Awesome Cinnabon “Center of The Roll”

my favorite cinnabon has always been the classic roll with the extra icing, don't like much the chocolate, it is too sweet for me - however, after last night, my new favorite at cinnabon is "center of the roll" - center of the roll is the best part of the roll, the ooey gooey middle, the juicy bite you usually leave for last - imagine all that in one piece, stuffed with apples or cherries! omg!! they are absolutely delicious!

this is how they look from the inside, pretty juicy and mouth watery - the only thing that didn't strike me as awesome is the name of these heavenly bites, it's quite a mouthful!

above is the scene of the crime, taken at the time of the murder - this whole massacre took less than a minute, i had my reasons, i'll explain tomorrow, it was quite an interesting night at the airport...

    8 Responses to “Awesome Cinnabon “Center of The Roll””

    1. Pat says:

      Quick eater!! What does your wife have to say about this?? Cheating again??

    2. 965malls says:

      she’ll have a lot to say trust me… I know the solution though…

    3. 965malls-Wife says:

      lol@Pat :) well exactly my feeling! But if I didn't know the story behind this massacre, I promise you the crime scene would have had hubby in it :))

    4. 965malls-Wife says:

      You know it…So… You better do it :)

    5. Airport Madness says:

      Can't wait for your synopsis on this airport! But it is like you said before, you have written many blogs on this airport and nothing improves. My wish is that they reopen Sheikh Saad Terminal to any airline that flies to Dubai, so that we can exit that airport when leaving Kuwait and catch an on-going flight out of Dubai, that is what I did with Wataniya. For two years I never went through this horrendous airport and just thinking about it makes me upset. I really feel it would improve greatly if a foreign company took over the management part of running this airport, because with some easy changes, this airport would improve greatly, because they don't understand how to run this airport efficiently. And the new airport is on the Parliament floor and is not going anywhere anytime soon -WHAT ASHAME.

    6. Husband says:

      thank you.. love you too!!

    7. 965malls says:

      if i make it till tomorrow and my wife spares my life, you'll read a new perspective on this, still thinking of the title… :"financial hub, my hub", "do it yourself", "scarecrow called KIA"…. still brainstorming…

      hope wataniya resume operations, it was an oasis of civilization for a change…

    8. 965malls-Wife says:

      Oh hun you know I'll spare you…if you do what's expected from you!!! :) Drooling already…;) hehehe

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