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Meet AUB confessions!

Sunday, March 17th, 2013


i came across this insane article on about this facebook page called american university of beirut - confessions - it's an anonymous online survey that feeds into this facebook page about students confessions, and it is alarming! the page is still very new, it is only a couple of days old but if you read what's in there, and if it is true, you'll be shocked! here are some confessions:

"I have been in porn films in order to pay for me tuition at AUB. AUB is a great school, but it's not cheap."

"I blew my professor for an A and I'm not ashamed of it!"

"A bodybuilder got me pregnant, and he paid for me to have an abortion in order not to derail his future. It is what it is."

"If I had a nickel for every time I have had sex in college, I'd have 15¢."

not sure where this page is going, but this is scandalous!

Beware airport taxi mafia!

Monday, March 4th, 2013


a friend told me an interesting story about this illegal taxi drivers' gang at kuwait airport and i think it is worth sharing so you be aware of these guys.

my friend was in singapore for a few days, on his way back he decides not to bother his wife and rather call for a cab to head home - upon arrival, and as he walked out of the airport mall, someone whispers in his ear "taxi?" - it was late night and my friend was tired so he nodded and followed the guy, but when the latter headed down the tunnel to call the elevator my friend got suspicious! he confronts the guy and then walks out quickly to call an official airport taxi from the bridge line-up.

according to the official airport taxi driver who dropped him home, an illegal mafia has infiltrated the airport which basically picks up customers as they walk out and mainly targets expats & foreigners visiting kuwait as they are easy preys for their devious schemes - one such victim was a qatari man who was dropped at the marina crescent hotel, given an official receipt and charged 35 kd for the trip! (mind you the official rate card is kd 6) when the qatari guest realized that he had forgotten his camera in the cab, he went back to the airport to claim it from the lost & found but soon realized the scam when the officials told him the cab driver was illegal.

another incident happened with an american guy who got charged around 150$ for a trip to farwaniya, and the list goes on...

these guys seem to have their way inside the airport and so far they act as untouchables - so beware of these crooks and make sure you call for official taxis, they basically wait outside the airport.

thanks for the story rami.

Blog rumor..

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013


i recently heard that 248am has struck a deal with alshaya whereby the latter bought all advertising on the blog for the upcoming year - so the blog will advertise alshaya's brands exclusively, no other client will have access to 248am.

not sure how interesting this is, say after a year alshaya decides to pull back, 248am would have lost the relationships with all his clients, and they would have tried life without 248am for a year, with whatever that might be - the rule says "never put your eggs in one basket", if this rumor is true it is quite a risky move.

as for the price, well first i am not sure of the figure and second it is none of my business, but some people told me it is close to 200,000 usd - if that is true, sahten 3a albak mark, enjoy every penny :)

We’re all on the same boat…

Monday, December 10th, 2012

i sent theblogslounge an email the other day asking for the reason why the website's list is missing some blogs - the response came as a bit of a surprise as these blogs have asked the website to remove them from their list for various reasons..

while it is every blog's right to decide whether to be on that list or not, the fact remains that we are all on the same page when it comes to alexa's reliability - the site is still widely used internationally and we have to admit that we're all on the same boat when it comes to its inaccuracy.

one thing i wish we can expose though, the traffic buying blogs who basically lead the traffic to a local server which then diverts traffic to their blog... some of them are on that list and they should be ashamed!

thanks to theblogslounge for their feedback.

Is The Avenues rebranding?

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

a friend told me that the avenues will be changing their logo soon, not sure when and to what - he thinks it is going to be the grand avenues, but that is not confirmed yet - marina mall were supposed to be changing their logo too, but i guess that was put on hold - the best logo remains 360 mall, and by far..

meanwhile, i read on 248am that sheikh mohammed bin rashid almaktoum was at the avenues, he had lunch at dean & deluca - i wonder if he had to queue as nowadays this comes as standard..

Why is Virgin closing down in Kuwait?

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

i read on various blogs the unfortunate news regarding virgin megastore - in the evening, i decided to pay virgin a farewell visit as we are traveling tomorrow for a couple of weeks - i asked the cashier if the rumors i heard were true so he sadly confirmed the news saying that virgin megastore is not welcomed in kuwait! it seems that the lack of transparency in business practices, like forbidding the sale of certain products at virgin while the same products sell everywhere else, is having a serious impact on the business.

i was a bit skeptical about his answer, so i called a friend of mine who used to work at virgin, in a senior position - what i heard sadly confirms the cashier's story!

to start with, i learned that virgin as an organization respects the local laws where they operate because any lawsuit affects their international brand image - so for them, better go by the law than make a sale that will bring legal & reputation headaches.

my friend also told me that back in 2007 when virgin closed down for 3 days, the decision taken by the ministry of information was both unfair and unjust - apparently the ministry closed down the store because it was allegedly selling an unauthorized book, though the book in question (chicago by alaa al aswany) was never imported by virgin, as their policy recommends to buy books from local resellers rather than import them.

"chicago" was actually sold at various bookstores in town including jareer - to solve this issue, virgin went to the ministry of information with a number of "chicago" books bought at various bookstores in kuwait, and submitted them along with their receipts as proof of purchase - however, the ministry did not listen or even take any action against the bookstores, instead it enforced the law selectively on virgin.

troubles continued to pile-up for the brand - can you imagine that around 10% of virgin’s dvd library was licensed to sell in kuwait?! music with offensive or sensitive language, books with certain opinions were all red-taped! would you believe that even anaconda was strictly forbidden!

in an effort to increase revenue and decrease cost, virgin reduced the size of the store and diversified the business exploring new segments, like gadgets, electronics and accessories, but it seems that this was not enough.

my friend tells me “it is a miracle virgin have survived all this time” - i say it's one thing to believe in miracles and another to depend on them... too bad for virgin, it will be missed!

photo courtesy of bashar al-ba'noon.

NBK pulls out Ramadan TV ads

Friday, August 12th, 2011

there's a strong rumor in town that nbk pulled their ramadan tv ads off the air as people's feedback was very negative - apparently everyone's fed-up with the silly kids and they have been tweeting about it wishing the camel can chase the kids away.

following the numerous negative comments, mr dabdoub issued an order a couple of days ago asking the media to pull the ads off the air.

did anyone see nbk ads on tv yesterday?

Kuwaiti youth making love in a mall’s loo

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

police have arrested an unidentified 16-year-old kuwaiti for committing immoral acts in public, reports al-rai daily - according to reports the suspect was caught with a woman inside a toilet of a well-known complex in jahra - he and the woman have been referred to the authorities.

we certainly condemn such immoral acts, but it is so sad to see the youth going to such extents to satisfy their needs - their only other solution is to embark in an early marriage, that often leads to an early divorce!

Ministry of Interior 1 – National weather center 0

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

three days ago, alqabas daily reported on page 4 that the ministry of interior has confirmed reports on an upcoming sand-storm and immediately called upon the citizens to take the necessary precautions - on the other hand, the national weather center denied the news saying that there's no need to panic and that spreading such rumors is against the citizens’ interests...

the story doesn't end here - yesterday alqabas followed up with a sarcastic report on page 18 with a big bold headline saying “the ministry of interior was right, should we warn the national weather center from upcoming sand-storms?”

I found this absolutely hilarious; so far the score reads 1 ministry of interior, o national weather center - awaiting the second leg match, will it be a draw?


Pinkberry & Ikea reach settlement?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

further to our earlier post on the legal dispute between pinkberry and ikea, it looks like a settlement has been reached? no more seating tables in front of ikea's exit doors..

Stay over but don’t sleep over!

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

have you noticed these signs scattered around the avenues parking? why would someone overnight his car? mmm... such a big dark and isolated parking down there..

Pinkberry & IKEA, what’s the story behind the legal dispute?

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

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