Awesome posters at Crepaway!

we were at crepaway broumana yesterday where we spotted these awesome advertisements - the first one above was in the washroom, and it basically says "for your ads in our toilets, wash your hands then contact us on - i think this is quite funny!

on one of the restaurants walls, this hilarious banner says "we thought long and hard about what to write here" - love it!!

as for this banner on the exit door, it simply says "crazy world out there" - couldn't agree more!! brilliant copy, way to go crepaway!

    6 Responses to “Awesome posters at Crepaway!”

    1. Moe22 says:

      nice copy indeed!

    2. ahmed says:

      Wasn't Crepaway in Kuwait ? Good marketing, I notice good marketing outside Kuwait all the time because the problem with Kuwait is bad marketing most of the time.

    3. Pat says:

      Kuwait is mostly about sales, there is very little marketing in town

    4. umkhaloodie says:

      HAHAHA I loveee the crazy world out there, that's fantastic!!! Great marketing and design!

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    6. minu says:

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