Air freshener & travel insurance

it is that time of the year where your plans for travel are almost set, the countdown begins and you're anxiously waiting for "d" day, or shall i say "p" day? - "p" for porters, airport porters whom you still need to deal with while you leave and as you come back, the sticky-stinky-turned-snitches & thieves airport porters!

why thieves? well, according to kuwait times, three workers were recently arrested for stealing items from luggage they opened at the airport - so no, it is not enough that you have to put up with their attitude and poor hygiene, now you have to be extra careful if you're traveling with some valuable goods, like laptops or electronics.

so at the end of the day, the two items you need not to forget as you travel out of kuwait are air freshener, to tame the odor of the stinky porters and travel insurance!

thanks mary for the post.

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    5 Responses to “Air freshener & travel insurance”

    1. Mary says:

      Let's reminisce! Remember those lovely professional porters at Sheikh Saad Terminal when Wataniya was flying. Oh take me back………..and to top it off these porter are like ants, they are hiding in dark corners in the parking lot, they jump out at you when you think you lost them as you put your luggage into your cars then hold their hands out for a tip. You almost need a riding crop to get through this terminal. I know Kuwaitis are dependent on these porters, but they are annoying and filthy and if I say 'no' I mean 'no'. Get away from me. I have never in my life seen porter so aggressive in any airport in the world and I have travelled from Beijing to Hawaii. Why did they hire so many, do they need all these porters?

    2. Pat says:

      Couldn’t agree more Mary! I hate their presence too! Tip them for what? For following me to the car watching me carry my sruff!!! He could be the same one stealing me… I don’t want to generalize, some of them are poor and helpless, but ot is the company’s fault behind them who should be responsible for their good appearance, hygiene and well being..

    3. Zaid says:

      one of our main treats at KIB !!

    4. Orange says:

      I had one specifically ‘demand’ 1kd for helping my sick mum with “1” suitcase.
      When I told him the trolley reads ‘not more than 500 fils to be paid’ he started arguing !! I felt like a miser in front of passerby’s.

      The trolleys are free of cost without porters thats why there isnt one empty one in sight !!

    5. Pinkish says:

      They do that often, not to worry… People passing by know that already

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