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Our 1st movie experience at Grand Cinema

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

we watched skyfall over the weekend at grand cinema, so here's our take on our experience from a to z - first, we tried to book online, so we went to the site, picked the day and the time - we reached knet payment, entered the card number and pressed pay, but there was an error, we tried a few more times but reached to the same conclusion.

we ditched that idea and went to al hamra mall, booked the tickets in person as it turned out that the website is not working - we had lunch at hanhum, and around 4 we headed to the movies - the snacks corner is nothing major, except for the absence of caramel popcorn! is it so difficult to source them?

we went in, and the first thing that caught our attention is that naked screen - it was standing at the front of the theater with out curtains or a stage to hide its steal legs - the exposed structure gives you a very negative feeling, it feels so unprofessional and so weak!

the size of the theater is rather small, the seats are not that comfortable, but the drama lies in the AC! dude the room is freezing cold can someone turn the temperature down for god sake!!

anyways, once the lights are off you don't really see the naked structure of the screen and you get into the movie mood, actually the projector resolution seemed better & sharper than cinescape.

verdict: we prefer cinescape by far, not only for the convenient locations but for the overall experience.

update: we tried to access the website again but it seems it is now under maintenance, you can check it out here - i think this is better than being online without the possibility of making any bookings.

Meet Hanhum. Awesome Kuwaiti restaurant

Monday, November 5th, 2012

we were at al hamra mall over the weekend to watch skyfall, so we decided to try this awesome kuwaiti restaurant called hanhum located at the food court.

we ordered some starters, mahshi basal (onions stuffed meat), kubba't batat (potato stuffed meat), ibraq (stuffed vine leaves), and they were all exquisite!

as for main course we shared 4 main dishes, imtabag simach (fish & rice), machbous laham (meat & rice), machbous diyay (chicken & rice) & fillet hamour mashwi (grilled fish) - we also ordered cheese sandwiches & tawa bread, a very thin bread with thyme & olive oil paste, just like a saj man2oucha.

the food was excellent by all means, all the dishes were awesome and none to regret - one thing though was surprising, actually two.. the cutlery was all plastic! i mean for such a nice place in such a luxurious mall we found that a bit odd! and the price.. all this for kd 31! including drinks!

we are definitely coming back for more - if you want to try some great kuwaiti cuisine, you must try hanhum.

Mixed feelings at Sky Lounge’s 55th floor

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

a couple of days ago, we were invited to zain's social media day event at the sky lounge, al hamra tower, 55th floor - the scene was breathtaking from that altitude, only matched by the little details of that sublime lounge.

though i had the chance in 2010 to visit the top of the tower (post here), i had forgotten how high floor 55 is, it's amazing how different the tower is 2 years later - when i visited the top, the building was still under construction and we took the laboror's elevator situated outside the tower.

the interior is now very different as you can see, not sure though if this was zain's decoration or the lounges, i'm sure th elighting is fixed, but the setting might be the work of the event company.

not sure how to describe this event, seriously... i had mixed feelings - at first i was bored to death and it took forever for the event to start, but then it picked-up and started to be funny towards the end when stand-up comedians sheno ya3ne took the stage - they basically made fun of bloggers, it was interesting...

but then i was too tired at the end and had to leave, not to mention that i almost won something that night, my ticket number was 635 and mr 636 won a phone! i guess that was my closest draw win ever...

back to alhamra, i fell in love with that tower, i really wish i can move my office there, what a view!

thanks to zain for the invitation, i loved the finger food and the sweets :)

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Meet Al Hamra’s fine restaurants

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

i was at alhamra mall this weekend, so i took a tour in the ghost mall - i went to the busiest area which had like 10 people... the food court at the second floor - there i spotted a number of fine restaurants opening around elevation burger - here is a list of what's coming very soon:

1- éatachment: a very weird restaurant name, i have no clue how to pronounce it and i bet people will fail to recall the name - it seems to be an italian restaurant with a twist, not sure what kind of twist.. if it is the name then it's a big fail...

2- cuts: i guess you know brazilian cuts by now, i assume it is the same as the one at the moevenpick, but the logo is different so i got all confused.

3- bice: an italian restaurant from milan which became international with over 30 restaurants across the globe.

4- pizza milano: a new concept by bice group of restaurants, a fine, fresh fastfood opening in dubai, abou dhabi & kuwait.

5- il caffé di roma: it is the italian coffee-house run by the famous brand lavazza, looking forward for that!

6- hanhum: looks like a kuwaiti restaurant that serves mashbous, moutabak and other dishes - you can visit their facebook page here and check the pictures.

hope these restaurants open soon, at least they will bring some traffic to the deserted mall, it's pathetic!

Olive trees at AlHamra Tower

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

in this region, palm trees are standard when it comes to landscaping, but not at alhamra tower/mall - i was actually surprised to see olive trees planted at the entrance of the tower! i love olive trees, they remind me a lot of the traditional lebanese villages - some facts about this very hardy tree: it is drought-, disease- and fire-resistant and can live more than 2000 years while still producing olives!

i salute alhamra for this unique landscaping initiative and hope to see more olive trees in kuwait.

Exclusive pictures from the highest point in Kuwait – Alhamra Mall Tower

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

very very scary... the view from the top of alhamra tower but at the same time absolutely AMAZING!!! the cars look like ants, everything looks so small and insignificant... look at souk sharq and the kuwait towers, they look so tiny, even the arraya tower, you actually look down at it.. i found these pictures in my old mobile phone, they were taken a year and so ago before the tip of the tower was even built - we were standing so high on top of that tower we actually lost the signals to our phones... enjoy the view..

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