A day offline. We failed big time!

i can't believe how technology dependent we've become! yesterday, we were supposed to celebrate mcdonald's "a day offline" initiative, shut down our computers, tvs & mobile phones to enjoy uninterrupted family time - the sad news is, we failed!

we were on track in the morning, we shut down every possible device and headed to the swimming pool - we actually had a lot fun, we played volley ball and exercised for a while - what a lovely morning, it has been two years since we went down to the pool!

however, we faced a real cahllange around noon as we were invited to attend nbk's mega draw at the avenues - as a blogger, you need your mobile phone to tweet and share photos on instagram, so we had to be online for a few hours! i liberated the phone and discovered 21 emails, 2 missed calls and 6 messages!!!

i covered the event at the avenues, then on my way back home i got a call from dad informing me that grandma is in hospital and undergoing surgery - i was actually thankful my phone was not in the vault at that time, that was an important call that i couldn't have possibly missed.

in the afternoon, i returned the phone to the vault and went offline again - the best moments were in the evening when we went out for dinner, without our mobile phones, ipods & ipads! we probably had the longest uninterrupted conversations in years and enjoyed our food without having to review the restaurant - what was ironic is watching other people around us having dinner with their... social media friends!!

amazing initiative by mcdonalds! though we failed miserably to stay offline a whole day, we really enjoyed the precious time we spent offline - we finally realize that we can't live without technology anymore, but we can live without it for a while - i guess moderation is key, nothing is more important than family.

you can visit mcdonald's "a day offline" facebook page here.

    11 Responses to “A day offline. We failed big time!”

    1. Pat says:

      Looser :)

    2. 965malls says:

      It's not easy to be offline when you're in the online business, but thanks for the encouragement Pat :)

    3. Caesar says:

      very interesting initiative!
      Hard to do when your livelyhood depends on it sometimes. It has been said that if Facebook were down for even an hour, it would lose approximately 1.7 million USD. That's how technology dependent the world has become!

    4. Lujain says:

      It worked for us, we took the kids out all day and closed phones .we enjoyed playing with kids under the sun. I ws always thinking about who call me all day and i wanted to see my phone. i missed it all day but being with the family is more important. i cannot do this every day but it was great for one day. inchallah i can do this once a month.

      Thanks you Macdonald for this and for free icecream

    5. 965malls says:

      see pat, it can be done! good job lujain, we missed our mobiles too, so much so we took them out the vault and failed the test..

    6. 965malls says:

      wow! interesting numbers – i'd say the birth rate numbers will shoot up the roof too – there was a case around a power cut somewhere in the us a few years ago if i'm not mistaken, and the results 9 months later were impressive in terms of birth rates…

    7. Pinkish says:

      Interesting initiative, I'm loving it :)

    8. Diablog Cafe says:

      Either way, an amicable effort my friend.

    9. 965malls says:

      thanks mate – great you hear from you again

    10. Kman says:

      I can't spend a whole day without my phone either, but sometimes i wish i can crash it, destroy it and never see its face forever

      In my line of work, i am completely dependent on it. I hate it! Great initiative MacDonald

    11. 965malls says:

      it's not easy… i resisted the mobile phone trend for 9 years as i got my first nokia phone in 2003, the 6100 model – this is when i finally declared defeat!

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