Awesome Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

if you happen to be in amsterdam, you must visit the van gogh museum – though it is under renovation, if you love the artist like i do you have to pass by - queuing was 10 minutes long but that was just fine, but the way the paintings were displayed was amazing, especially the section that exhibits the new discoveries like hidden images under some exiting paintings as the artist used to recycle canvases to save money – obviously, painters at that time were extremely poor and couldn’t afford new canvases each time they started a project.

what’s also nice, is the preloaded electronic gizmos that give you prerecorded explanations on the paintings – i never knew that van gogh painted his bedroom with the simplicity of japanese art, i.e. no reflections or shadows.

do visit the museum next time you’re in town, you won’t regret it.

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