A rare exception…

we often receive emails asking us to post news on a new blog, a new venture or some other weird stuff and we usually either ignore, reply negatively or write a post if the news is unique - this time there was no news, but quite a unique request from a guy called omar, who is basically looking for a good driver to race with him as a team, on a 24 hour kart race! i found the request so strange and unique i decided to make an exception and help him out, so here's his email:

"Hello my name is Omar, and I need some drivers to participate with me in a 24 hr kart race. I am taking this race seriously so there are some important things that I want from the driver:

  1. has experience in motor racing (important)
  2. someone fit
  3. over 18

If you see  these necessities in you, and would like to join, email me: nixonq8@hotmail.com. Send me an email talking about your talent and any achievements that you have accomplished. Also, if you know anyone interested please tell them about this. 

Thank you for your time.

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