A brothel right next door?

there’s this café next to our house called volume café, it opened not long ago and enjoyed instant success - we were really curious about this unprecedented success in our rather calm neighborhood, until we sensed something fishy - the kind of women frequenting this café looked somehow "unconventional" and some of them simply stood across the café awaiting to be picked up by a stranger's car.

we asked around, and the "hares" told us that this is a brothel in disguise, guys and girls meet at this café and the prices start from kd 50 upwards! we did not believe this story until yesterday, when i personally bumped into a police patrol around the café, checking up every car - what was also alarming, is the sight of some girls walking out of the café trying hard to avoid that police patrol…

it seems the rumors are true, may be it’s time we move out of this street!

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    1. B says:

      I heard the same thing, i myself wanted to go to check the place out and end the rumors but thank god i didn't.

    2. Curiosity says:

      hi can you tell me where is the location of volume cafe in kuwait?

    3. sarah says:


      I read a recent post on expatinthecity (above) about the Chinese hookers in Mahboola who purportedly if you look closely at this picture, they are wearing name tags (HAHA). So who are these women, because from one guys comments from Canada, who could write a 'Hookers Guide to Kuwait', these hookers/pimps seem to claim their territories by nationallity. Huge market this hooker business in Kuwait and apparently there is a huge thriving customer market. Watch out Kuwait, the hospital wards are going to be filled with people dying of HIV, because these women are working here unchecked and the only people that seem to be exposed are the Kuwaitis that go for a marriage certificate who have to get an HIV test now. In addition, instead of bringing home a T-shirt from Kuwait that says 'All I brought home was this lousy T-Shirt from Kuwait' (a famous T-shirt you can buy as tourists around the world) It could be changed to 'All I brought home was STDS from Kuwait'. Maybe you should rename this post! HAHA

    4. Guest says:

      OK…now that you wrote about this I have to tell you something that happened with me last week. This same place you're talking about is near where I drive every day and as I was going at 3:00 PM with my son, and turning that same turn you took the picture from, my son spotted two women and he said look at those bimbos… and they were Kuwaiti. At the same time I was about to have an accident as 4 or 5 cars stopped to talk to them. they picked the first SUV and went with two boys. I was so surprised as what I saw was so strange. Those girls really looked like prostitutes with their hair, make up, clothes and the way they were walking on the sidewalk! AT 3:00 PM!!! In the middle of the day.. when kids are coming back from schools. So glad police found out because it's a shame what is happening underground

    5. mariyam says:

      Rose……you got competition!

    6. 965malls says:

      good call :)

    7. 965malls says:

      it's in salmiya, salem almubarak street, after symphony mall on the left

    8. 965malls says:

      he he… priceless!!

    9. 965malls says:

      good one mariyam.. i wonder where rose is.. i was expecting her to show up!!

    10. 965malls says:

      busteeeeeeed!! so we're not the only witnesses here..

    11. Rose says:

      @ Mariyam – competition?? I own that place..

      Ok at least I should ;)

    12. TKG says:

      Man the police were only there to check out the new meat in the market :p

      Prostitution is the way everyone seems to be going (beats getting married and the headache of being with the same woman or having to spend a lot of money … I mean isn't that why they do it? Even the people who are married!). Times have changed and they're only going to get worse. It is becoming harder to find respectable women then before …

      Hey I mean it in that they're respectful women reserved for certain men and the amount you can go and talk to or even think about is shrinking by the day. I think I need to go and look at a job in the CIA or FBI or somewhere where a person can do a checkup on his future spouse :)

    13. TKG says:

      Underground no more mate!!

    14. 965malls says:

      he he… some policemen!

    15. Annon says:

      hala herpes! :P

    16. @ Sarah: my friend Bama sent me the original clear pic and they do not have name tags on. :p However, I’m pretty sure their names are “F me” and “F u”. (Austin Powers) LOL

    17. Bahaar says:

      @965 why should you think of moving? that place needs to move or shut down.

    18. 965malls says:

      because we’ve been suffering from such ordeals forba long time… the building around us had similar problems, we had sleepless nights for more than 2 years and nothing happened until the buildings were sold, and now this!! it is really frustrating…

    19. Shameonyou says:

      You posted about this 10 weeks ago and I got a call from someone today who decided to get a Subway sandwich near this area, in the day time and the street walkers were in full force with all kinds of fancy cars with their johns making a deal. Is this really what the Kuwaiti people want in their society? To have open prostitution in broad daylight like it is Amsterdam with the police watching and doing nothing about it and these police are the ones in the grey cars who are supposed to be arresting these people, so one can only assume that they are in on it, is this the level of corruption we see? Disgraceful!

    20. 965malls says:

      imagine we have to live with this every day! it is a shame as you rightfully said..

    21. freedom says:

      You people sound like a bunch of cry baby's. Maybe You need to get laid.

    22. 965malls says:

      we are responsible parents, we have 2 boys, one is 11 and the other 15 – every day they bump into walking tramps do you think this is ok??? aren't you making the wrong assumptions here?

    23. It is not necessary and even written on anywhere that a son of a thief can also become a thief and the son a most respect and rich person of the society can never be wrong in his doings.

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