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Walk for a cause with NBK Walkathon

Thursday, February 28th, 2013


every year nbk picks a theme and works the walkathon around it - this year is quite special as nbk decided to leave the cause open for the participant to decide why he/she is walking, and for that matter, they have created this lovely campaign showing people's testimonials describing each person's cause - so whatever your cause is, you can take part this year and make the theme your own.

registration center is now open in the vicinity of the scientific center, there are various categories and many prizes to be won including 2 cars - the event will be held n march 23rd, so there's plenty of time to pick your theme and enroll.

we haven't decided on a cause yet, we though of mall security but that's a bit cheesy - any ideas?

Still awesome!

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013


our number one indian restaurant and by far, is mughal mahal - we've tried most of the good, the bad and the ugly, but the uncontested champion remains in our opinion, mughal mahal..

we often go there, like once ever 2 months, and every time we visit the food is consistently good - this time i even tried the mango chutney, it's those hot chilly stuff they serve you with papadum, i must say i was fuming but they were good :)

the things we love most at mughal are maah ki dal, whole black lentil cooked slowly with chopped onions and tomato, they are out of this world! personally, i'm loving lately aloo mattar, a vegetarian dish with potato and green peas curry, it is simply delicious! the kids' favorite is paneer makhni, slices of cottage cheese cooked in tomato and butter sauce - a round of kati kabab roll is a must at mughal, and this time around we tried iranian kabab in an indian restaurant in kuwait, quite intriguing!

a new item on our list was the murg nizami korma, tender pieces of boneless chicken simmered in cashew nut and almond sauce, exquisite!!

the indian receptionist is a constant figure at mughal mahal and without him the restaurant wouldn't be the same - we love to visit the sharq restaurant just to see him - so if you're in the mood for indian food, mughal mahal still rocks, do visit it again and try some new stuff, it's worth the adventure :)

Meet Marina Mall’s Harlem Shake

Monday, February 25th, 2013

for those who have been following the harlem shake craze, here's one from kuwait and specifically from the first mall to do this, marina mall - it's not that crazy, but way to go marina mall for doing this, be it your initiative or a simple endorsement.

Enjoy the long break!

Monday, February 25th, 2013


happy national & liberation days to all - interesting how google adapted the recent fireworks for that occasion - enjoy the long break and try to avoid gulf road :)

How did they get it in?

Sunday, February 24th, 2013



it's been a while since we visited 360 mall, we often avoid going there as it is a bit far from where we are and we always face parking issues - this time we were lucky to find a parking spot so we enjoyed the change.

at the center of the mall, there was a nice exhibition where a huge fighter aircraft called spitfire stood on carpet - this plane was built by the british royal air force and was used in the second world war.

the exhibition at 360 was organized by the royal air force museum in london, britain's only national museum dedicated to aviation and the kuwait house of national works, so if you happen to be in 360's vicinity, do pass by and check that fighter out.

Blog rumor..

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013


i recently heard that 248am has struck a deal with alshaya whereby the latter bought all advertising on the blog for the upcoming year - so the blog will advertise alshaya's brands exclusively, no other client will have access to 248am.

not sure how interesting this is, say after a year alshaya decides to pull back, 248am would have lost the relationships with all his clients, and they would have tried life without 248am for a year, with whatever that might be - the rule says "never put your eggs in one basket", if this rumor is true it is quite a risky move.

as for the price, well first i am not sure of the figure and second it is none of my business, but some people told me it is close to 200,000 usd - if that is true, sahten 3a albak mark, enjoy every penny :)

Meet Paul’s awesome pommes neufs!

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013


one of the best fries in town are paul's, if you like thick, real thick fried potatoes, a bit crunchy, paul is the place to be - you won't find these on the menu, they are usually served with steak, but i have asked the chef to serve them as a side dish and he accepted, now it has become my signature order every time i go to marina mall - the fries are called "pommes neufs", in english it translates to "new fries".

if you happen to pass by paul order "pommes neuf", they are awesome - side dish is sold at 1.1 kd.

update: my wife just told me that these should be called "pommes pont neuf" that translates into "new bridge fries" as this were they were first sold in france, at pont neuf, so if someone is listening at paul's, please fix the name on your bills as they say "pommes neufs" instead of "pommes pont neuf".

They still exist…

Monday, February 18th, 2013


on valentine's day, we were dropping our son in massila for a birthday party - massila is one bad area to go to nowadays as it is all under construction - no road signs, no street signs... nothing... you have to rely on yourself or call for instructions.

in our case, the people inviting our son had a loud party going and they couldn't hear our calls, so here we are in massila roaming around in endless circles, until we bumped into this amazing guy in his touareg, he slowed down and volunteered to help.

first, he made sure we are in the right block, and since there were no signs he informed us that the block we're looking for is at the other side of massila - then he informed us that the constructions have blocked the street that takes us there, so we have to take the fahaheel road and enter massila from that side - but he did not stop there, he insisted to take us to the address and drove-past us - we followed until we reached the officers' club where some signs started to appear - only then he left us, after making sure we are in the right spot.

it took us another 20 minutes to find that place as the signage in this area is dangerously unorganized - imagine that the streets go from 36 to 39 in the right order, except for street 37, the one we were looking for! this one turned out to be hidden in a back street with no light, no directions, not even asphalt!

anyways, we finally made it thanks to that guy, we really appreciated his good deed - if it weren't for him we would have been completely lost! good people still exist..

Meet awesome Texas Roadhouse!

Sunday, February 17th, 2013


it is very rare for us to fall in love with a restaurant, but we just did last weekend when we visited texas roadhouse - texas roadhouse is an american chain restaurants that specializes in steaks and promotes a western theme, you can see that as soon as you enter the restaurant with that beautiful saddle and other decorative items for that matter - the restaurant is also known for its free buckets of peanuts on each table.

while you wait for the order, you can actually ask your waiter to dance for you - the restaurant offers line dancing, the waiters and waitresses learn line dances to popular country songs and perform line dances throughout the day.

as for the food, there is no need to stop at every dish to tell you how awesome it is, but the freshly baked bread is "the best" we have ever tasted in kuwait, and the meat is probably the most tender we've had in any restaurant in town - everything is fabulous and generous, the waiters are very friendly especially the manager, you can see him pausing in the above pictures - he's so cool :)

we will definitely visit texas roadhouse again, there is no doubt it is on top of our list for the best restaurants in town - one last thing, it seems that a second restaurant will be opening in salmiya sometime in september of this year, we're so looking forward.

Sucking up :)

Thursday, February 14th, 2013


every couple has its ups and downs, marriage is never a walk in the park, but what is important is a solid foundation, based on love - we've seen a lot of friends divorce, some of them are even close relatives, however my wife and i made it through thick and thin for 16 years...

this is not my gift to you, you will get it today, but i just want to tell you i love you and that if i had to marry you again i will not even hesitate.

(hope she gets me a nice gift following this post)

New bags displays at Sultan Center

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013



i spotted these new bags displays at sultan center - they are much nicer than the old ones and easier to locate as they are erected vertically, however they only come in one size and a small one for that matter - at least the old bags came in different sizes, so i hope that sultan reconsiders this issue as these can't fit much - on top of that, they are too thin, so if you stuff them, and considering the small size you are more likely to stuff them, they'll easily break.

but nice move overall, i like these bags.

The East India Company soon at The Avenues

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013


the east india company is one of the oldest companies in the world, it has grown so big in the 18th century it had its own army and exercised military power over india as well as administrative functions - it traded in several sectors, from cotton, to salt, tea and opium, but it was later dissolved and today it is has a much different face.

today, the east india company sells fine food, it has a flagship store in the heard of london's mayfair and will soon open at the avenues phase 2.

the luxury food items are within categories such as tea, chocolate, coffee, jams, mustard and biscuits, as well as a range of corporate and occasion based gift boxes, hampers and trunks - to receive a luxury food gift from the east india company is to truly feel indulged, valued and wanted.

looking forward to the opening.

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