Awesome “Intouchables”! Must see!

sometimes you walk into a movies not expecting anything, suddenly it turns out to be surprisingly amazing - "intouchables" is one of those, from the beginning the story drags you in with 2 fantastic characters, acting with high complicity - the director has done a beautiful job too, keeping it real, but what was more surprising is that vimto bottle on the dining table...

"intouchables" became the most successful french movie of all time only 2 weeks after its launch in 2011, no wonder it rates 8.5 over 10 on - i recommend you watch it, it has a wonderful mix of comedy and drama and some scenes were absolutely hilarious.

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    1. sarah says:

      When is your wife coming back? I guess she's taking a 965mall break. Hope she is having a wonderful time in Lebanon! I was at the airport last night picking up a friend and it is HORRENDOUS. There was no parking, but the parking lot keeps letting people in (they could add parking to this airport) and with about 8 flights arriving at 7:00 PM, the airport was packed. A nightmare to say the least. THEN I noticed today that Jazeera Airways will go down to 1 flight a day during Ramadan to Dubai. Another poorly run company in Kuwait. What? you can't fly a plane during Ramadan? You don't need the income? All these companies in a bad economy like this can afford to close down for one month? BAD BUSINESS SENSE Jazeera Airways! You need to upgrade your carrier also so I think you should be more operational during this timeframe.

    2. 965malls says:

      She’s back on august 30th, long break it is!! Can’t wait!! Jazaeera is a very lucky airline, first Wataniya airways got busted and they picked up since then, and now Kuwait Airways is grounding 5 aircraft so I’m sure they will add more flight to filll in the gap – so lucky!!

    3. sarah says:

      You would think so, but Jazeera during ramadan will go down from 4 flights per day to Dubai to 1 flight a day to Dubai round- trip with all these downfalls that you stated above. You would think that they would grasp this opportunity to make money and upgrade their carrier. But who cares? Isn't that the Kuwait way of doing business!@#$# I get SO frustrated how this country doesn't function and it does have potential. Jazeera could capture the Kuwait airline market by working on their presentation, but they didn't even make the list of successful ME airlines. I'd fire people in their management team – it is so simple to fix this like everything in Kuwait. A country full of incompetent idiots indeed.

    4. Pat says:

      I kind of agree but also disagree, Kuwaitis are not idiots, they are very smart and shrewd businessmen, but they are stingy (jews of the gulf).. they think that they can make more money by saving on cost which ends up hurting the product, what they should learn is that by investing in their business, they will enhance the product, then making more money will immediately follow. Few Kuwaitis have learned this lesson and reaped the rewards..

    5. Greetings! This particular post is very helpful ! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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