And we were complaining about Sultan Center…

have you seen this? i came across an article on the net about this burger king employee who posted pictures of himself stepping in bins of lettuce!!! thank god it only took 15 minutes to expose the guy who was fired - i think he should have also been grilled (no tomato no onions)..

you can read the full story here.

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    1. John says:

      If Kuwaitis understood how much they were hated by these expats, they would have them all deported. It is advantageous to treat workers fairly, regulate their hours and pay their salaries so that the bitterness does not build to this point of sabatage. Also, was this act supported by the management or was this done with the absence of managment? The level of labor force in this country is rock bottom and they need to learn how implement litter laws so they are not dependent on a slews of SEA laborers to pick of the trash and who really don't understand how to clean a public toilet. Training is key, managment is key and not to hire on racial lines is key. Just because someone is Indian, does not mean their a brilliant accountant. And demand that people shower, this whole country stinks. I'm on a roll, let me roll with this one 965malls. Good Morning!

    2. trevor says:

      Moral of the story….don't muck with the cook!

    3. Pat says:

      Guys read the story, this is not in Kuwait

    4. 965malls says:

      apologies if this has mislead you – this is not in kuwait and the article doesn’t specify the country.

    5. Shameless says:

      I always worry to give back my plate when there’s something wrong with it coz I expect a spit back…the least LOL

    6. 965malls says:

      Good morning John! Sorry if this post rolled you over to the wrong direction – my bad :)

    7. krotothea says:

      hi pat even if its not in kuwait they still can do this things and i agree to john than they should respect the laborers expat so they will not get fucked.

    8. krotothea says:

      i agree to john he is correct whenever this picture was taken. the meaningful address of john is totally correct in here.

    9. krotothea says:

      i agree indeed!!! no question about it.

    10. bokhaloodie says:

      thats awful and disgusting

    11. idiot says:

      nice shoes.

    12. Dave says:

      Indeed ;)

    13. Sunny says:

      The Article does specify the country copied from link you provided.. "
      the Mayfield Heights branch of the fast food restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio"

    14. 965malls says:

      Thanks for the info Sunny

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