Abraham Lincoln & Smoking Kid

i was at the avenues yesterday watching abraham lincoln vampire hunter, which by the way is not bad at all - if you're a fan of vampire movies like me, then i recommend you watch this one - so on my way out, i passed by the washroom where i spotted this 11 or 12 year-old kid smoking frantically, my guess his parents were outside and he was in a hurry so he was sucking on that cigarette like there's no tomorrow!!

what's with that generation!! he's not even in his teens and he's already smoking! it's unbelievable how kids behave nowadays, you can't really stop them from doing what they want, they'll grab the first opportunity to behave badly behind your back..

well, this kid spoiled my movie.. i was quite happy with lincoln, especially the special effects.. seeing such a young lad smoking secretly was quite a turn off! i thought of my own kids and i wouldn't want them to behave as such, i would be very disappointed.

    4 Responses to “Abraham Lincoln & Smoking Kid”

    1. mishmash says:

      i pity him, what is he doing to hi lungs at this fine age?? isn't obesity enough, he looks also quite heavy for his age!!

    2. TKG says:

      Smoking is one of the bad habits that the new generation has picked up. There are many more which is disappointing :(

      When will they learn what's bad is bad and staring at a young age is not so good. The problem is that when they do bad and get caught they don't get punished. And don't tell me punishment isn't all that good :p I turned out fine …. kinda ;)

    3. RM&FJK says:

      went to mrina yesterday to watch the same movie…there was a teen smoking in the theatre as soon as the movie finished…and the cinescape guys said NOTHING to him…sad really…

    4. Zaid says:

      what can these poor expats say to a young local kid????!!

      They'll eat him alive…

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