Call me snob, but what’s the S3 hype all about?

ok, since when a korean brand like samsung suddenly becomes the talk of town, appearing on every newspaper, billboard and blog? since when the brand became this precursor standing at the cutting edge of technology?

excuse my language, but i am not one of those people to be carried away by copycats who still have to wow me with something unique and out-of-the-box - all they have done so far is offering me a variation of the revolutionary iphone and ipad, did they make the revolution? no, they are simply riding the wave and for that i give them no credit and refuse to buy iphone wannabes...

as a brand, samsung still has a long road ahead in order to convince me that it is a badge worth carrying! are you proud to carry a samsung? for me, not in a million years!

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    1. Mephisto says:

      dear sir, why don't you try this device for like a week, and then maybe you can have a better judgment on this Korean device.
      and in the current market there are no big revolutions anymore, i highly don't your mighty iPhone 5 will offer something significantly bigger than whats available currently.
      on the other hand, whatever phone you have is not about the brand name, its about the experience of using the device, whatever you are comfortable with.
      try not to be such an Apple fanboy.

    2. Fkwt&Rm says:

      Now we are talking… Exactly whats all da hype about…Thanks man…

      In arguments like Android gives most of da apps for free & blah blah blah… Oh come on… i rather pay for da quality i get at App store rather den gettin free stuff at Market… (or jailbreak :P)….

    3. Abdul says:

      Yeah still going round and round…we need new stuff and innovations guys!!! not that I don't like Samsung, I really do but it's all in the same range as Iphone it feels like copying the real thing and adding stuff to it but nothing is WOW!! that's new..

    4. Frankom says:

      Ive been saying this for like a decade now:)
      Apple (iPhone) copied many features from previous devices (remembering the Windows CE – Pocket PDA – Palm…etc)
      Bluetooth, Face Call (aka face time) from Nokia and Ericsson (Sony now) , touch screen, applications .. shall i continue?

      okay i full agree that they added more values and features which help consumers at the end of the day .. android is just like Mac, Windows, and Linux they all have the same concept yet that are functioning in a different way

      one more thing you asked who is Samsung and here is the answer :

      Note: TVs, Radios, Cars, Internet, mobiles, fans, ACs .. etc = Samsung

      GIANT :)

    5. RM&FJK says:

      @FKWT- Jailbreaking is STEALING FYI! So i doubt Apple needs people like you buying their products…

      In general Androids or lets talk about Samsung in particular is more user friendly…( as far as i am concerned anyway)

      Also, if you are talking about Big revolutions…At least Samsung came up with the note….what was apples latest achievement Siri???

      They just gave an existing application a name and fancied it up a bit….Voice activation applications were for sure available before Siri came along…

      Check it here if you like.. .

      And I don't think there is anything wrong with Apple…it comes up with good Apps and advancements….but seriously….Don't be a hater!!!
      @Mephisto- Apple fanboy…lol

    6. fadi says:

      loolz i just loved how every 1 commented against u android rules their is nothing about samesung or iphone its the software which makes a difference more user friendly and freedom of using your gadget.

    7. Fkwt&Rm says:

      Same arguments again… I don't & wont ever compare my Apple products with Samsung ..

    8. 965malls says:

      guys, i am talking on brand level, Apple VS Samsung, not in a million years!!
      @frankom, you are the car expert here, take hyundai for instance, it is a giant in the automotive industry but would you drive one??? i know what you drive and it is not a hyundai :)
      @fadi, yes, big condusion of brand VS software
      @mephisto, will not buy a samsung, not in this life… or let me put it this way, the day i buy a hyundai, i will buy a samsung too, it will be a good brand fit :)
      @Fkwt&Rm glad you're on the apple side!

    9. huda33 says:

      I hate androids… they are not to be compared to iphones! come on people be real

    10. RM&FJK says:

      wow….so was it just me or ANYONE who supported android whose comments got deleted???

      Guess what i'm deleting you off my reading list…anyone who can't take a gentle rebuttle is NOT worth the time…

    11. 965malls says:

      it was in spam :)

    12. Fkwt&Rm says:

      hahahah Glad da comments came up soon… :P Someone got really lets continue with da baseless Apple vs Android fight :P…
      "let me put it this way, the day i buy a hyundai, i will buy a samsung too, it will be a good brand fit :)" Best one… I shall do the same :D

    13. Shameless says:

      I agree with huda33.. androids are just iPhone's mini me :)

    14. Gossiper says:

      Oh gosh…someone is really touchy here…and I mean RM&FJK…LOL what's up dude.. haven't you read this blog before? they accept all kinds of critics negative AND positive and they NEVER delete a comment..I've been following them since day one(well almost.. :) ) So chill up my friend and count to 10 ;) and btw…I am an Android fan :-p I think you should make a pole about this :)))

    15. M.Fernandes says:

      I couldn't wait to get rid of my IPAD and get a Galaxy note. Its just hype…… Both are same…. not one better than the other. IPAD/IPHONE have such draconian rules. Nothing can be added unless its through ITUNES. For me APPLE is like BIG BROTHER , always telling us what to do, what is best… guiding us this way and that way and letting us think that its all
      beneficial for us.

    16. TKG says:

      I too am an Android fan but I hate the way Samsung is going :( I feel that the latest HTC that entered the market is way better in regard to money and looks.

      Btw has anyone realized that a new player has entered the market … well not new just improved …..

      Wait for it ;p

      Blackberry 10

    17. 965malls says:

      that's because you started your relationship with apple recently.. i know apple since 1993, before even quadra was out!! this is a brand with an amazing creative history and technology innovation.. people don't realize that!

    18. 965malls says:

      blackberry is dead my friend, haven't you heard?

    19. sheila says:

      Yes,you are a snob! What is wrong with anything KOREAN????? Is is that you may be a tad racist???

    20. First you need to know some facts. That every thing made the iPhone or iPad a nice device (for you) is made by Samsung. You can find the exact list of component in iPhone and iPad that's made by Samsung if you did a quick search. but to give you hint. the processor and the screen are made by Samsung.

      In fact Apple does not manufacture the iPad or iPhone at all. Never did. it's always manufactured in China by Foxconn a "Taiwanese" company that have factories in China. So your comparison with Korean Cars doesn't fit here. Only if we found out the Hyundai is actually manufacturing Mercedes cars or something similar.

      I want also to comment on "this is a brand with an amazing creative history and technology innovation" You are right about part of this. they are creative. Creative on design and marketing. But technology Innovation?!!!!! the fact that apple Never Invented ANYTHING new on it's entire history. Not a single product apple produced was originally created by Apple. You most likely will reply to me "but no one did it the same way". and I agree with you they do a very good "Design and Marketing" But Not Innovation.

      I am not doing this because I hate Mac. Actually I had my first Mac Around 1999. I think it was the first iMac ever made. Part of my job is to Build iPhone and iPad applications. But you must be objective when you do such a comparison. I can understand you say "I am not getting any other phone because I just like iPhone" yes this can be understood. I told you this was a part of apple strategy in marketing for years to convert the fans to extreme defenders.

    21. :). Except that the S3 is Bigger Faster.

    22. 965malls says:

      so big it feels you’re holding a galaxy tab as u call

    23. 965malls says:

      Oh I forgot the wink, here you go ;)

    24. 965malls says:

      Now to your previous comment, it really doesn’t matter where the technology comes from, again I am talking about the brand – TV components are made in china, though Sony is a better brand than Wansa.

      Apple innovates by getting technologies from wherever they want and come up with a brilliant product! Can u negate that?

    25. 965malls says:

      hi sheila – no we are not tad racists, we are brand experts – as you may know, every county is a brand on its own, projecting certain values and know-how – based on that, you decide whether to associate yourself with their products or not – for instance, chinese are known for their great cuisine, martial arts and unique culture in terms of philosophy, astrology etc… so i would be proud to learn chinese cooking, have a chinese kung fu master or carry a book by confucius.. however, china is also known for low quality products in various categories, like automotive, fashion etc… so i will never be proud to drive a chinese car for that matter – hope the rationale is clear.

    26. Free Speech says:

      <<Apple innovates by getting technologies from wherever they want and come up with a brilliant product!>>
      But when others to the same, Apple cries unfair and sues…

    27. 965malls says:

      i have no doubt! my whole point and debate is on the brand level – apple managed to create a brand name associated with innovation and creativity, whilst samsung is still behind, way behind on this front – i still wouldn't carry a samsung brand, it's not a show off – for me, it's as good as hyundai, i simply wouldn't drive one!

    28. Mark O says:

      {ok, since when a korean brand like samsung suddenly becomes the talk of town, appearing on every newspaper, billboard and blog? since when the brand became this precursor standing at the cutting edge of technology?}

      Since you've been SLEEEEEEPING Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    29. 965malls says:

      enjoy the fridge brand that makes your mobile :) oh wait it's the tv brand that makes your mobile :) oh wait it's the washing machine brand that makes your mobile :) oh wait, it's the a/c brand that makes your mobile, oh wait, it's your grandma's blender that makes your mobile :) ………. enjoy!

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