A day on the beach

we took the kids to the beach the other day, a resort called "manar" in jounieh - the place is small, cute and neat, but mostly populated by elderly people and their grandchildren - for me, beach means the sea, sandy or rocky, preferably rocky - so the view above represents going to the beach and i love it.

as for the kids, going to the beach is a totally different experience, they prefer the pool and the springboard - for them the sea is scary and they prefer to stay away from its sands and rocks - not sure how to make them change their minds, this is a bit frustrating for me, they should develop a preference to the natural sandy beaches over the above fake environment.

the best view remains the mountains - quite a strategic spot from where we were sitting, from one side the beach, the other the mountains and the pools - i'll choose the mountains over the beach any day of the year!

    6 Responses to “A day on the beach”

    1. Zaid says:

      the best thing you have in Lebanon is the mountains, I also would chose the mountains over the sea..

    2. BananaQ8 says:

      Seems you're having a lot of fun :) enjoyy

    3. 965malls says:

      thanks bananaQ8, we’re trying to make the best of the very little time we have with Hun!! Eid Mubarak to you and yours

    4. Abdul says:

      Wow lucky you! Mountains and beaches :) sounds like paradise

    5. loola says:

      beautiful, a fun place to relax and travel

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