i received this interesting email from our dear reader mary entitled "my hero" -  the story is about this american guy who basically refused to sign a contract because of an article that states "following a dispute between the contracting parties, the issue will be referred to competent courts in kuwait" - his argument was that he doesn't believe that the law can be strictly applied in a country where airport officials violate non-smoking law when they are supposed to enforce it!

well i salute this guy, he surely has a very strong point of view! however, i think he will be reconsidering his decision soon as a group of kuwaiti lawyers, also fed-up with this situation, have planned to sue the undisciplined officials like the ones busted in the picture above.

you can read more on this in arabtimes - picture courtesy of al-qabas who reported the news on september 18th.

thanks mary for the story, we sure need more heroes like this.

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    1. arteko says:


    2. madmen says:

      What I would like to see is that an Airport Committee would be formulated to handle all affairs pertaining to the airport and the national carrier. This committee would serve not more than a three year period and would be appointment by an Emiri Decree, yes, they would have a seat in Parliament, and this would put all airport related affairs on the front burner in Parliament. Enough, you have dragged this airport through the mud too long and it is the gateway to your nation. It is obvious from all the recent newspaper articles on mismanagement of this airport that jobs need to be on the line now. A foreign company to manage the airport? I would strongly consider that and leave the immigration department to be managed by the Kuwaitis. But from this ariticle, sadly but true, it seems you need to sue the government now to make them follow the law and this quite frankly makes the entire government appear corrupt.

    3. madmen says:

      P.S. Off this subject. But, I also what an Environment Minister appointed by an Emiri Decree that will also have a seat in Parliament and I have the person already in mind. She is a female member of the royal family. I would like this country to found a Green Ministry and this ministry would handle all environmental issues facing this small country. They would also be responsible for instituting a recycling program and for constructing the first indoor botantical gardens in the GCC for this country. (Get Singapore on the line!).

    4. 965malls says:

      i think you should be her 1st adviser :)

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