we were a bit reluctant to write about this as the sultan guys must hate us now, nevertheless we love sultan center and despite everything it continues to be our number one supermarket in kuwait.

however, we have no clue why things happen to us whenever we're here... i was at the salmiya branch yesterday with my husband and as i was picking some cucumbers, this cleaning guy passes by and suddenly he decides to burp - it was not a small burp nor a discrete one, but rather a long, loud uninterrupted noisy burp coming from a very cool and serene guy sweeping the floor... it was as if he was there alone, he didn't even care if the people around him shopping for food would even be slightly annoyed!

well, i was! when i shop for food the last thing i want to hear is a long loud burp! this was disgusting.

UPDATE: apologies for posting the guy's picture, and thanks to grey for setting this right.

    31 Responses to “Buuuurrrrp!!!”

    1. Danah says:

      disgusting… eweee!!

    2. Burpy says:

      One time I was at Terminal 3 in Dubai and I was asked to go to the Business Class desk because my fliight from London arrived late and I had to reschedule my connecting flight to Kuwait on Emirates . All of a sudden this crowd of sub-continent workers, fithy, smelly, with a distant look in their eyes like they crawled out of cave somewhere in Bombay, came rushing to the business class desk. I'm thinking they are not in business class? Then the Emirates employee asked them where they were flying to and they all said 'Kuwait'. This is the level of labor force that is coming to this country-bottom of the barrel. At least the Emiritis get most of them to bathe, who even bathes in this place? Disgusting!

    3. Grey says:

      @ Burpy that " fithy, smelly, with a distant look in their eyes like they crawled out of cave somewhere in Bombay" … it's called "poverty" . You see, they come out of the cave just because you can't do your daily chores ;)

      @Blog owner, I thought of writing anonymously like 'burpy' but then that would be wrong. Just because some one burped in your presence you lurked around and took a picture of him without his consent (knowing that he has no ability / knowledge to browse the internet to realize that he is being humiliated for something as silly as a burp) just shows how you 'respect' fellow human beings who are poor. Yes, he is uncultured, does not have high standards of yours, But he certainly does not deserve to be humiliated like this.

      I wonder if you had the same courage if the person burping was a Kuwaiti?

    4. 965malls says:

      dear grey – first i would like to thank you for your honesty and for pointing out what is right – our intention was never to humiliate anyone, especially those workers with whom we sympathize.

      first, we don't agree on all the comments on this blog and we are only responsible for what we write – we are not against poor people or anyone from the subcontinent, on the contrary, if you follow our blog you'd know that we have a dedicated category called human rights.

      having said that, we apologize for posting the man's face on our blog and thank you again for pointing this out, this was an unintentional mistake as we make it a point to always blur faces no matter who they are, kuwaitis or not.

      but we also hope you understand that manners need no education and poor guy, rich guy man of color and what not, this has nothing to do with common sense and good manners – no it is not acceptable for people to burp in other people's presence, no mater who they are or where they come from.

      on the other hand, the company who hires such staff should at least give them basic training as how to behave in public, especially in a place that sells food.

      hope our position is clear and thanks again for your constructive feedback.

    5. Abdul says:

      I know many unfortunate people but they don't burp in my ear like a dino :) so being poor doesn't mean you have to be a cave man…nor a rude person @Grey..

    6. Zaid says:

      @ grey / I have a question if I may, so you think it us ok for instance for someone to fart in a restaurant while serving you good simply because he is underprwvikedeged and untrained by his management? I don’t agree on this part of your comment, however I disagree with burpy

    7. Grey says:

      @ Abdul : I have a health condition and I burp constantly but that does not make me rude.

      @ Zaid Burping is accepted in many cultures including Middle east (google it), My point was that a reputed blog like 965malls posting a picture of a person for burping ( but it's all good hence it has now been blurred)

      But yes, farting is unacceptable in all cultures, a Baloochi friend of mine (from Afghanistan) used to tell me stories how people could lose lives for farting in public. (I don't know how far they are true)

    8. mariam says:

      @Grey – In a strong way I agree with burpy, why is it soooo….hard to take a shower and to be presentable when you are at work, and in addition wear a clean uniform. If I take a picture of a gas station attendant in the UAE and a gas station attendant in Kuwait there is a huge difference in his level of professionalism. It is about personal hygiene and I am sick to death with the stinky filthy dirty people in Kuwait. This is my opinion and I am free to highlight this issue. 965malls is correct, it is about training and training is a key factor in this matter. So bottom-line it this, personal pride has nothing to do with poverty, it has to do with self-confidence.

    9. Hiba103 says:

      Being poor is alone a bad thing, so why have a lack of hygiene? Don't they smell themselves? Don't they itch from dirt? I really feel with them but I can't accept the fact that they don't even shower, especially in our heat… I think that companies who hire them should let them sign a contract about this issue.. As for burping, well I agree that it's a very normal phenomenon but it can be done discreetly not like a cow! :)

    10. AAaa says:

      1) These companies and contractors who hire them house them in pathetic accommodations in Kuwait.
      2) These cleaners are provided with perfumes at some work places because inspire of taking shower, if you continue to sweat, you will smell bad.
      3) Precisely for this reason, the cleaners are provided clean clothes on a daily basis.
      Looks like Sultan center / the cleaning company has not educated its employees that burping loudly is not accepted in this part of the world.
      Looks like they do not want to provide deodorants..
      Having said all of the above, if that was disgusting, not sure why did you not have the courage /mercy to tell the person that burping is not acceptable. Instead, you have chosen to complain as usual.
      I have good respect for your blog, but I am more than surprised at your intolerance towards the needy. It make me think that you have some strong preference to people.
      I wish to see some mature posts.

    11. 965malls says:

      dear aaaa – you must have misunderstood this post or mixed people's comments with what we wrote – i invite you to read teh post again and pinpoint the lines where my intolerance was against the needy – i have complained because a person, who happened to be a cleaner at sultan center, burped loudly in my presence – i am not sure why this is coming across as against the needy – do not mix the person's condition with what he did, again i am not responsible for some of the comments up there against the needy and do condemn them strongly – we are a modest family, from a modest family and i do not allow myself to make comments against the needy.

      hope this is clear now & thanks for your comment.

    12. Pat says:

      I don't get some comments, and i don't understand some of the accusations to the objective of this post.Can't people read and understand English?? this is strange… 965, i don't think you should be apologetic in the face of idiocy. Excuse my language, but i think it is your fault for being nice to such rude comments… I would simply ignore

    13. 965malls says:

      well, though we are rude and straightforward in some of our posts, we can't be rude with our readers pat – we have to take rudeness out of the equation and address the issue in isolation, i think this leads to better results – altercations lead to personal attacks and before you know it, you loose control of the tone of voice and conversation.

    14. Dave says:

      Funny how people sympathize with underprivileged people no matter what they do, seems that this guy can simply commit a crime and get away with it… well next time you should simply burp back, just like "how do you do?", "fine thank you and you".. case closed :)

    15. Shameless says:

      The hell with mean stupid rude ignorant people!!( Iam talking about most of the comments here) I see what you are trying to say here guys(and by guys I mean 965malls). All you said was that you were disgusted by a guttural sound and you didn't mention needy or poor or nationality but it just happened to be THAT person in the photo…SO WHAT???????? I mean is it a crime to be disgusted!!! oh please prude innocent people giving all the morality lessons..(again this goes to the comments- As I feel that I have to chew it for them!!!-) I wonder if you are as good as your words!!! Pffffffff….fakes!

    16. Moe22 says:

      loooool Dave , you're awesome!! i have a better one, he burps, you reply back with a fart!! as in mine is better than yours!! oh wait, according to grey a burp is "socially accepted" but a fart can actually kill you!!

    17. UnhappyReader says:

      I really USED to enjoy reading your blog but posting about a poor cleaner burping, seriously ?!.
      Yes burping in public is 'bad manners' but that does not mean you post his picture and humiliate him! Extremely insensitive of you!
      Some of the comments here(specially the one by Burpy) are in fact even more disgusting than the burp. It just reflects their small minds.

    18. 965malls says:

      then i guess you missed the point of this post, so let me explain as we hate to see unhappy readers – this is not about a man burping, this is about customer service.

      as you may know, in business image is very important to any company and customer service is at the heart of it – everything a company does, or one of her employees does affects its reputation.

      when we wrote this post, we didn't know if this guy is a sultan center employee or the cleaning company hired by sultan, hence we couldn't really tell – anyways, if this was a sultan employee, he should be trained on the dos and don'ts inside a supermarket – if he were an employee of the cleaning company, the same applies – if i were sultan center, i would have a serious talk with the manager responsible for the cleaning or with the company i am hiring – standards should be set, i.e no burping, farting, bad odor inside my premises – every company does that – go to johnny rockets next to fanar and have a look at the poster inside their w.c, it clearly states some of these issues and hygiene standards that employees should adhere to as they are in the restaurant business.

      now of course I wouldn’t bother writing about a guy burping loudly on the street, but I do mind it when I am in a supermarket shopping for food.

      hope this is clear now.

    19. SmartReader says:

      Why do I have the feeling some of these comments are steered by the sultan guys to drive the attention away from the main subject??

    20. 965malls says:

      I don’t think so – the last time we posted about sultan center they posted a comment directly, they are not that type and that’s great

    21. Just a shopper says:

      Well I'm sooooo glad you have this post because actually last week I was at Sultan Center Salmiya and there were those cleaners in the food area sweeping the floor between my feet, it's annoying!!! Don't get me wrong, I mean I'm OK with the cleaning, even more than OK with it, because I see how some people shop and drop… BUT having the mop make me tumble and jumping jack every now and then isn't as fun! I mean there should be times for that no? Why clean the floor while it's crowded and no place for customers to even walk? Another thing… BODY ODOR!! I am shopping for FOOD!! But having this smelly sweat odor around me isn't attractive… I'm so glad I didn't have to encounter the BURPY man too :) So great post 965 malls and thank you for being honest

    22. Offended says:

      Agree with you.. 965malls – sorry you lost a reader. Am outta here.

    23. Haters will hate says:

      LOL this is too funny how weird comments are :) I mean like "OK 965 YOU LOST A READER"… yeah as my kid did something so I kill him!! Actually 965 you won many good readers instead of shallow ones and between us it's good riddance :) You keep doing what you are doing and as SmartReader said I think that Sultan Center is playing against you, well I have news for you Sultan…Oh you lost a customer! are you crying?

    24. 965malls says:

      well, it seems we can't please everyone!! hope we can put a lid on this.. haters you are most welcome to hate, likers appreciate disregarding this and move on to the next post – many thanks to all

    25. Sheila says:

      Done't get me started on the sneezing as well………………

    26. Pinkish says:

      Don’t Sheila, you will “offend” someone and this blog might loose yet another ignorant reader..  He he 
      You can’t ask underprivileged people not to sneeze in your face and spread their germs on you, they are helpless. So before you do, ask the person in front of you how much he earns a month, and if he earns enough you can complain, if he is filthy rich might as well slap him!!

    27. Freako says:

      I bet THEY burp and fart in public that's why they're so "offended" lol

    28. Sunny says:

      965 did you tell the person that it is wrong to burp in front of others, did you try to educate him about the manners ??
      You should have told him and tried to explain, so that he won't repeat the same next time..

      Rest everyone is companing about the smells, they have to understand one thing is that this people get salary in between Kd 40 to KD 100 maximum, with this amount they have to loook after there food expenses, mobile and also they need to send a amount each month to there home country, to take care of the family and you guys expect them to spend money on perfumes & deodrants ??

      most companies here provide small rooms with 6-8 people in one room, with 1 coverall suite for work, plus they start to work around 5.30 – 6.00 (10-12 hours work) in morning doing hard labour, which naturally leads to lot of sweating and they won't smell good….

      next time when you see them just talk to them, try to understand their work & living condition, how much they earn etc etc….. and also try to teach them something about manners if possible

    29. 965malls says:

      hu sunny – no I dud not speak ti him, I am a married woman and my husband was at the other end if the supermarket – it is not my job to educate him, and again my problem is with whoever hired him without basic training, this is a supermarket, whether he earns 40 kd or a 1000 kd, he should be tought nit to burp loudly and extensively in front of people shopping for food – how hard is that!?

    30. Burpcounter says:

      Can’t believe a burp is triggering 30 comments including this one!!

      No wonder the service in Kuwait sucks, seems that people don’t understand what it means!!!

      Worse, It is pointless to educate when they refuse to listen!!!

      Enjoy your burps, farts and sweats, and for those who will tell me if you don’t like it here leave, I just did last week and I now live happily in Dubai, where they UNDERSTAND what customer service is! so long stubborn people!!!

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