed no interest and did not even react! we did not make a scene as we really couldn't tell what that was, maybe it was something that flew from the mall and made its way in... nevertheless that was disgusting!

the best thing was the original cheesecake, it was really awesome! our verdict on this one? a no go.. the wait is not worth it, the food is not worth it, the price is not worth it.. sorry guys, you're off our list.

Setting a good example

Sunday, January 20th, 2013


what would you do if you are a street cleaner and have around 1.5 million dollars? naturally, you'd take a break... not for this 53-year-old chinese woman - i am sure some of you have read her story, but we still want to commend her for what she is doing, setting an example for her family and the whole world.

i always wondered what my life would be if i had millions of dollars but when i think of it i get lost, suddenly my routine gets disrupted and my conclusion has always been to continue whatever i am doing for a while until the new situation sinks in - however this woman is setting a new perspective to millionaires at work, if you're interested in her story you can read more here.

what would you do if you win millions?

Anything for a good cause..

Saturday, January 19th, 2013


when it's for a good cause, as the email said, we're always ready to help - under the patronage of the minister of information sheikh salman alhumood alsabah, the women's cultural and social society is organizing jasmine call, a two fund-raising events with the aim of providing relief aid to some four million displaced people in syria - the funds will help providing the needy with such basic needs as food, milk, medical and health care supplies, and clothing to protect them from cold.

the first event is a concert performed by the global composer and pianist malek jandali on saturday 26th of jan, 7:30 pm at the theater of the gulf university for science and technology (GUST), mishref.


the second event, a concert performed by the renowned musician and oud player naseer shamma in addition to an art exhibition displaying the fine works of artist kevork mourad on sunday 27th of jan, 7:30 pm, also at the theater of the gulf university for science and technology (GUST), mishref.


the aim of these events is purely humanitarian and not bias to any political party - tickets revenue and all proceeds from the event will go towards people in need - for more information please contact 24843667 ext 16 or 94987576.

we wish the women's cultural & social society and jasmine call every success!

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