Awesome post by Kuwaitiful!

fellow blogger kuwaitiful has written an awesome post on plagiarism - he discovered a blog called kuwaitspace who basically copies and pastes posts from other blogs, as if he is on a sacred mission - the snitch did not copy one post by mistake... no, he simply stole several stories from a number of blogs in cold blood - this blogger has absolutely no shame in stealing stories or reviews... let's expose this thief guys!

thanks to kuwaitiful for his awesome efforts in finding the original stories and putting them side by side with the copycats! you can read the full story here.

picture courtesy of kuwaitiful.

    9 Responses to “Awesome post by Kuwaitiful!”

    1. Shameless says:

      OK you know what is even more surprising than this guy stealing posts? it's the ads he has!!! So he comes out of nowhere…steals posts and becomes popular in no time???? how come? wasta? money? big shit?

    2. Fkwt&Rm says:

      @shameless….I just went to his blog..he doesn't have ads..those few ads are powered by….& for sure the snitch will have high hits on the blog cos of the curiosity of people just to see how good is he/she at stealing lol..I viewed da blog & regret it

    3. Gossiper says:

      @Fkwt&Rm I totally agree with you about people's curiosity! I am guilty as charged as I couldn't help but check on the blog- which was a total waste of time unfortunatly-… this is how propaganda starts :-p so better not give much attention to it and it'll die by itself unless-and here I agree with Shameless on one point- this person has a backup and carte blanche on copying and posting etc..

    4. TKG says:

      Wait a go Kuwaitiful. He is the new blogger patrol ;p

      Catching these theifs isn't easy and I have seen many new comers who have stolen from other blogs.

    5. 7essa says:

      It's the latest habba so everyone wants to start a blog!! People, when you want to do something try to innovate! it's the same everywhere! When someone starts a new idea for a new business, you see everyone opening the same thing. it's disgusting

    6. KKK says:

      I know you are all upset, but maybe this is a young kid doing this? I noticed that the website has been removed.

    7. Kman says:

      may be, may be not.. i hope he learned his lesson now

    8. Kuwaitiful says:

      Thanks for spreading the word. The website has been removed from blogspot, mission accomplished!

    9. 965malls says:

      excellent! thanks for identifying this guy, good job..

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