Beats me…

obviously, some people can't stand seeing something beautiful, in order or simply right, otherwise why vandalizing a simple sign? what was the guy thinking when he decided to simply remove the "o" from the sign and the dot over paris? where these letters really bothering his sight? is the sign better now? i can't figure out the reason behind some behaviors, can someone please explain? what's the logic, what's the objective? it really beats me...

these juveniles have so far vandalized the bathroom signs, broke the big chandeliers into parts and now they've sabotaged ladurée's sign... what next?

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    1. lame_people says:

      My friend it's either stupidity(mostly) or just jealousy :) some boys want to show how manly they are and want to prove that they're strong..(NOT!!!) and that they're not afraid of anything…it shows how their life is empty that's all..

    2. 965malls says:

      These kids need to be taught a lesson… Being tough is about self control and not vandalizing public property..

    3. krotothea says:

      think they need an O letter in their school projects hahahaha..

    4. grrrrrr says:

      Why don't they repair the lettering and put a locked box over the writing? They chose to do business here, so they have to assume that this will happen in a society with a weak MOI.

    5. krotothea says:

      i think its nothing to do with MOI hahaha thats thier own self-discipline, people here in kuwait mostly young kuwaitis are no sense of good education unless if they from good family and studied in a well known school in kuwait. but for me whether your in a good school if the environment where you grow its reflect the attitude.

    6. Romana says:

      Just a brainless ppl,bigest concentration in the world is here so Im not suprised by anything anymore

    7. The educated people of the society should learn their education because education is the only thing that can give you the freedom. Education gives you the confidence to enjoy and live your life without any problem.

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