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Nuqat: Executing Culture Shock

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013


nuqat, the platform for creatives in the middle east, is launching their new theme for their november event which they called "creating culture shock".

"the purpose of this year's conference is to challenge and examine the experience of cultural change and its effect on artists and designers - it will also assess the role of creatives in executing change within a transforming culture through the exploration of its transitional levels."

interesting theme, though i am not so familiar with all the speakers and their calibers, maybe i'm too old :)

the event will be held between 7 & 12 november - for more information click here.

The most anticipated Ramadan TV program

Thursday, April 25th, 2013


i was invited to alrai's ramadan grid launch dinner at the regency hotel where a number of media people, clients and tv stars gathered for the occasion - the set was quite nice, the lighting beautifully done, but definitely not the food!


the excitement in the hall was quite high as 2 of the major kuwaiti stars were present, hayat alfahed and suad abdallah - it seems that the 2 stars were on bad terms until recently and this is the first time in years that they collaborate together in a big production.

the ramadan series they're in is a drama/comedy called "el beit beit abouna", or the house is our dad's - the story is about two divorced women trying hard to resolve their children problems which proves to be an insurmountable challenge - i am not into arabic series, so i'm sure i won't be watching, but if this is of interest to you this program is set to be a smashing hit at alrai tv this ramadan.

Groovy baby, yeah!

Thursday, April 11th, 2013


crocs have launched a new store & a new retro collection at the avenues - for this occasion, an event was organize in a funky 70's theme, that looked pretty much like an austin powers movie.

everyone was there, alotta fagina, felicity shagwell, foxy cleopatra & dixie normous ;) old disco music was playing in the background, from bee gees to abba.. a crystal ball hanged from the store's ceiling just like a 70's night club, all what was missing is a floor light and a dancing stage!

the graphic walls around the store were also awesome, they reminded me of the flower power culture and the old colorful graffiti - props were even made ready for people to wear and take some hilarious souvenir pictures, we loved that part! a guy from shenoya3ni was the mc of the evening, he looked really groovy in his 70's makeover and green outfit.

so if you like retro stuff, just visit crocs and check out the foxy retro collection of flip-flops, clogs and mary janes.. i'm sure you'll love them - the store is located on the first floor of phase 3 around kidzania.

thanks to bensirri pr for the invite, we really enjoyed it especially that we grew up in the 70's..

grrrrrrrrrrooooovy baby.... yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

FIFA World Cup Trophy at NBK

Thursday, April 4th, 2013


if you like football, then this might be one of the most exciting news to date - yesterday was a historical day for kuwait as the world cup trophy landed in town for the first time ever - before being displayed at the bank's museum, the trophy was taken to the emir then the prime minister, and they had the privilege of actually touching the trophy as heads of state.

personally, i am not a football fan however standing next to world cup trophy is nothing but exciting! i had the chance to see the cup and in the afternoon i got the kids to see it and take a few shots next to it.

the trophy has its own bodyguard - it comes in a black carry-on bag which contains a custom-made louis vuitton box that hosts the trophy - only previous world up winners and heads of state can touch the trophy, it's worth is around 10,000,000 dollars.

nbk is now visa's non-host exclusive partner in kuwait for the world cup, i guess they scored well on this one, excuse the pun :)

Code’s second workshop: Social Media Marketing

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013


after the spectacular success of code's first workshop, my friend is conducting a second workshop on social media marketing with the same digital marketing guru paula gignac - below the outline of the 2 day event, it sounds very interesting - you can book your ticket online here and benefit from an early bird discount.

Course Outline:

1. Social Media Today

  • Who’s On + What They’re Doing

2. Planning:

Setting Priorities + Creating A Social Media Brief

  • Can Social Media Help Solve Your Business Problems?
  • Where Key Consumer Insights, Trends + Concerns Come Into Play
  • Where Social Media Fits In An Integrated Business Strategy

Do you need and Internal - as well as external facing social strategy?

3. Measurement:

Understanding Social Media Currency + Metrics

  • What Can + Can’t Be Measured
  • Metrics: Likes, Shares, Fans, Posts, Reviews, Follows, Tweets, Connections, Endorsements, Pins, etc.
  • Best-Practices, Data Sources, Tools

4. Defining Success:

  • The Difference Between Metrics and ROI
  • Determining ROI

5. Listening:

  • Developing Sector, Competitor Overview
  • Benchmarking Share Of Voice, Reputation, Key Influencers
  • Best-Practices, Data Sources, Tools

6. Group Exercise:

Explore capabilities within one of the typical “Listening Tools” commonly used within the industry today.

7. Managing:

  • Deciding Who Manages What (Internally and Externally)
  • Preparing For Success + Failure
  • Posting Guidelines
  • Crisis Response Plans
  • Best-Practices, Data Sources, Tools

8. Building Awareness + Engagement

What Makes A Social Brand?

  • What Authentic Voices Sound + Look Like
  • The Difference Between Social Media Strategy, Channels, Tactics
  • The Link Between Strategy + Creative

9. In-Bound Marketing: How content drives results

Choosing Channels, Tactics to support your strategy:

Understanding Social Media Foundations

  • RSS + Tagging

Social Media Networks

  • Facebook, Google + LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Content Sharing Sites / Networks

  • Audio, Video (YouTube, etc.)
  • Photos, Images (Flicker, Instagram, Pinterest, Visually, etc
  • Blogs, News, IDEAS (Digg, Reddit, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, SlideShare, etc.)

Social Commerce / Shopping

Apps + Gamification


  • Location-Based Social


  • Using Research Gathered From Listening
  • Social Advertising: Where Programmatic + Other Forms Of Social Advertising Fit In
  • Social CRM


  • Best-Practices, Tools


  • Getting The Data Flowing
  • Adjusting + Optimizing: Strategy, Tactics, Content, Ads, Resources
  • Best-Practices, Data Sources, Tools


  • Privacy Considerations


  • The Power Of Integrated Media
  • Project Re: Brief

15. Individual/Group Exercise:

Take what you’ve learned over the past two days and make either a “Classic” or one of your own Campaigns Digital.

A wake-up call by Alnowair

Thursday, March 21st, 2013


we've been blogging for 2 and a half years and this is probably one of the most interesting & well thought events we've ever attended - the idea is already brilliant, bringing positivity to kuwait, and the execution is so cleverly done it builds a story and feeds into the theme very smoothly - the invitation card already told a great deal about the event and the people behind it..

alnowair event took place in an old villa in salmiya, dusty rusty but oozing charm and beauty, the contrast created by the beautiful designs and journey made all the difference - the first station of the journey started with bright yellow umbrellas, the color of sunshine, associated with happiness creativity and enlightenment - the following step was a yes/no illusion, basically it's about training your brain to see the positive in negative things, to see the yes in the no - i think it is a great insight that we, as a family, have learned the hard way - but now we know that when negative things happen to us, they happen for a reason, and most of the time it's a positive one - we learned that everything changes when you look at negative events in retrospect, sometimes you go ah! now i see.. thank god it happened that way! this step also has a nice surprise, but i promised not to reveal it so i'll keep quiet :)

helium balloons station came next, basically it's about letting go of your grudge, hang it to a helium balloon and let it take all that negative energy away - i couldn't think of a grudge so i skipped this station, good news i guess :)


and since i am not exercising nowadays, i also skipped the hopscotch station dedicated to leading an active lifestyle, which makes you a happier person - the flowers station was cool, dedicated to kindness that make people happy - there were some flowers planted in that station for visitors to share with each other and i guess i found the right person who truly deserved a "positive flower", the wonderful woman behind this initiative - my next station was the gratitude wall, it seems that gratitude encourages you to find some goodness in your life, so i wrote down my gratitude and posted it on the wall, the answer was a no brainer, my wonderful family.


i won't dwell on each and every station, however one of the interesting corners was called pencil - basically it has been proven that if you bite on a pencil, you kind of force yourself to smile and your brain will associate your face muscles action with the feeling of pleasure, hence you will automatically feel better.. never knew that!


the last step was a summary wall with an invite to stamp "like" on your best station - for me it was the yes/no station as i personally related to it - though our blog is not the epitome of positivity, i signed the pledge to spread positivity - mind you our goal has always been to change things for the better, even when we harshly complain..

thank you alnowair for the invite, this is truly a brilliant idea that will grow in giant strides - wonderful event, beautifully organized.

Walk for a cause with NBK Walkathon

Thursday, February 28th, 2013


every year nbk picks a theme and works the walkathon around it - this year is quite special as nbk decided to leave the cause open for the participant to decide why he/she is walking, and for that matter, they have created this lovely campaign showing people's testimonials describing each person's cause - so whatever your cause is, you can take part this year and make the theme your own.

registration center is now open in the vicinity of the scientific center, there are various categories and many prizes to be won including 2 cars - the event will be held n march 23rd, so there's plenty of time to pick your theme and enroll.

we haven't decided on a cause yet, we though of mall security but that's a bit cheesy - any ideas?

Enjoy the long break!

Monday, February 25th, 2013


happy national & liberation days to all - interesting how google adapted the recent fireworks for that occasion - enjoy the long break and try to avoid gulf road :)

How did they get it in?

Sunday, February 24th, 2013



it's been a while since we visited 360 mall, we often avoid going there as it is a bit far from where we are and we always face parking issues - this time we were lucky to find a parking spot so we enjoyed the change.

at the center of the mall, there was a nice exhibition where a huge fighter aircraft called spitfire stood on carpet - this plane was built by the british royal air force and was used in the second world war.

the exhibition at 360 was organized by the royal air force museum in london, britain's only national museum dedicated to aviation and the kuwait house of national works, so if you happen to be in 360's vicinity, do pass by and check that fighter out.

Anything for a good cause..

Saturday, January 19th, 2013


when it's for a good cause, as the email said, we're always ready to help - under the patronage of the minister of information sheikh salman alhumood alsabah, the women's cultural and social society is organizing jasmine call, a two fund-raising events with the aim of providing relief aid to some four million displaced people in syria - the funds will help providing the needy with such basic needs as food, milk, medical and health care supplies, and clothing to protect them from cold.

the first event is a concert performed by the global composer and pianist malek jandali on saturday 26th of jan, 7:30 pm at the theater of the gulf university for science and technology (GUST), mishref.


the second event, a concert performed by the renowned musician and oud player naseer shamma in addition to an art exhibition displaying the fine works of artist kevork mourad on sunday 27th of jan, 7:30 pm, also at the theater of the gulf university for science and technology (GUST), mishref.


the aim of these events is purely humanitarian and not bias to any political party - tickets revenue and all proceeds from the event will go towards people in need - for more information please contact 24843667 ext 16 or 94987576.

we wish the women's cultural & social society and jasmine call every success!


Friday, November 30th, 2012

kim kardashian in kuwait via bananaq8 - nice post it says it all.. no further comments!

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Hate double standards!

I'll think about it if she pays me KD 350!

UPDATE: see latest video below:

Hepatitis A outbreak, true or false?

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

there has been strong rumors of a hepatitis A outbreak in kuwait, but the conflicting reports are making things even worse.

we first read about it 2 to 3 weeks ago, but then everybody told us these are rumors, it's all good - then we read in alqabas a few days ago that the rumors are rather true and that the ministry of health is being very discrete to avoid panic.

yesterday, we spotted 2 conflicting reports on arabtimes, one that says that the minister of health refutes rumors of an outbreak, "arguing that there is no reason for the public to panic because the statistical data on hepatitis A cases over the last few years show kuwait is not facing an epidemic - he pointed out the cases reported during those years fall within the average range".

the second report says that 30 hepatitis A cases were reported to the infectious diseases hospital and that "the preventive medicine department has been trying to find reasons behind the spread of the disease for three weeks but until now no result has been announced."

not sure whom to believe! in any case, if you suddenly feel cold, then witness a sudden rise in temperature and liver enzyme levels, in addition to yellowish eyes, you better go see a doctor, that would definitely be hepatitis A.

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