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First leg over!

Monday, July 29th, 2013


the first leg of our trip has finally ended and we have reached montreal safe and sound - it has been quite eventful though, personally my trip from kuwait to beirut saw some awesome discoveries - imagine that after a last-minute upgrade to  business class, i find myself sitting next to someone i know, but minutes later i discover that he was living in montreal back in 93 when i was there, and not far from my place - he was in my bother's university and the big chock came when i discovered that he was at school with me in beirut when we were young, and in the same class!

beirut-paris was flawless, until we landed in charles de gaulle airport - the plane stopped and we were ordered to sit put for 20 minutes until the plane is taxied! never been in this situation before, quite frustrating.. once the 20 were over, we stood for another 10 waiting for the door to open! i hate that, especially after a long flight - the cream on top was an hour and a half delay on top of the 5 hours wait at charles de gaulle.. the trip to montreal started on a bad note!

we finally boarded around 7:30 to the new-found land and some how the 6 hours 45 minutes trip felt like ages - i am not sure why it used to feel shorter, maybe because the last time i visited canada was 15 years ago, i was much younger then..

overall, the trip was looooooooooooong! and to add insult to injury we were imposed a thorough check-up at montreal's airport which further delayed our arrival to the hotel.

it was no surprise to discover that our limo driver was lebanese, however he comes from the same area we live at in beirut and he also lived in kuwait for quite some time too! what are the odds??!!

we're finally at our hotel, trying to adjust to the new timing - i wonder what the coming days are hiding...

Getting ready for Montreal & Paris

Thursday, July 25th, 2013


it's vacation time and this time we're going far far away to the land of the maple leaf - personally i'm very excited as it's been 15 years since i last visited montreal, i can't wait! our main objective is to visit mcgill university and take a campus tour as our son might join in a couple of years - our to do list is so long i am not sure what we'll end-up doing..

paris is next after montreal, we won't stay long just a handful of days - we'll be posting from montreal starting sunday so stay tuned.

The most boring movie ever made

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013


i've been watching some weird movies lately, all classic, old and highly rated as masterpieces and hailed by critics - these movies can either blow your mind away, or bore you to death like this supposedly "most influential movie ever made" called "last year at marienbad".

the story is ridiculous, imagine that it is about a guy who is trying to convince a woman that he had seen her last year at the same castle, marienbad! but you can't imagine the agony you have to go through this movie as it is mostly narrative, in black and white, though in 61 they could have simply made it in color - but alain resnais, the director, wanted to experiment with this one so he goes wild into a non linear story where imagination and reality become hard to define.

the best review i've read goes something like that: I think everyone should see this film. I don't know why. I have seen it numerous times. No, I have never seen it. Yes, I saw it last year! No, last year I did not see it. Yes, I saw it here, with me. Wait, I'm alone. Who am I talking to?

the lead actress in this movie is delphine seyrig, she died back in 1990, while checking her profile i discovered that she was actually born in beirut!

anyways, if you ever come across this movie i advise you not to see an hour and a half of your life go to waste!

My first Tashriba ever!

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013


i've been in kuwait for 13 years but i've never had the chance to taste a tashriba, until a couple of days ago when i was invited for an iftar and had traditional kuwaiti food.

tashriba is like a must have dish during ramadan and comes in different flavors and ways - tashriba can be served with chicken, meat, vegetables like potatoes, pumpkin etc.. or plain - the one i had was plain, it comes with bread and none of the previous ingredients, a bit spicy but just right.

there are different ways to cook a tashriba, the best thing is to google it, you can also find various images here.

glad i tried this one out, looking forward for more.

Another Abouelsid Rumor?

Monday, July 22nd, 2013


when i was in egypt a few weeks back, i visited my favorite egyptian restaurant, abouelsid in zamalek - the food is even better than ever before and the place is still awesome! i love every detail in this place, even the tiles as you can see in the below picture gallery - it is the best egyptian food experience you can ever have, across the globe i would say.

i asked the manager if abouelsid is coming to kuwait and he confirmed, he even specified the place, sultan mall!! i told him here is no sultan mall in kuwait, but he insisted saying it is by the sea - so i guess he was referring to sultan center restaurant or sultan complex on gulf road, but i got very suspicious when he said it will be in the coming weeks.

this is not the first time we hear such rumors, i hope this will materialize and this great restaurant finally opens in kuwait.

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One of us can’t read!

Sunday, July 21st, 2013


though i am in beirut relaxing, a friend sent me this press release which appeared in alqabas last wednesday and asked me to check the video on youtube - at first i wondered what was wrong, i watched the video twice but i did not notice anything, but then it strikes me, the number of views was a far cry from what was communicated in the press release, the number were somewhere between 10,000 and 13,000 and not 90,000!!

anyway, i gave the subject a few days and visited kfh's youtube channel again yesterday, but the number of views was still on a different planet, 15159 as scene in the snapshot below.


what's ironic is that the press release talks about the bank wanting to forge a relation of trust with its customers during the holy month of ramadan! i guess the first step towards that goal is to be transparent with the customers and the public at large, when it comes to the social media conversions.

any other explanation on this? i am quite puzzled! you can check the video here.

update: kfh was referring to humood alkhudher's youtube channel and not the bank's - that page has the numbers right, you can check the video here.

thanks for the update waleed.

Alnowair does it again!

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Al Nowair Wall

Al Nowair Wall-2

back in march, alnowair was launched in an awesome creative & fresh way - alnowair's objective is to bring positivity back to kuwait, and it seems that the spreading is carrying on beautifully, this time with a new theme, i thank.

i thank is a simple, yet brilliant idea, it simply asks people to write what they are thankful for on a post it and stick it on a wall - this is going on in marina mall, so if you happen to be there just pass by the bridge and leave some positivity trails behind :)

great job alnowair and marina mall - it's great to see positivity spreading in malls as lately stabbings and killings made the boldest headlines, spreading fear and anxiety.

Boundaryless corruption!

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013


i read this unbelievable article on corruption in some of the countries whereby in zimbabwe for instance, women are charged 5$ for screaming whilst during child-birth! can you believe that?! not only some women are reportedly required to bring with them some of the materials needed for delivery because the hospitals can't afford them, but if they don't pay they will be detained at the hospital and charged interest!!

wth!! so glad i'm not born in zimbabwe! god is so merciful!

for more on the global corruption report you can click here and for more on the white ribbon alliance click here.

Because health can’t wait..

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013


what's with this new law segregating locals & expats at government hospitals??!! i can't believe this!! seriously?? though the story in arabtimes online did not elaborate on emergency cases, which i am sure will be excluded, i hope, i am still speechless with regards to this discrimination, coming from a governmental institution!

i was wondering yesterday whether human trafficking should preside over road traffic law enforcement but now i get it - i mean how will the citizens of kuwait learn to mingle & respect the foreign labor force when they see people in the government encouraging the social split, deepening the segregation between locals & expats!

what next? weekdays for whites and weekends for blacks!

Homeslice expensive but worth the buck

Monday, July 15th, 2013


i came across this pizza display at sultan center salmiya and decided to give it a try - as you may already know, homeslice has already a small place in shaab where they sell pizza made entirely with fresh items, they even go to the extent of tossing the dough if it is not cooked within 2 hours!

the display has pizza by the slice, though the one in shark used to have round pizza too, it also has raw ingredient kits should you prefer to cook it yourself.


anyways, i bought a slice and followed the cooking instructions, pretty easy - as for the taste, it was excellent, every bite screamed fresh and that was quite rewarding, not to mention the great cook i am made it taste even better ;)

the glitch in all this is the price - 1.25 kd a slice is pretty expensive, that's around 4$ a piece!

i should drop by their shaab restaurant to get a better picture of their full menu - will let you know as and when i do, meanwhile you can order through talabat here.

How about human trafficking instead of road traffic?

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Meshael Alayban

i read this story about meshael alayban, a member of the saudi royal family and one of six wives of saudi prince abdulrahman bin nasser bin abdulaziz al saud, who is being charged with human trafficking - according to prosecutors she held a domestic servant against her will by taking her passport and locking it up in a safe deposit box, forcing the kenyan woman to work extremely long hours for about $220 a month.

this modern-day slavery is a common scenario in our region, arabs often forget when they travel abroad that a human being has basic rights and that everyone is equal before the law - i wonder whether enforcing road traffic laws should take priority over human trafficking, especially that kuwait is no stranger to such foul behavior, not that we're against enforcing any laws, but i think that human trafficking should come first.

picture courtesy of the associated press.

Carrefour’s Beirut paid carts

Thursday, July 11th, 2013



i was at carrefour a few days back where i spotted this new system for the shopping carts - carrefour have decided that customers should pay for a cartaccess, so they chained them all together and now you have to pay 500 lebanese pounds (100 fils) to get one.


now if you don't have change, not to worry, carrefour have installed coin machines to help you out break your bills - not sure why we have to pay for a shopping cart, if they were after organizing the carts they should return the money post shopping.

hope they don't apply the same stupid system in kuwait, it's a real hassle!

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