and here’s the prequel…

before cheating on my wife yesterday, i took my son to pizzeria romana to grab a pizza, but unfortunately it was closed for some maintenance work - so we kept walking until we reached this place at the other corner called organica pasta - we walked in and frankly i was surprised by the interior, it is a bit kitsch with cheesy chandeliers, and even cheesier italien music, like "la chate me cantare".

we ordered a couple of pizzas, a margarita and a quatro formaggio to go - they brought us a bread basket, half-fresh, half-horrible then they offered us a complementary green & fruits salad which was really good, (may be to compensate for that bread basket?)

as for the pizza it was also good, can't complain - good portion, fresh ingredients, great taste!

2 pizzas, 2 pepsi for 12+ kd, i thought that was a bit too much for such a place - not sure i will go back again, though i liked the sanitizer idea that comes with the bill.

after that, we headed towards waffleland, and i guess no need to fill you in on the story that followed...

    5 Responses to “and here’s the prequel…”

    1. sarah says:

      Is this husband 300 pounds? His diet is appalling.

    2. Husband says:

      Lol, not to worry, my wife makes sure I “burn” most of my appalling diet :)

    3. Pat says:

      Great idea… Prequel??!! Lol

      Watch your diet dude, agree with Sara

    4. The wife blogger says:

      Oh not to worry guys… I don't let him eat at home much :) and for me he's just perfect.. In your face ROSE! lol

    5. TKG says:

      What’s with everyone and looks. Theres more to love :) I’m on the same boat

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