Breakfast at ministries!

i received this strange piece of news that appeared in al qabas daily a few days ago – it seems that a number of women working at the ministry of commerce, commercial licenses department hawalli, went on strike because their superior forbade them from having breakfast during working hours.

this seems like normal news in the arab world, but then again when you learn that the women’s working hours are from at 8:00 am to 12:00 noon you cannot but flip! 4 working hours!! (excluding breakfast)

nevertheless, despite this rather heavy schedule the ladies insisted on carrying on with the strike and refused to attend to people's’ requests without having breakfast first, turning the department into a total mess – they even described the superior’s decision as rude & unfair! quite cheeky!

if it weren’t for the newspaper’s clipping, i would have thought this was coo-coo’s land! but unfortunately this drama is real and it is called breakfast at ministries!

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    1. Shameless says:

      Lucky ladies!!! Do they have any vacancies for me?! working for 4 hours and complaining?….how about switching with us mortals? working from dusk till dawn and never getting our bosses to be satisfied…they even cut our salaries or give us the boot…so please have some feeling for the other majority of working people

    2. Pat says:

      Why do I hear breakfast at Tiffany's?

    3. KKG says:

      very normal thing in this country , and if you search more you will find a lot of them asking for more money and benefits , as they say in Kuwaiti songs( hathe el kuwait sal 3ala enneby ).and they claim that they love their country , if i were in the position i would fire them all on the spot so they learn how to respect Kuwait before any thing else , god help Kuwait and save it from such people , its an ugly future i can see it .

    4. 965malls says:

      Good catch Pat ! that was written with the movie title in mind :) love it!

    5. Pat says:

      You're absolutely right KKG – people at the ministries don't have Kuwait's interest in mind – they simply abuse the system as no one is there to stop them!

    6. Moe22 says:

      Ba2ta :)

    7. rusheessay says:

      If we will take great care of our elders in their old age. It will give a positive message to our future generations of respecting and taking care of our elders.

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