45 bloody minutes!


i was having coffee with a friend at jumeirah beach hotel on saturday night and as we walked out i gave the car ticket to the valet parking - the place was packed so we expected a long wait, but what happened was totally unacceptable!

we stood at the exit door for ages waiting for our car to be delivered, meanwhile, there was a large number of people standing in front of us who took delivery of their cars, then another number of people standing behind us took delivery of their cars and we were left alone waiting…

despite several reminders and complaints, our car went missing and it wasn’t until 45 minutes later that we got it delivered!

i investigated the matter with some friends and it seems that valet parking at jumeirah is an issue – you better shape up guys if you want to see me back!

    20 Responses to “45 bloody minutes!”

    1. Zaid says:

      The case every weekend

    2. Amro Abdulaziz says:

      you better shape up guys if you want to see me back!

      they get so many visitors a day, they don’t give a shit about you.

    3. 965malls says:

      if this is your personal opinion, then you are free to say whatever you want – if it is an unofficial statement by jumeirah, then they have you have a serious problem as companies should care about their reputation

    4. جوتارو says:

      لا يكون مصدق انك وايد مهم عندهم عشان بس بتشرب قهوه داخل ههههههههه

    5. Smartie says:

      People are so stupid really!!! it's how things work maybe for some time because it's new and exciting and everyone is going there so why not me thingy…but clients will notice the bad treatment and reputation will be heard…Just saying :) so one day they'll be begging for someone to visit you'll see! they're not the first ones and I had the same bad experience there as well and you don't see me coming back for shit

    6. وليد says:

      عشان هم يسألونك شنو كنت تعمل داخل؟

    7. جوتارو says:

      مو هامهم شنو تسوي داخل دام الناس الغرف كلها محجوزة

    8. جوتارو says:

      دام الغرف كلها محجوزة

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