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How can a child raise a child?

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013


i read this horrible article in qabas about this child marriage in ghaza - the above couple, ahmed 15 years old and tala 14 got married to escape poverty, believing that marriage and kids will swing the doors of opportunities wide open!!

ahmed & tala come from a very poor family, they are cousins and live from trash collection - is it ignorance, lack of education, poverty, lack of intelligence or a combination of all the previous that make people take such decisions? it really beats me.. i've seen poor people taking sound and wise decisions, not sure what this couple is really up to!

good luck to ahmed and tala, i hope this marriage will open the doors of opportunities for you, my advice is to push the brakes on getting kids, a child cannot raise another child.

Gulf Road proposal!!

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013


i read this weird story on arabtimesonline entitled "will you marry me?" and frankly the title triggered my curiosity - however the story is far from being romantic, it seeps that a guy was stalking a woman on gulf road, so he followed her and kept bumping into her car to stop (a total of 5 hits), while shouting "will you marry me?" - the lady doesn't know the man, he simply decided to propose his own way, or the highway... excuse the pun!

Where’s my tooth fairy?

Monday, September 23rd, 2013


what i was trying to avoid for such a long time finally happened, i had to pull out my bloody tooth! to make things even worse, the tooth broke and the dentist had to pull each root out separately... not only the luck fairy was absent, but the absence of the tooth fairy makes things even worse! it's as if there's no light at the end of the tunnel, no pay at the end of the month... so frustrating!

Bloody toothaches!

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013


it's been almost a month or two since i'm having a severe toothache, but it is not constant so i kinda managed without seeing a doctor - yesterday, the shit hit the fan as boiling spanish rice landed on my aching tooth and the floodgate of pain swung wide open!

it's silly how a tooth can make your life miserable... suddenly you can't eat, drink, speak, read or sleep for that matter! what makes this dramatic is that my doctor is not available on saturday, so i have to suck it up for 24 hours until i can visit him.

root canal treatment is what i have tried to avoid, but it seems to be inevitable! i hate dentists.

Online prostitution hazards

Thursday, September 5th, 2013


according to arabtimes online, international social media sites are involved in trafficking people for prostitution from kuwait, mainly pinays - the troubles don't stop here, sources confirmed that some filipinas residing in kuwait have become victims to the network in question, where their names and pictures are published deliberately to confuse security authorities while they search for true suspects.

so if you have a helper at home, be careful and investigate seriously, you might be harboring a culprit or a victim - so in both cases you need to check and be alert.

Tough times ahead!

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013


i've been speaking to some friends who have private businesses and it seems that the business environment is really bad due to the ban of foreign labor import.

one guy has a food related business, and he is suffering from issuing ikamas for his employees, as a result, he is flying his staff out of the country and bringing them back with visit visas - on top of that, he is spending a lot of money on hotels in order to lodge the staff - and now, it seems that visit visas are becoming a real challenge, so if things continue like this he might have to close down a very promising business, that got hit by soaring staff cost.

another friend has a restaurant, and it seems that getting a delivery boy is quite a challenge nowadays - the number of drivers is limited and the demand is high, so they've hiked up their prices and demand extra perks.

house drivers have joined the club and a 100 kd / month driver is now asking for  kd 250 / month, take it or leave it - even construction laborers have increased their minimum wage, prices went up from kd 8 a day to kd 15 a day, good luck with commitment!!

so was banning the import of foreign labor a wise decision? i'll let you be the judge..

Boundaryless corruption!

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013


i read this unbelievable article on corruption in some of the countries whereby in zimbabwe for instance, women are charged 5$ for screaming whilst during child-birth! can you believe that?! not only some women are reportedly required to bring with them some of the materials needed for delivery because the hospitals can't afford them, but if they don't pay they will be detained at the hospital and charged interest!!

wth!! so glad i'm not born in zimbabwe! god is so merciful!

for more on the global corruption report you can click here and for more on the white ribbon alliance click here.

What’s happening to the human race?!

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

it has been quite a disturbing week as human kind gave a couple of demonstrations signaling its supremacy in cheer cruelty - the first video comes from egypt where a few boys were pushed off a the roof by the other clan supporters, beware the video has violent scenes - the other video is not violent, but tells the story of a brazilian referee who got decapitated after killing a young player on the field!!! wth???!!! where is human race heading? why are we witnessing this violence? is killing the only solution? have we learned to use our brains, as intelligent human beings?

sometimes i wonder if we have ever evolved to become humans... i guess the lion is no longer the king of the jungle, humans are the wildest, cruelest and most dangerous animals of planet earth.

School arrest?

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013


we've seen cops arresting people in all sorts of places, at the mall, in a shop, on the street or even at home.. but have you ever heard of a cop arresting a student at school? well. nothing surprises me anymore...

it seems that a 14 year old student had a quarrel with a girl at school and cursed her, so far this seems like an every day school incident that should be solved with the school principal, however, this girl happens to have a cop brother, so she calls him for help!

the cop comes to school at the end of the day storming the parking, runs after the student, beats him, kicks him and.... handcuffs him!!! yes, handcuffs him in front of the parents and students at the gate!!

the men decided to intervene, they separated the cop and the student, called the school principals to resolve the issue and stop the cop from taking the kid to the police station!!

this is not a movie, this happened yesterday at the french school in salmiya - we have been advised not to write about this as the cop comes from a powerful family, but we don't see why we should shut up at this horrible event!

people are dying in malls, we read dozens of rape stories every day and this cop decides to show his muscles at school, against a helpless impolite kid...

finally the problem has been solved amicably, and though the student might have been 100% wrong, was this commotion necessary? such a shame...

What’s wrong with the Chinese??

Thursday, May 30th, 2013


not sure what's wrong with the chinese nowadays, but they have chocked the world twice in a matter of days! first, there was this reckless tourist who basically carved his name on a 3000 year old status in luxor, egypt, creating a worldwide outrage and a condemnation by the chinese media calling this "china's tourist shame".


following this outrage, there was yet another shocking news yesterday about this woman who delivered a baby in the toilet-pipe and left him stuck in there until he was saved - i can't believe what those chinese are capable of, they really surprised the world with their news this week!


Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013


i read this unbelievable news in alqabas newspaper about this sheikh in saudi who issued a fatwa forbidding women from switching on the air conditioning in the absence of their husbands!!!! yes, this is true... not a joke at all!! the reason behind this thoughtful fatwa is that air conditioning in the house means the presence of a woman in a chilled environment, which encourages men to commit immoral acts!!

wth??? seriously now?? first of all one has to be stalking a woman in order to determine whether or not she is alone in that house or not, no? normally, no one can tell.

now let's assume that these women are cheaters and they call their partners in the absence of their husbands, is turning the air conditioning off a show stopper? really? why not put the lights off too? you know if the lights are on, it means women are in the house and this will greatly encourage immoral activities, especially in the evening - so no air conditioning and no lights, seems like the perfect place for a hot date!!

some men and their sick minds! cure the minds and all will be good.

It’s meant to be…

Monday, May 13th, 2013


last week ended on a very sad news from school as a 16 year old kid drowned to death in qadsiya club - the story broke a lot of hearts and everyone was in tears, however nothing compares to the sorrow of the kid's parents - what a loss this kid, he was an athlete but still he lost his life for something silly.

it seems that this kid loves to deep dive holding his breath, he used to go with a friend to qadsiya swimming pool and exercise there - last wednesday his friend wasn't available so antoine decided to go alone, his friend told him not to dive alone, but the kid wouldn't listen.

antoine went to qadsiya and deep dived alone, his ear drum however couldn't support the pressure and exploded - antoine couldn't support the pain and water filled his lungs, he was gone in 3 minutes.

ears, how sometimes they fail us! in antoine's case his ears failed him twice that night, the first time when they didn't listen to his friend's advice, and the second time when they surrendered to water pressure taking the kid's life away, silently without making the slightest sound...

somehow this was meant to be, i truly believe that everything happens for a reason - what makes us sad, angry and disappointed with life is the fact that we don't always know the reason for such dramatic events - all what we can say is god bless antoine's soul and give his parents the strengths to get through this tragedy.

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