Al Forno’s dish of choice

have you ever tried this awesome dish at al forno called stinco di agnello brasato or braised lamb shank? if not then you should - every time we eat at al forno i go for something light, but this time, i went for the kill and it was worth it! the dish is unbelievably good, a tender meat with an awesome sauce.

i made some research on the shanks and what i found was quite interesting - shanks are the lower part of the leg and the most used muscle on the animal which makes them the toughest - they are not a good candidate for grilling or sauteing, but perfect for the slow-cooking involved in braising - the tough connective tissue dissolves slowly, mixes with the braising liquids and creates a wonderful, luxurious sauce with no effort on the part of the cook.

so what made this dish so delicious is basically the slow cooking, not sure what was the substitute of wine in this, but it tasted like heaven and i'm making this my dish of choice at al forno.

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    1. Danah says:


    2. layla says:

      that looks so yummy! I love Al Forno, but I've never tried this dish. Should order it next time. Thanks!

    3. Abdul says:

      This is my FAVORITE dish!! Agreed it’s soooo amazing

    4. 965malls says:

      our pleasure – btw, it is around kd 7.250!!!

    5. 965malls says:

      if only we can have it with happy juice :)

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