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What’s wrong with the Chinese??

Thursday, May 30th, 2013


not sure what's wrong with the chinese nowadays, but they have chocked the world twice in a matter of days! first, there was this reckless tourist who basically carved his name on a 3000 year old status in luxor, egypt, creating a worldwide outrage and a condemnation by the chinese media calling this "china's tourist shame".


following this outrage, there was yet another shocking news yesterday about this woman who delivered a baby in the toilet-pipe and left him stuck in there until he was saved - i can't believe what those chinese are capable of, they really surprised the world with their news this week!


Wednesday, May 29th, 2013


i wonder when i will stop reading strange stories, like this one on arabtimes online - imagine that there's this transvestite who got marred to a woman just to please his old mom, then 3 months later his so-called wife, whom he never touched, deliver a baby and claims that it is his - this guy never touched his wife and because of her weight he couldn't even tell that she was carrying a child - now the lawyers are in to solve this issue, though he has good intentions he doesn't want the child..

i wonder what people can go through to please their mothers, fathers and family members... isn't it time for people to do what they think is good for them? at the end of the day it is their lives, their future and though it does matter what family thinks, but they should never put such pressure and push their children to make such stupid moves!

you can read more on this here.

The walking dead?

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013


i read this story on medical daily about this woman who delivered a baby while she was pronounced clinically dead, then came to life after giving birth!

any given day, i would consider this as an amazing miracle, but not now, not today... why? because i've been watching the walking dead for a week now - i have finished all 3 gory seasons which made me sick to my stomach and turned me negative and depressive!

as much as i love vampire & horror movies, zombies make me sick so i advise you not to watch it, though the story becomes very interesting as you get hooked.

congratulations for that woman for delivering a healthy baby, not sure what to say on her coming back from clinical death.. if i were the doctor i would have stuck a knife in her brain... (you have to watch the walking dead to get my ironic comment).

Meet Bloggati

Monday, May 27th, 2013


bloggati has been teasing me for a few weeks about something i wrote about last year, finally the teasing is over and here's the surprise - a blog aggregator that splits kuwait blogs rankings according to language, just the way we used to do last year, well almost.

what we used to do is take danderma's list, then segment it by language, arabic, english and bilingual, we thought that this is more fair for everyone - what bloggati did is great, they actually did the split but without having a category for bilingual blogs - never mind, this is already a good step forward.

bloggati is also basing the rankings according to alexa, you choose to rank kuwait blogs, saudi or emirati from the drop down menu.

cool stuff, hope they create an english page soon.

UNO Chicago Grill? Neither hot, nor cold!

Sunday, May 26th, 2013


we've been in a lot of restaurants, some were good, some were bad, some were so-so, but very few actually puzzled us like uno - it's the first time we feel at loss of opinion, the portions are great, the food looks awesome, but when it comes to the taste, it's all a mix of average, good & bad.

take the spinach & artichoke dip for instance, the taste was ok, but the sauce was too much and low spinach - the muchos nachos were ok, but a bit cold and oily, the main course was also strange, the salmon had a great sauce and the veggies were succulent, but the fish was a bit dry and overcooked - the broccoli chicken alfredo was ok, nothing special and the burger had all great stuff but the bun was dry - even the soft drinks were a bit weird, it was the first time in years that i order a refill, the coke was so light it felt as if i was drinking water!

not sure what to say about uno, i can't tell you it was great and i can't tell you it was bad.. bottom line i don't think i'll go there again, unless someone insists then i won't say no.

Allo Shisha?

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013


i was going down to the underground parking where i spotted this sticker in the elevator advertising shisha delivery! i've heard of this before but this is the first time i actually learn about it in person.

i tried shisha for a while then i stopped this bad habit, nevertheless this got me intrigued - but since our house is non smoking, i guess i won't be able to call these guys and share the experience - anyways, here's the address if you want to see for yourself and let me know.


Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013


i read this unbelievable news in alqabas newspaper about this sheikh in saudi who issued a fatwa forbidding women from switching on the air conditioning in the absence of their husbands!!!! yes, this is true... not a joke at all!! the reason behind this thoughtful fatwa is that air conditioning in the house means the presence of a woman in a chilled environment, which encourages men to commit immoral acts!!

wth??? seriously now?? first of all one has to be stalking a woman in order to determine whether or not she is alone in that house or not, no? normally, no one can tell.

now let's assume that these women are cheaters and they call their partners in the absence of their husbands, is turning the air conditioning off a show stopper? really? why not put the lights off too? you know if the lights are on, it means women are in the house and this will greatly encourage immoral activities, especially in the evening - so no air conditioning and no lights, seems like the perfect place for a hot date!!

some men and their sick minds! cure the minds and all will be good.

Johnny Rockets’ “New Original” is quite messy

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013


i passed by johnny rockets yesterday and discovered the "new original" - basically the new burger comes with the same old ingredients, only with a softer, lighter patty and a softer bun - what they didn't tell me is that the bun is also a bit spicy, and that all this softness comes at a price: unbelievably messy!

the bun is so tender it can barely hold the ingredients, plus it breaks as you hold it, and the meat is so soft it falls into pieces! what made everything worse is the fact that burger was cut i half, big mistake there!

though the taste is almost the same, i still prefer the old original, think twice before you order the "messy"..

More on the One..

Monday, May 20th, 2013


during our tour at the one yesterday, we spotted a large number of awesome items - there is no way we could share everything, however we picked 3 different items that we loved - the first is this 135 kd colossal scissor made of wood, not sure what to do with this but i guess it helps slicing up big egos!


the second item is this cute welcome rug - we find it really funny and engaging - not sure who would actually use it here in kuwait, but we love it! if my memory serves me well the price of this rug was 7 or 7.5 kd.


the last item is this desk frame, you can gift it to your wise friends, excuse the pun :) not sure though what the price was, i totally forgot.

Wonderful initiative at The One

Sunday, May 19th, 2013



i was at the one yesterday and spotted this wonderful corporate social responsibility program called "help palestinian women help themselves" - basically, the one has been working with qalandia camp women's handicraft cooperation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization that aims to raise the social cultural, health and economic standards of women and children in palestine - what you see above is hand embroidered wrist wraps that serve as a symbol of the hope that comes from the preservation of palestinian heritage and the one is helping in selling them in their stores at a price of kd 9.950.



as for the second set of items within this initiative, it consists of these beautiful cushion covers, each is a result of 2 months of work and sold at kd 84.950 - though these cushions might seem a bit expensive, when it comes to CSR programs people don't mind the price as it supports a good cause - way to go the one, this is really a wonderful initiative supported with beautiful products.

New Starbucks Marina, not a reserve

Thursday, May 16th, 2013


for some reason we were under the impression that the new starbucks store at marina mall will be another reserve, but it isn't - nevertheless, the new place is lovely, neat, fresh and very inviting - not your regular starbucks, this is now an upscale coffee shop with a whole new experience.

every detail in the store is new, if you look at the floor tiles you quickly realize the change, the self-serve condiment counter had a drastic make-over with a simple flat serving area - everything seems to be simpler, the food has a simpler display, much neater - the signs are now graffiti style, and the green lighting and interior highlights are noticeable.

the exposed painted duct ceiling has unfortunately disappeared, too bad i loved that style - the new ceiling is nothing special, however the new store design smells coffee heritage all over, using arabic artifacts, coffee grinders and pots - i loved the wall design in the back, a carved map of kuwait infused with small motif espresso cups, it looks awesome!

too bad i missed the jazz band, but i had a busy night - best of luck to starbucks with the new store, it's definitely a winner.

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will this be another starbucks reserve?

The trouble with harry…

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013


the summary of this movie on starts with a few words: the trouble with harry is that he is dead... a fantastic description for a fantastic hitchcock movie that i had missed to see - what is special about this hitchcock is the humor, it is quite a funny movie with suspense, but zero horror - the best part of the movie is a dialogue between captain albert wise, the guy with the riffle, and sam - the captain was off in the wild shooting rabbits where he accidentally shoots a guy and kills him, or at least thought he had killed him, here's the insightful dialogue where sam tries to ease the captain's gilt:

sam: it was accidental, an act of god perhaps. In a way you should be grateful that you were able to do your share, accomplishing the destiny of a fellow being - suppose for instance it was written in the book of heaven that this man was supposed to die in this particular time in this particular place - let’s suppose for a moment that the actual accomplishing of his departure has been bungled, something gone wrong, perhaps there was meant to be a thunderbolt and there was no thunder available say, then you come along you shoot him and heaven’s will is done and destiny fulfilled - your conscience is quite clear you have nothing to worry about.

captain: sammy, i haven’t got a conscience..

what a brilliant script! if you have some free time to watch a classic, this one is a must see, you'll enjoy the humor.

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