37 bloody minutes for an omelette and scrambeled eggs!

further to our post on november 20th covering ladurée, my husband and i went this morning to check the new place out.

1- the pastry shop: looks great, tastes great, the staff's great - you can take a look below on the beautiful interior design - we loved it!

2- the salon de thé: to cut a long story short, the food is great but the service... A ROYAL DISASTER!!

now as for the details, first of all the place is very tight, so tight the waiters had to squeeze chairs in as seen in the picture below in order to cope with the waiting list - the couple who sat on the table next to us kept fidgeting and moving around looking for space.

the menus are beautifully done and look classy - they come in bold french and smaller english copy, but the waiter had absolutely no clue what's in there so he had to refer to the menu every time we made an order - take our advice, if you know a french name or two, do not try them out there as the waiters are totally clueless, no not even the world-famous pain perdu.

the food you see below tastes great, the presentation is fantastic and the portions are filling - what pisses you off is the time this delicious food takes to reach your table - to give you an idea, it took our food 37 minutes to be ready, plus another 5 minutes for the waiter to bring the salt & pepper that we had to ask for, twice! - my husband asked whether he could smoke cigarillos and the answer came back positive, however to get the ashtray.. he had to ask 3 times and wait forever, but a few minutes later he was politely asked to put his cigarillo down because some clients had complained - why giving him the green light in the fist place?

as for our pain perdu (lost bread), it was lost indeed as it took forever to arrive and went to the next table by mistake - the guy ate it anyways while his wife sat watching because her order was not yet ready - so not only the poor woman sat uncomfortably, but she also felt uncomfortable with the idea of watching her husband having breakfast rather than having breakfast with him - that was not all, to make things even worse another pain perdu lands on their table which the husband declines as he just finished his, and the wife's omelette arrives only to get instantly rejected for wrong order - apparently she had asked for a tomato-free omelette and from where i sat i could only see tomatoes! the couple was really upset and to add insult to injury, as they ordered the check a third pain perdu lands on their table, no i am not kidding..

back to our table, after complaining to the waiter from the scarcity of pain perdu at our end versus an abundance of pain perdu at the other table, our pain perdu finally arrives - apparently it went to the other table by mistake - now was the pain perdu worth the wait? you bet it was! the most delicious pain perdu you can ever taste in kuwait!

apparently most people had something to complain about - a couple of ladies sitting behind us were complaining from a major delay in delivering a single piece of cake and another group of people, were served one order out of 3 and after a long wait - the guys had patience and manners so they waited for 10 minutes hoping that the rest of the order would arrive in time, but then they lost hope and decided to share what they had until they get served the remainder!

as for the coffee, how difficult can it be to get coffee? i asked for a simple coffee without milk, and insisted like 3 to 4 times on the fact that i don't like milk - delay delay delay, yadi yada yada... we reminded the waiter that we ordered coffee like 40 minutes ago, "sure" he replies, he goes to the kitchen, yadi yada yada comes back saying "what kind of coffee would you like to have mam?" at this point we too had lost hope so we just reordered coffee - now to be fair, it was a damn good coffee and an even better tea, i strongly recommend their teas especially le thé jardin bleu royal.

the verdict: pastry shop: oh yes! a big yes!

the salon de thé: not in a million years.. unless the service drastically improves.

by the way, it took them another 9 bloody long minutes to get us the check!!

    13 Responses to “37 bloody minutes for an omelette and scrambeled eggs!”

    1. lulu21 says:

      i was there yesterday and actually tried their macaroons which were delicious, but i didn't know they had a seating area, so after leaving i saw it far away, and i couldn't find a table. But waiting for more than 40 mns for eggs? are you crazy!? pain perdu or not, tasty or not, they shouldn't keep people waiting that long

    2. Danderma says:

      WOW! That’s nasty!
      I enjoyed your pictures very much *Masha2 Allah*
      But i can also feel your frustration. I like to eat my food in one go and i hate watiting for food… the excuse of *they just opened* doesn’t not cut it!!! They are not a local project cafe set up by a bunch of 20 something fresh of out college kids… they are Laduree and they should have had their staff (chefs & waiters) trained to perfection before opening to the public… especially considering that the high level of service expecations in Q8… for gods sake there are only like 11 tables in that seating area!!! please tell me you complained to their manager?!

    3. admin says:

      you're absolutely right, that's why we were frustrated, c'mon this is laduree – no we did not complain to the manager, he was as lost as his team, carrying the same order to different tables, running around with checks not knowing their destinations.. it was clear HE IS the problem!

    4. mido says:

      I don't have any idea about the pain perdu but i can promise you that even this won't make me wait for about an hour to eat it

    5. Pat says:


    6. Arabian says:

      Have only heard poor feedback about Laudree. Clearly with the prices that they charge the service and products need to be exceptional. Apart from the service , am also told there IS porr food quality – stale dry cakes served etc.
      There are many other coffee shops that do deliver excpetional service albeit a less "French"experience, and at much better value

    7. deQor8 says:

      I will give it a shot but maybe after a few months … usually takes some time to get these issues worked out.

    8. admin says:

      wise decision :)

    9. Gossiper says:

      They should be prepared since day one, and the job shouldn't get better nor worse after a few months…it's either they're up to it or not, period. This is lousy and I think that LADUREE shouldn't accept it and should look at the issue seriously because this will reflect a very bad image to those who went there first, and I'm sure, won't do it again.

    10. Nawaf says:

      HUH ..!! cup of tea for 2,150 kd its rediculouse!! wallah haram !!

    11. Moe22 says:

      Lol didn’t pick that up!! It’s hot water for god’s sake!!

    12. Shopaholic says:

      Just noticed that tea and coffee are as expensive if not more than the omlet and scrambled eggs!? Nawaf is right this is insane

    13. […] i, on all panels! besides the missing dot, there is the missing quality and service, remember our earlier post on ladurée? – And this expansion, as you can see, is only about a meter or so.. how perfect is that? expanding […]

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