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Golfania, great place for birthdays too

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

thursday evening we celebrated our sons' birthday at discovery mall - the kids had dinner at chili's but before that they played at golfania, the mini golf park at the basement - the place is not only ideal for adults who like mini golf, but it is amazing for kids too - they loved it so much they didn't want to leave!

the normal tariff is kd 3 per ticket, but if you buy a book of 25 you can save 33% on the price (2kd per ticket) - the downside is the park cannot be exclusively yours during weekends, but since we were there late afternoon it was ok - however you can basically have the whole park exclusively for you during weekdays.

some holes are very simple, but some are extremely difficult even for grown-ups! the dolphin hole, i guess number 11, is particularly challenging - so if you ever visit discovery mall, it is a must you visit golfania, remember me on that 11th hole :)

A trip down the memory lane with Grendizer

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

there's this kiosk at discovery mall dedicated to grendizer collectibles - looking at it brought back so many memories in a flash of a second! for most of you, grendizer is a cartoon, a fantastic song, a hero, villains and what have you, but for me it's all that and a bit more...

back in the 70's, my aunt had a production house in beirut and in addition to producing tv commercials, they used to have a dubbing studio which basically bought the distribution rights of so many cartoons like sindbad, the smurfs, boul & bill and of course grendizer! later on they started the mexican dubbing trend with "anta aw la ahad" and the whole series that followed..

back to grendizer, when i was a child i used to visit my aunt's studio very often and watch the making of the cartoons, which made me very popular at school as i used to know before everyone else what's coming next, in addition to having merchandizing freebees from my aunt to brag about :)

i used to read the scripts and see them come to live with the fantastic talents, watching them from behind the glass as they acted the scenes - wahid jalal did grendizer's voice, as for the rest i can't even remember their names.

after dubbing comes the editing, this is where the voice is basically laid on the characters visuals, fixing the "lipsing" was quite a hassle, arabic and japanese are drastically different - sometimes they used to change some words so the voice and image get in sync.

with the smurfs my experience was even better as i also helped translating some scripts from english to arabic - i did a few episodes, can't even remember which ones, but it was so much fun going through the process from translating to seeing the final product.

grendizer brings so many good childhood memories, i love the series and every time i see the characters or even hear the song i feel like a child again.

apologies for the quality of the pictures, zdistrict has better ones that you can check here - there's also a grendizer website museum in the uk that you can check here.

It simply breaks my heart!

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

while at discovery mall,  i spotted this wataniya airways sign still hanging at the side of the old office wall - it so happens that i was there the day it was installed, the place was buzzing with wataniya's staff, they were so happy with this sign and so proud of their brand - seeing the place turning to a kids sportswear store broke my heart!

it was a real pleasure!!

Ryoug soon at Discovery Mall

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

back in october we had a lovely breakfast at ryoug, shaab area and we immediately fell in love with this cute little restaurant - the good news is ryoug is expanding and opening soon at discovery mall - will definitely try it out when it opens.

ryoug means breakfast it kuwaiti and the restaurant serves a variety of kuwaiti, lebanese and american food with country-style interior, a bit like bonne maman jam jars.

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