Ancient creature found at Subiyya Beach!

according to alwatan daily, people in subiyya chalets were frightened by an ancient creature with long hair emerging naked from the water, dancing and singing in a strange language! they immediately called the police while others took pictures of the scoop.

upon police arrival, the ancient creature was arrested and the investigation revealed that it was only a naked asian man with long hair coming out of the sea!

this is absolutely hilarious! the story cracked me up!

    6 Responses to “Ancient creature found at Subiyya Beach!”

    1. Shameless says:

      hahaha…. I'm sure it's a mermaid :))

    2. 7asna says:


    3. Abdul says:

      They actually thought it was a creature? Wish I was there :)

    4. 7essa says:

      Honestly don’t know if it’s funny or scary. Maybe if I was there I would have been scared :-S

    5. divina says:

      It's good it was not the "hamara al gaylah"

    6. 965malls says:

      he he.. i wonder how she looks like :)

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