Awesome “Intouchables”! Must see!

sometimes you walk into a movies not expecting anything, suddenly it turns out to be surprisingly amazing - "intouchables" is one of those, from the beginning the story drags you in with 2 fantastic characters, acting with high complicity - the director has done a beautiful job too, keeping it real, but what was more surprising is that vimto bottle on the dining table...

"intouchables" became the most successful french movie of all time only 2 weeks after its launch in 2011, no wonder it rates 8.5 over 10 on - i recommend you watch it, it has a wonderful mix of comedy and drama and some scenes were absolutely hilarious.

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    1. sarah says:

      When is your wife coming back? I guess she's taking a 965mall break. Hope she is having a wonderful time in Lebanon! I was at the airport last night picking up a friend and it is HORRENDOUS. There was no parking, but the parking lot keeps letting people in (they could add parking to this airport) and with about 8 flights arriving at 7:00 PM, the airport was packed. A nightmare to say the least. THEN I noticed today that Jazeera Airways will go down to 1 flight a day during Ramadan to Dubai. Another poorly run company in Kuwait. What? you can't fly a plane during Ramadan? You don't need the income? All these companies in a bad economy like this can afford to close down for one month? BAD BUSINESS SENSE Jazeera Airways! You need to upgrade your carrier also so I think you should be more operational during this timeframe.

    2. 965malls says:

      She’s back on august 30th, long break it is!! Can’t wait!! Jazaeera is a very lucky airline, first Wataniya airways got busted and they picked up since then, and now Kuwait Airways is grounding 5 aircraft so I’m sure they will add more flight to filll in the gap – so lucky!!

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