An Arabic horoscopes website that actually looks good!

finally, an arabic horoscopes website with a taste for design! check out

if you google horoscopes in arabic, you'll most likely fall on a number of hideous websites and half attempts to create a unique experience - this one for a change, takes you through a nice journey, from the daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes, to chinese, mayan, compatibility games, tests, articles, q&a and dreams - the colors and design are gentle on the eye and the horoscopes illustrations are simply awesome!

great idea! but i wish they have love & career horoscopes too - not to worry though, i spoke to the owners and it seems these will be available in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

i'm not into horoscopes, but if you are you can check al-abraj facebook page here, twitter page here or subscribe here.

good luck to

    10 Responses to “An Arabic horoscopes website that actually looks good!”

    1. Danah says:

      Very nice design, live it

    2. Danah says:

      *love it

    3. chikapappi says:

      Hi nice couple! It’s been a while… Could you drop an email to me because there’s something I need to discuss with u ;)

    4. Hiba103 says:

      This seems like a good site :) I like to check my daily horoscopes so thank you!

    5. Al-Abraj says:

      Thanks every one.. Wish you a good day no matter what your sign is :)

    6. 7essa says:

      I checked this and I really liked it…It's quite interesting even if I don't believe much in horoscopes but I can't help reading mine every morning :)

    7. Livia says:

      J’ai réellement apprécié votre article, cela vous dérangerait-il que j’en parle sur mon blog ? Je vous en serais bien sur reconnaissante et créerai un lien retour vers votre site. En espérant avoir de vos nouvelles bientôt.

      paulemile de astrologie poisson

    8. 965malls says:

      salut livia – merci pour votre intérêt – notre blog parle rarement d'astrologie, le cite qu'on a mentionné est et on ne sait pas qui est le proprio – votre blog est super mais n'a pas de pertinence pour 965malls – nos lecteurs sont plutot englophone, vivent au koweit et suivent les articles qui parlent plutôt du koweit – merci encore pour votre intérêt et bonne chance

    9. interesting!! good idea

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