BMW gives persistent erection?

i read the most hilarious news on msn and i think it is worth sharing - a guy is suing bmw for giving him a persistent lasting erection medically called priapism, it seems that the seat of his bike is causing this physical reaction - can't believe this, some people have really lost it!

look at the bright side... having trouble in the bedroom? grab your bmw bike and cruise down gulf road for a few minutes, you'll come back home strong as a horse!

you can read the full story here.

    20 Responses to “BMW gives persistent erection?”

    1. Waleed says:

      Looooooooool, hilarious!!!

    2. Rose says:

      i'm gonna get my man one of those :)

    3. Leyla says:

      havn trouble in z bedroom rose??

    4. Rose says:

      On the contrary Leyla, i'm actually interested in that persistent lasting erection effect, if you know what i mean ;)

    5. Leyla says:

      ha ha ha ha i like the way you think rose.. in this case i'll get one for my man too ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    6. Pinkish says:

      Leyla must be new to this blog or haven't heard of Rose before… Leyla, meet Rose :)

    7. Leyla says:

      Good to meet you ladies ☺ ☺ ☺

    8. Dave says:

      Well good to meet YOU ladies ;) ;)

    9. 965malls says:

      dave behave.. that rhyme well :) just kidding, so far so good but not an inch more..

    10. Dave says:

      I am behaving well!

      just making a cool comment why would i risk being blocked? trust my candid intentions :)

    11. 965malls says:

      I do, just a precautionary measure :) i know the way you think, and you know that i know so for special people like you i have to warn you pal… see you this weekend inchallah

    12. Dave says:

      Call you in a bit

    13. TKG says:

      I know what to get for my next birthday. ;p

      Nice to meet you Leyla

    14. Leyla says:

      Thanks TKG nice to meet you too

    15. Gossiper says:

      What am I missing here? I see some great ladies gathering! I leave for a while and all this change happens! This is so cool :)) and that post is really hilarious 965!!!

    16. Rose says:

      the party is over :) but hilarious post indeed…. join us next time.

    17. TKG says:

      The party is never over Rose ;) Everyone's just getting warmed up for the next amazing post to be published by 965malls

    18. 965malls says:

      @TKG thanks for your kind words

    19. Rose says:

      I'm sure.. they must have a few more crazy stories under their sleeves :)

    20. Rghz1 says:

      Hahahahaha!! Made my day!

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