A very unusual store in Norway‏

i read about this unusual store in norwegian village that basically has no sellers, but in one corner is a calculator on which you consider how much to pay and a box of money where you should put your money on goods! the concept is based on complete confidence and honesty - there is nothing stopping people from taking stuff and leave, but apparently no one does and this is all in order.

i am truly amazed, but i cannot fully subscribe to the idea.. one needs to shop in a store where there are store representatives, what if you need to ask a certain question? on the other hand, isn't it great to walk out of that store without someone asking you "do you have a sultan card sir?"

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    1. Shameless says:

      This is called civilization!!! I wonder how many centuries we need to wait before we get there

    2. mishmash says:

      lol.. these sultan center cashiers drive me crazy with the same question every time i shop there..

    3. 965malls says:

      i had a friend called said who left kuwait probably 4 years ago – said was a bookworm, a writer and a very intellectual person – said’s family was in canada so he was living in kuwait alone, a very lonely life as he refused to socialize and preferred reading – one fine sunday he calls me to tell me that he read all weekend and he only said one word since thursday night, so i asked him what was that word – he said that the word was “no”, he actually left his apartment for half an hour to go to sultan center and when he reached the cashier he was asked if he had the sultan center card and this is when he said “no” – i love that story :)

    4. Abdul says:

      This is their job and I’m glad they ask coz I always forget it :)

    5. erma gaborno says:

      For sure this store has cameras in every corner.I truly appreciate these Sultan Center cashiers for asking me about my card everytime. I don’t think they enjoy asking every costumer but, yes it’s their job…and every point counts.

    6. Pat says:

      Well it depends on how you look at things.. i am a bachelor and don't believe in these points and every time they ask me this question i feel like, hey you should know me by now, stop ask me this question!

    7. Mishel says:

      They have places like that all over the world…just to let you know
      would be nice if you said which Norwegian "village" the store is in and what they actually sold since I live in Norway now :p

    8. Lee says:

      What you don't say is that this is very typical in the Norwegian (and Scandinavian culture). Having recently moved to Norway from America I was not prepared when, on more than one occasion, I did not had the exact change for purchase and had cashiers say, "just pay me later" or have had gallery owners tell me, "just take the paintings home to try them out". I thought I was hearing things! lol I've walked past parking lots and have seen iPhones (or other cellphones) just casually mounted on the handlebars of a motorcycle… unsecured mind you. Stealing is just not part of life in Norway. Oh, babies left in front of the store or restaurants in strollers is another big one. Imagine a world where you didn't have to worry about things like stealing.

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