A small favor from Starbucks

i was at starbucks behind the sheraton a few days ago and as i walked in, i saw some friends gathering around the center - the place was packed, so i decided to join them by sitting on this side platform - however, because i was coming from outside, my vision was still accustomed to extreme light so i mistook that black ditch as a black tiled line and stepped right into it - i tumbled and fell off that ramp and ended up with some bruises.

i know this is not starbucks' fault as they have placed safety ramps all around the center platform to warn people, but still i managed to fall into the pit, and according to my friends i am not the first victim - it seems that a woman also fell into that ditch a few weeks ago.

please do us a favor starbucks, can you fill up that pit with something? even if there is the slightest chance for someone to get hurt by this awkward design, better have someone change it - it makes no sense to have this pit all around the center area, it doesn't even have water!

much appreciated.

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    1. better_than_you says:

      at least they can install the black and yellow caution tapes around any of these pits. The adhesive tape which is laid directly on the ground. Maybe some1 should sue =) ma tshoof shar

    2. Traveler says:

      They should add water and a dragon. Then you will have a little entertainment when someone falls in since the Starbucks here don't seem to have free WiFi.

    3. Fayez says:

      They should remove this empty nonsense and use it as an additional seating area! People sit on each other during weekends

    4. 965malls says:

      thank you, appreciate your concerns, i think it is best if they fill it up with something because the light outside is so strong when you walk in and head towards the center you cannot really define the edges

    5. 965malls says:

      i like the idea of water, but i suggest a mermaid instead of a dragon? it makes more sense :)

    6. 965malls says:

      even better…

    7. Diane says:

      I am with Fayez let them remove that platform from the center and replace it with a nice lounge.

    8. Traveler says:

      A true Starbucks twin tailed with nipples mermaid.

    9. 965malls says:

      looool – perfect! then people will be falling willingly into that pit ;)

    10. Traveler says:

      You mean they serve coffee there too?

    11. 965malls says:

      goes without saying..

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