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Great customer service..

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013


my son lost one of his medical glasses pads while at the 360 mall, so we passed by a couple of shops who failed to make that simple repair - finally, someone recommended we pass by that shop across geant called al-liqaa optical - we went in and there was this salesman/repair guy at the counter, he took care of the pads in like 60 seconds and basically did it for free! we insisted to pay the repair fees, but it seems that the policy of the shop is not to be paid for repair, even if you are not the shop's customer!

i found that really awesome! such an excellent customer service, next time i want to buy some specs i will definitely consider that shop!

Ladurée has much improved since our last ordeal

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013


a couple of years ago, we had a very bad experience with ladurée and as a result we boycotted the place and shunned from visiting it - last week, we decided to turn the page on a 2 and a half years grudge and decide to try it again - to be fair, it is miles away from what it was when they first opened, the service has greatly improved on several levels - no more waiting for your food, bills or orders and no more orders mix-up.

the food is very good so is the presentation, so if you are in the mood for some french breakfast do not hesitate to visit - one wrinkle still persists, the waiters still can't get the french menu, i would recommend an english menu instead or an intensive crash course french training to the waiters - merci :)

Don’t touch my Madeleines!

Sunday, October 6th, 2013


i was at 360 yesterday so i passed by géant to buy some stuff, including some madeleines - i reached the cash register, and somehow the cashier managed to drop the madeleines on the conveyor belt - the helper's first reaction was to pick up the cakes one by one with his bare hands and put them back in place, then with all confidence the cashier scans the box as if nothing has happened.

i couldn't believe my eyes! so i stopped the girl and told her to get me another madeleines box - she asks the helper to ho get a similar one from the bakery corner - the helper takes the box, but again i had to stop him and order him to leave it within my sight and go get me a new one - the girl tried to convince me of their good intentions, but how can i trust someone who doesn't even find anything wrong with touching food after dealing with cash and trolleys day long!

finally, i got my new madeleines box just as i wanted, but i am sure the filthy one got sold to someone else! i urge géant to train their cashiers/helpers and teach them not to touch any food at the cashier - it will be a good idea to put some gloves around and let them be used for that matter.

And here’s the answer…

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

back in february, we wondered how this airplane got into 360 mall in a post entitled how did they get it in? we just came across the answer on facebook so here it is, enjoy!

How did they get it in?

Sunday, February 24th, 2013



it's been a while since we visited 360 mall, we often avoid going there as it is a bit far from where we are and we always face parking issues - this time we were lucky to find a parking spot so we enjoyed the change.

at the center of the mall, there was a nice exhibition where a huge fighter aircraft called spitfire stood on carpet - this plane was built by the british royal air force and was used in the second world war.

the exhibition at 360 was organized by the royal air force museum in london, britain's only national museum dedicated to aviation and the kuwait house of national works, so if you happen to be in 360's vicinity, do pass by and check that fighter out.

Ted Baker’s convoluted window display!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

i was at 360 mall over eid and as i passed by ted baker i spotted this weird display - the main male mannequin had an arrow piercing through his chest! i didn't understand why, neither my husband..

on the other side of the window display i found another piece of the puzzle, the female mannequin had a bow wrapped around her shoulders with a bunch of arrows - so i gathered she must have been the culprit, but the question remains, why?

i kept looking for answer, only for the sake of curiosity - i'm not sure walking-by customer would even try to understand all this complication - in the middle of the display stood a sign that said "aw 12 - survival of the fittest" with yet another arrow stuck at the edge of the sign - i was close to getting some kind of an answer, but the picture was still far from being complete.

i took a few steps back and discovered the main message of this display, it said "warning: fashion on this stylish may cause fatal attraction"

now that the picture is complete, what the hell does this mean? seriously, can someone explain? if i wear ted's fashion will i be hit by an arrow from females wearing the same brand? i don't get it.. what does fatal attraction have to do with survival of the fittest? i'm totally and utterly lost!

Gemma Arterton in Kuwait soon

Monday, October 8th, 2012

on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of james bond and the 23rd movie "skyfall", aston martin kuwait is bringing gemma arterton to the vvip movie avant premiere set on 26 / 10 /2012.

gemma has already appeared in the bond movie quantum of solace back in 2008, but is best known for her roles in clash of the titans and prince of persia - despite her smashing beauty, gemma was born with extra fingers and had surgery to correct this condition, known as polydactyly.

the event & exhibition will open to the public on the 27th of october till the 3rd of november - aston martin's bond cars will be exhibited at the oum kalthoum hall.

i'm so looking forward for this event, you know how much i love movies - will also do my best to get gemma's autograph!

Beats me…

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

obviously, some people can't stand seeing something beautiful, in order or simply right, otherwise why vandalizing a simple sign? what was the guy thinking when he decided to simply remove the "o" from the sign and the dot over paris? where these letters really bothering his sight? is the sign better now? i can't figure out the reason behind some behaviors, can someone please explain? what's the logic, what's the objective? it really beats me...

these juveniles have so far vandalized the bathroom signs, broke the big chandeliers into parts and now they've sabotaged ladurée's sign... what next?

Awesome “Intouchables”! Must see!

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

sometimes you walk into a movies not expecting anything, suddenly it turns out to be surprisingly amazing - "intouchables" is one of those, from the beginning the story drags you in with 2 fantastic characters, acting with high complicity - the director has done a beautiful job too, keeping it real, but what was more surprising is that vimto bottle on the dining table...

"intouchables" became the most successful french movie of all time only 2 weeks after its launch in 2011, no wonder it rates 8.5 over 10 on - i recommend you watch it, it has a wonderful mix of comedy and drama and some scenes were absolutely hilarious.

Is this worth an exhibition?

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

how can you tell if an exhibition is a success or not? well if you manage to make it under 10 minutes then it is certainly a fail! i don't want to discourage the people behind the "scenography" exhibition at 360, i am sure there was serious and hard effort put behind it, but frankly from a professional point of view, i was not impressed.. not for a bit, and most importantly, i was lost!

the paintings were pathetic at large, may be the above picture is one of the better ones in my opinion, very few are actually worth mentioning, but was it a painting exhibition? not sure - seriously, i was not sure what i was looking at, i mean this whole exhibition, there was no one to explain, i had to read through the brochure to figure out part of the story - it seems this was the first exhibition of the stage design department of the higher institute of dramatic arts.

then there was some stage designs, not sure what the theme was or for which play, just mock-ups to look at - a section for green art, some furniture made of steel, painted in green and again no one to explain and not sure where do they fit in the story..

forgive me, but i am not sure what was that! i appreciate the efforts but that is so not worth exhibiting for the general public, certainly not without a story and someone to explain.

Poor kids!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

true we can't choose our parents, but our parents can choose to be responsible - to every parent out there, hear our plead! it is your responsibility to raise your children in such a way they learn discipline, it is your responsibility to draw their boundaries and give them the rest they need - their health and well-being is in your hands.

children have a lot of energy that needs to be burned during the day, but they also need to rest, sleep and wake up early - children should not be with their parents in supermarkets at 11:30 pm! what are these parents doing here? what habits are they teaching their kids? what are they doing to their metabolism? how can these children get the rest they need? late-to-bed leads late-to-rise and body exhaustion, this is typical for teenagers but not for kids at this age - wake-up parents!

the above picture is taken at 360 mall, friday night 11:30 pm - i wonder what time they walked out from géant!

Hayak Allah!

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

i was at 360 mall having coffee with a couple of friends - we asked the waiters at posh if we could smoke and they sat us in a smoking area right at the corner - i had a sweet flavored cigar which i wanted to try so i lit it, the smell was quite good not annoying at all.

after a few minutes, the people behind us left and this bozo sat behind me and lit a cigarette - then he turns towards me and asks me to keep my cigar away! unfortunately i understood something else, i thought he was telling me to move away so i told him that i am not moving tables as i've been at the café for half an hour - he felt offended as that was not what he meant, then told me in a rude way that he wants me to blow my cigar the other way - i said fine politely, as i misunderstood, but he replied "hayyak allah bil kuwait"! (welcome to kuwait)

this misunderstanding could have ended then & there, but this xenophobic a** h**e had to remind me that i am only a stranger in his country! i wanted to make a scene, i really wanted.. but out of respect for my friend and his wife i swallowed my pride and thanked him politely - i don't get it! unless this guy owns posh, or the 360, he and i have the same rights... i was furious, but kept my calm..

a couple of hours later i went to cinescape to watch a movie, as i reached theatre number 7, i spotted a guy standing by the door trying to walk out - but instead, he stood there making way for a couple of guys to walk in first and even waited for me, though i was a bit far back - i stopped at the door and asked him to walk out first, but he insisted i walk in first - i tried again out of courtesy, but he insisted again saying "hayak alla" - i was so touched i wanted to give this guy a hug, he made me forget all about my previous ordeal.

amazing! how can a phrase be said in different situations, by two different people, in different tone of voices and still give you totally opposite emotions!

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