Because tastes are not the same

we've been meaning to try p.f. chang's since its opening, however we've heard from a couple of friends that it was below average and expensive, so we abstained - nevertheless, we decided this weekend that it was time we try it and see for ourselves, so we took the kids for dinner.

to our surprise, the food was above our expectations! to the exception of the horrible wanton chicken, the bad chicken noodles soup, everything else was awesome! the cashew-nut chicken, sweet & sour chicken, spring rolls, mixed noodles and duck were simply great, not as good as peacock, but we really loved the food! as for the price it was ok, we paid around 37 kd for all of the above in addition to drinks.

moral of the story, never rely on friend's tastes, try everything yourself - we're definitely going back to p.f. chang's.

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    1. Kman says:

      I love the place, never complained. They have great service too even when it is full

    2. sarah says:

      You're bold, (ie Mark's review of Benihana). but agreed, this might be the best Chinese food in Kuwait. They took out the horse and shipped it to Dubai for the launch of the Emirates Mall property. I really wonder what their customer counts were when you were there? Was the place crowded, a wait to be seated, do people sit at the bar area to wait for their table and are they doing some creative non-alcoholic drinks for their customers? Do they give you a hand-held buzzer whilst you wait for your table, so that you can go around the mall and shop whilst you are waiting to be seated? What do you rate them on a scale from 1 to 10?

    3. 965malls says:

      none of the above! it was very crowded but they managed to seat us – on our way out though, people were standing in line – 1 to 10? i'll give them 8.5, the chicken dumpling were absolutely horrible! but as i said, we're definitely going back for more, we loved it

    4. Shopper says:

      u kidding? the chicken noodle soup is awesome! well, you're right, tastes are not the same ;)

    5. 965malls says:

      spot on, different tastes all the way!

    6. go here says:

      We should enjoy such taste when at home with family. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I hope this will be helpful for learning the tips to enjoy a real taste.

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